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Coinwire Admin: Yooooooo 🔥Good day everyone 👋 And welcome back to another AMA with Solana Daily 🙌

Rumel: Yoooooooo

Coinwire Admin: Today I have here with me Mr. Rumel – Founder at VOID! How’s it going, Rumel? Welcome back to Solana Daily man 🤝

Rumel: Hey Daley, thanks for having me. I am doing great today. What about you?

Coinwire Admin: I’m doing splendidly Rumel! Glad to have you back here to update us about VOID. So for those who might forget, VOID actually hosted a Livestream AMA with Solana Daily a few months back

Rumel: Glad to be here!

Coinwire Admin: So Rumel! Whenever you’re ready, we can go ahead and start the AMA👌I wonder what you have for us this time 👀

Rumel: I’m ready! Now it’s 3pm CET all good. It’s late where you are right? 

Coinwire Admin: Nah it’s 20:00 here actually, my pumped up time 😂

Rumel: Lol, let’s go then!!

Coinwire Admin: Very cool! Let’s start today’s AMA with our first segment: Q&A with the host. The first question that I have for you is:

Q1: Simply summarize “VOID” for the audience!

Rumel: Sure. To make it really short: VOID is a fun and competitive multiplayer 3rd person arena-based shooter with a focus on character customization. NFTs like armor and weapons are playable in-game. It’s built with Unreal Engine 5 and runs on Solana and available on PC only

Coinwire Admin: Appreciate it! Fam, you can always refer to this video to understand more about VOID:

Video Livestream AMA with VOID

Rumel: Nice!

Coinwire Admin: What a journey you guys have had! So Rumel:

Q2: What are some recent updates with VOID? Where are you now with project development?

Rumel: In the past few months, we were focussing on the VOID mini-game or in other words: the most awesome wallet you’ve ever seen 😛  We’ve been through a few testing rounds with the community, and we’re finally ready to launch! Our NFT marketplace is ready as well and soon to launch. And of course, we are still working on the main game. Working on character design/movement and maps. Hopefully, a playable demo should be ready in December or January.

Coinwire Admin: Wait hold on, a wallet but also a minigame? Can you clarify? And if you can share any video, photo, that would be much appreciated!

Rumel: It’s more like a gamified wallet. You can equip and view your NFTs and stake them.

Coinwire Admin: Damn, very nice looking. Gotcha, so can we see the stats after equipping too? you know, to see which builds is better

Rumel: Yes, of course. We wanted to bridge the game between gamers and crypto enthusiasts and make onboarding/creating a wallet as simple as possible. You will be able to create a wallet within our app with just a few steps. But you may import your existing Solana wallet if you wish.

Coinwire Admin: I believe you’re going to list this app on Google Play store as well

Q3: Please walk us through this app and its functionality? Why not use the existing Solana wallet?

Rumel: Yes, this will be available in the store on September 28th. iOS version will follow a few weeks later. In this app, you can view and equip your NFTs with your character and stake them for a certain period. The higher the rarity of your NFTs the higher the outcome/reward you will receive. A wallet usually looks very boring. This looks more like a game and we aim to attract gamers as well

Coinwire Admin: I see 🤔 So about this wallet, it’s just for VOID only, correct? Can we buy/sell other tokens in your wallet?

Rumel: This wallet is just for VOID!

Coinwire Admin: Right, and then can we use your wallet to connect to DEXes and transact VOID token? Or do we still need Solana wallets?

Rumel: You still need a Solana wallet. This app will help you create one in case you don’t have one yet. To buy/trade the VOID token you still have to go to raydium.

Coinwire Admin: Gotcha

Rumel: This app will only show you your NFTs and their stats. But you will be able to earn coins to buy exclusive NFTs in our marketplace

Coinwire Admin: And on this matter, you’re about to host an NFT launch event as well

Q3: Kindly tell us everything we need to know about this awesome event! Can you also reiterate the benefits of having VOID NFTs!

Rumel: Sure. So we will be launching our NFTs at You will be able to buy loot boxes containing 3 NFTs: 1 character, 1 armor set, and 1 weapon for 3 SOL. The rarity of the items will be minted randomly. Depending on the outcome it can be worth way more than 3SOL. On top of that, we will be giving away 3 NFT arenas worth up to $20k to three lucky people participating in the mint. Mint will be on the 28th of September at, starting at 3 pm UTC

Coinwire Admin: So this loot box basically contains everything we need to play the game, right? character, weapon and armor? Is there a limit to how many one can buy?

Rumel: Exactly. You can buy as many loot boxes as you like. but we sell 150 of them on fractal. These loot boxes are only available on fractal. we won’t be selling them in our marketplace

Coinwire Admin: Damn, that few?

Rumel: We actually wanted to sell more. but since we are in a bear market we thought this is the better option. If you want more NFTs feel free to purchase them in our marketplace

Coinwire Admin: Nice, launching the marketplace right after the NFT launch is perfect timing too, people open the box -> sell NFTs on the marketplace after

Rumel: Correct, I wish they would hold their NFTs to and use them in the main game

Coinwire Admin: 😂 supply and demand, can’t do nothing about it, but either way, it’s going to the right wallet that wants to test the game out. About the launch though

Q5: What’s your plan to attract attention to your upcoming NFT launch, wallet launch in this bear market?

Rumel: We had AMAs with our partners, giveaways and social media marketing with KOLs.

Fractal is helping us a lot as well. We will be on Fractal Radio with Justin Kan tonight. I am very much looking forward to this. It’s a recorded Interview. will share with you when it drops

Coinwire Admin: Very exciting! 🔥Also, the characters look amazing on your website and Twitter too bro, fantastic job designers!!

Rumel: Glad you like it. I can’t wait to play it. lol

Coinwire Admin: We’re seeing great web3 games being developed everyday man, sooooooo thankful for this. Can’t wait for December and January man. The beta is finna be like Christmas presents 😂

Rumel: I agree. I remember the playable NFT games last year when we launched the project. there wasn’t anything fun to play tbh. but now there’s many great games coming. I’m really looking forward to this. Hopefully it’s ready by Christmas.

Coinwire Admin: You better not disappoint our New Year bro

Rumel: No pressure! haha

Coinwire Admin: Let’s discuss the community then! I can only imagine people going crazy for the game

Q6: So how is VOID’s community in recent times? What have you done to remain their enthusiasm in VOID?

Rumel: It’s pretty quiet in our socials tbh. Discord is currently the most active channel. 

We stopped doing gleams and giveaways, for now, to stop attracting bounty hunters. 

We gave our OG members the chance to win a Genesis NFT. With this NFT they get access to the BETA, early marketplace access, and a Genesis Armor NFT.

I am doing town hall meetings every now and then to stay in touch with the community.

We have a strong community and most of them have been here since we started this project. They’re loyal and supporting us throughout this bear market. I only wish that we had more gamers in the community. We will try to change that.

Coinwire Admin: That’s the problem with most web3 games tbh, it’s hard to attract gamers to play your game when there are a variety of awesome web2 games out there. But keep on building and improving VOID bro, once web3 gaming gains more popularity, I hope VOID will be the must-try shooter game for gamers, like CSGO whenever someone wants to try FPS for example

Rumel: 100%, our main focus is to build an awesome game that gamers love to play. blockchain comes second

Coinwire Admin: So on that note

Q7: What’s next for VOID in the next quarter and 2023 perhaps?

Rumel: Hopefully, the BETA launches this Xmas or maybe January. depending on the market we will sell new NFTs. but our main goal now is to finish the main game. And if everything goes as planned we will launch the game in April/May next year

Coinwire Admin: Phewwwwww, hope the crypto god surprises us with a market bump in December 😂 Alrighty! So with all the events you’re about to have

Q8: Are there any pre-launch events that we can participate in right now?

Rumel: Unfortunately, all events have already ended. But you may join the public sale on on the 28th, or you can vote for us and win some cool prizes here:

Coinwire Admin: Don’t fail me bro, I voted for Void 😂😂😂

Rumel: thanks, feel free to share the tweet 😛

Coinwire Admin: Will do!

Rumel: Everybody in here please vote! 😛

Coinwire Admin: That’s right!! VOID to the topppp

Coinwire Admin: With this we are now at the end of our AMA session with VOID🔥🔥🔥

Time for wrapping up, any last words you would like to say to our community?

Rumel: Thanks a lot for your time. I really appreciate it. Make sure to follow our socials to not miss any updates: Was a pleasure being here

Coinwire Admin: Always a pleasure having you here with us Rumel! You are doing amazingly with the game man, keep on building!!

Rumel: Cheers!

Coinwire Admin: Take care!