What if musicians and artists had access to a platform where they could distribute and sell their works (NFTs) of copyrighted music, all while making money, growing their fanbase, and obtaining tailored services from the platform to complement their works? Voice Street focuses on just these issues. It’s a research facility with the stated goal of creating a blockchain-based music industry.

In addition, it offers a wide selection of music-related goods, including the NFT music platform, metaverse concerts, virtual-world personalization for real-time performers, and musical video games. This service aims to increase value and gives music creators and their works more ways to be evaluated.

Through the establishment of music copyrights, artist-related rights, NFT music derivatives, NFT gamification, and the metaverse, this project hopes to address the problems of restricted monetization routes and poor monetization of music works for artists.

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🔥 Voice Street DPGU Invitation Party Event

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👉 Invite others to Ark of Panda and win more than 150,000U!

⏰ Event time: August 27 — September 27

📍 Rules:

You may request a DPGU invitation link from mod roue through Telegram (https://t.me/roue1) and Discord (dettal#7633) or mod lori via Telegram (https://t.me/Iori DPGU) and Discord (Iori#6897) beginning on August 27.

After successfully introducing 25 qualified players, you will get a free DPGU NFT and a permanent 5% reward from all of your invitees’ gaming earnings.

⚡ 10 winners will be selected from all who RT & like the tweet and share 100U: https://bit.ly/3e2Srs6

🎯 Valid player: Players who entered the game (metaverse.vsnft.org) through the invitation link and got a level 3 instrument through upgrading during the test will be considered as a valid player. During the test, every new player will be given 100 $VST and 160,000 PT as a novice gift to buy and upgrade instruments.

🏆 Rewards: Valid players can obtain a limited edition instrument FREE when the game is officially launched. Instruments can be used in P2E in Ark of Panda. After the test ends, all players’ files and in-game data will be deleted.

If players use more than the novice gift(100 $VST) to upgrade the instrument, VS will return all extra $VST players used to corresponding accounts. (For example, if Sam used 120 $VST in total to upgrade a Lv.3 instrument, then Sam will get 20 $VST in his account after the test ends.)

➤ Binance’s Guide on how to buy $VST: https://www.binance.com/hi/how-to-buy/voice-street

➤ The game, Ark of Panda, Official Website: https://metaverse.vsnft.org


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 💎Value of DPGU

Purchase Link: https://reurl.cc/xQN4eV


⁉ Tutorial

Video of minting invitation & upgrading instrument: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B_Ys8VOX-MU

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And now, let’s learn about the Voice Street project!

I. Voice Street’s introduction

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Voice Street is a lab devoted to bringing music to Web3.0 and constructing a blockchain-based music infrastructure. Voice Street offers several goods, including a music NFT platform, metaverse concerts, artist live-house virtual environment modifications, and music-related video games. Voice Street aims to maximize value and add new aspects to the valuation of music artists and their works. This is accomplished through the on-chain evolution of music copyright, artist-related rights, music derivative NFTs, NFT gamification, and the metaverse. The initiative aims to address the issue of restricted monetization channels for artists and the low monetization potential of musical works.

II. Three most important things to know about this platform:

1. Musical activities (NFT Platform, IMO)

VS has built the Voice Street NFT Trading Platform and record label new services, including IMO (Initial Music – Copyright Offering), as well as its subsequent activities Earning.

The Voice Street NFT Trading Platform is created for artists and facilitates effective distribution of music NFTs by music producers. Therefore, their admirers may assist them by buying NFT merchandise.

Trading Platform for NFT

Voice Street NFT Trading Platform is an NFT trading platform designed specifically for artists to launch their NFT goods efficiently. By buying NFT items, fans can support their favorite artists and foster a connection and shared economy between creators and fans.

IMO Launchpad

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Voice Street’s Initial Music – Copyright Offering (IMO) enables artists to transfer the copyrights to their compositions into NFTs and divide them into music tokens. The rights to handle the songs might be retained by the artists or groups, or they can be transferred to professional businesses. Fans may purchase music tokens and participate in copyright earnings via staking. Through DAO, they may also determine the future of music. Web3, often known as the internet of value, enables producers to break away from record label businesses. While granting fans ownership rights. Consequently strengthening the link between fans and artists.

IMO goods have two primary income sources on their platform. The first consists of income from streaming platforms, film and television series licensing, performance and secondary creation rights, and KTV licenses. These income streams compose the Base APR of Voice Street’s Earning. Other Web 3.0-based income sources include money from NFT sales licensing, music copyright licensing, platform subsidies, etc. The Voice StreeBoosted APR comprises these two income streams, and the benefit obtained by music enthusiasts comprises these two revenue sources. Currently, three Earning pools for IMO goods have been established, and further pools are anticipated.


Earning, another Voice Street innovation, improves the advantages for fans. Not only does ownership of IMO tokens demonstrate support for the artist, but it also generates good income. When IMO token holders bet their IMO tokens, they are rewarded with $VST. The longer the wager, the greater the payouts. It is wonderful news for music enthusiasts that they may earn a return on their investment while listening to music.

IMO success tales

Voice Street has already collaborated with eight bands to release IMOs. There are two notable success stories with IMOs on Voice Street: the cooperation with Top 100 DJ PinkPanda from the record label MOST, and Malaysian singer Eric Moo.

Both instances acquired a copyright value, with each artist retaining a royalty portion and distributing 20-30% of tokens to the public.

The 500% increase in value of $MOST from its initial issuance price of 0.02 USDT to its current price of 0.10 USDT has enriched DPGU owners and other holders of $MOST, such as music listeners. It encourages future participants to purchase and retain VoiceStreet’s future IMOs for the long haul. While Eric Moo’s IMO was released with the token MOOMOO and sold out in a minute, the ICO was tokenized with the MOOMOO symbol.

Partnership with Binance NFT

The partnership with Binance is another important aspect of this platform. Yes, Voice Street Musicians and BinanceNFT have collaborated several times on NFT sales and participated in unique live broadcasts, so assisting more followers in comprehending the marvels of blockchain technology.

Binance NFT presents Pink Panda Magic DJ Player, an NFT charity series established by Voice Street and Binance charity and artists. Whisper, the background music for the NFT, was composed by Top 100 DJ PINK PANDA.

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Binance NFT contains 22bullets Magic DJ Show: 22Bullets is one of the top DJs in Southeast Asia, with simple lyrics, an EDM style flowing throughout the song, and a powerful drum rhythm that will transport the listener into the metaverse.

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Malaysian Singer ERIC MOO is the first artist in Mandarin popular music to be officially acknowledged and granted the Malaysian Song Go by the Malaysian government.

Binance NFT incorporates Kevin Shin’s “Live a Little” Magic Cube. Shin is a K-pop singer. The song “Live a Little” transports the listener into the metaverse as a Daffy Panda.

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Solid fan base

After seeing how musicians and fans may profit from IMOs and the dedicated partnership that occurs via Binance NFT, we can consider the consolidation of artists through their fanbase. As long as they are willing to purchase, fans may enjoy music and earn from supporting their music heroes or favorite musicians.

Fans may explore the worlds of web3 and the Metaverse by benefitting from and enjoying themselves. Voice Street is a laboratory devoted to bringing music into the Web3 universe and continuing to serve as a blockchain-based infrastructure for the Web3.0 music industry.

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The Music Fan Earnings function is a wonderful method for enhancing the rights of devoted music lovers. Fans may use their IMO tokens to support bands and get prizes. With the Earning function, fans may stake their IMO tokens to support their favorite artists and gain cash from that musician’s music sale, in addition to extra VST token payouts.

2. Music Game

Ark of Panda is a decentralized MMORPG featuring a P2E feature on the BSC chain and a metaverse community on the platform. It enables artists to get together to pursue their aspirations by conducting online concerts, producing albums, and drawing more people worldwide.

Players assume the character of a young music enthusiast who starts his/her musical career by purchasing an instrument. In this virtual environment, he/she enhances his/her musical abilities and knowledge in the hopes of one day forming a band with like-minded others. Through music festivals, part-time employment, concerts, live house, etc., players may engage with musicians from across the globe.

As the backbone of the Metaverse universe, this game includes fundamental modules such as music festivals, concerts, Live House, and Metaverse space customisation. The game will use “Web 3D interactive technology” and construct a “3D virtual world” to create a new 3D music universe with “large users + enormous scenery + same-screen interaction.”

DPGU and its operation

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Ark of Panda’s single admission ticket is DPGU, and its holders enjoy exceptional privileges.

DPGU NFTs are works of art inspired by the popular Ark of Panda music game (powered by Voice Street), which enables players to create and mix hundreds of licensed audio tracks from their music platform.

10,000 NFTs will be accessible for music enthusiasts and the SocialFi game Ark of Panda, in which 1,112 NFTs will be held by renowned artists.

Each Daffy Panda has two uncommon characteristics: the PFP Attribute Scale and the Avatar Rarity Scale. The first refers to a random mix of 13 qualities made by independent artists that pertain to the physical look of the Panda. The second relates to 12 game attributes based on music genre, objects, and talents necessary for success in the Ark of Panda metaverse.

Only DPGU holders may welcome other players to join Ark of Panda, and the inviters get 5% of the profits made by the invitees via Play to Earn and Win to Earn. In addition, DPGU holders have a unique reputation in the community and have perpetual free entrance to performances. Additionally, only DPGU holders may mint the original vouchers to purchase real estate.

DPGU holders are the first participants in this game and will form the backbone of DAO. Until then, there will be additional advantages.

Entrance to the metaverse Ark of Panda

➢ Passive revenue generated by encouraging other players to play Ark of Panda SocialFi
➢ Participate in Ark of Panda musical metaverse performances by exclusive artists or organized by joint initiatives
➢ The right to purchase or mint metaverse LANDS
➢ Experience the new game versions in advance
➢ Exclusive membership to the DPGU Club, an exclusive social club with exceptional perks (think benefits similar to the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT).

What advantages may DPGU NFTs provide other NFT and PFP projects?

DPGU is the OG of Voice Street and the initial component of the Music Planet’s constructors. In the first phase, they want to collaborate with 100 PFP projects and ask them to develop their own special fan community, conduct events, sell NFT, participate in all mini-games in Ark of Panda, and design their own game in the Metaverse. Statistically, a PFP project will have 2,000 to 3,000 active email accounts and will attract more than 200,000 people.

To create the Ark of Panda Planet together, projects and artists may have their own personalized area, avatar, and NFTs, collaborate with Voice Street’s musicians, host concerts, and acquire advertising rights. Collaborative projects may also select for alternative types of income inside the Ark of Panda music metaverse, including as advertising revenue from bespoke performances, participation in metaverse-based music festivals, and passive income from the transaction fees of Freemint NFTs.

Ark of Panda enables users and collaborative projects to generate revenue from their P2E and W2E games. A DPGU NFT holder will have the ability to invite other actors (users, fans, and gamers) to the music metaverse, where the guest’s P2E creates 5% of the money and the inviter owns all W2E in the music metaverse.

3. Voice Street Metaverse

Voice Street makes it easier and more simple for artists to integrate into the web3.0 world of music by participating in Live House, online concerts, DAO communities, and engaging in a number of ways with their followers.

Up to this point, Voice Street has partnered with over thirty bands who have millions of followers worldwide. Each Voice Street musician will be reborn as a 3D avatar in the Metaverse, complete with a unique DPGU, and will play for admirers throughout the globe in the metaverse. The 3D avatars are modeled by NFT generative art and will move and interact inside the Metaverse.

Concerts of music

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The Music Concert is the most common location in Voice Street Metaverse, where fans may connect closely with their favorite artists on the platform, as well as see spectacular performances and appreciate the amazing songs they have written.

While enjoying the entertaining and enthralling music, participants challenge one another to a competition. Winners of the competition are eligible to earn VST rewards. Players must purchase a challenge ticket in order to participate in the challenge, and the sort of challenge ticket that may be utilized at each performance depends on the performer. (Different concert organizers may demand unique tokens to purchase challenge tickets, but VST may be used to purchase any form of challenge ticket.)

Challenge tickets are required for entry into a music challenge. The winner will get a challenge ticket, while the loser will be unable to redeem one. The ultimate standings will be determined by the amount of challenge tickets earned.

Voice Street encourages IPs and celebrities to join the Metaverse and establish their own fan network. Fans may purchase property, homes, and assets in the Metaverse, choose to live near their favorite celebrities, fulfill their wildest dreams, and construct clubs, museums, and AMA venues in the Metaverse. Voice Street will also collaborate with musicians to develop a variety of music-themed activities and welcome more PFP projects to join the game. Each PFP project has its own NFT users, who may generate a substantial amount of user traffic for Ark of Panda.

III. Future Projections

Music NFTs claim to be a new approach to analyzing the music business and artist compensation. All blockchain-based solutions are still relatively young, yet they hold great potential. Music NFTs might alter the success of musicians, increase fan involvement, and eventually improve the business.

As the platform evolves and the number of users increases, more independent artists will join in generating and releasing their NFT work, which may result in the conception of a new model for music creation and the acceleration of content dissemination in the music business.

Multiple record labels and entertainment firms in Asia, Europe, and North America have cooperated with VS. Every singer who possesses a DPGU will send concert invites to fans on Voice Street, and fans will be future prospective users.

In the future, there will be 1,112 artists, each with at least 2 million admirers; thus, Voice Street’s media coverage may reach more than 2 billion people, and the group’s future publicity potential is quite great. Voice Street anticipates a conversion rate as low as 1 in 10,000, and that 200,000 people would sign up for the service. Such is the influence of fans. Obviously, the conversion rate will not remain that low, hence the future advantages will be incalculable.

Future thousands of projects will realize scene empowerment via Voice Street DPGU, and tens of thousands of members brought by each project will join VS.

It is time to use Voice Street not only as a platform for NFT trading and an investment instrument, but also as a playground for independent artists and singers.

IV. Join Voice Street community

VS-DPGU Telegram EN: https://t.me/VoiceStreet
VS-DPGU Discord: http://discord.gg/daffypanda


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