Warena is a one-of-a-kind environment that features a play-to-earn business model, Metaverse, Personalization, and NFT gaming.


WARENA is a brilliant amalgamation of two recent gaming trends: play-to-earn and metaverse. They shall experience a virtual reality in WARENA’s ecosystem, where they will be the creators of their universe, army, landscape, and powerful races.

Unlike most NFT games, WARENA allows players to fully immerse themselves in their character and participate in intense action-survival gameplay over the course of two stages. Humans and zombies will fight in a terrible post-apocalyptic setting in Phase 1, a 2D tower defense game, releasing in Q3 of 2020. The second phase will include a 3D game and a wider metaverse. Phase 2, set for launch in Q2 2022, will unlock the full force of the Warena metaverse, adding player-versus-player features. 

Warena has launched a new initiative to create a unified Metaverse in which all types of characters can join, live, and establish their own worlds within the Warena Metaverse.

Project competitive advantages

Crossover metaverse

After NFTs, metaverse is expected to be the next big thing. The big bang theory once divided the cosmos into a metaverse, one hundred years after its invention. Humans, AI Warriors, Demons, Dragons, Elves, and Fairies are among the six races in WARENA. In a new age called the New Cosmic Era, trade, peace, and conflict all take on a whole new meaning. Characters from different universes can meet, trade, converse, and fight in Warena battles because of the crossover metaverse.

Play-to-earn model

Players can simply have a first-time user experience with WARENA’s product for $20 to $30. Players can own in-game assets and enhance their value by engaging in the game using this economic model. Contributing to the game ecology, gathering in-game materials, and dealing in the marketplace are all ways to make money and get appealing prizes. 

AI personalization technology

To begin playing the game, users can purchase warriors from the WARENA marketplace or rent one from other players for an agreed-upon payment. They can even design their own customized fighter based on their tastes. Users can also submit images of themselves and select from a variety of cyborg and warrior types. These will be transformed into digital avatars that are unique to the user. 

Synchronized other NFT from metadata

The in-game asset and NFTs from other platforms can be synchronized fast in WARENA via metadata. 

Warena as long-term and community-driven project

Warena is a long-term and community-driven project, with the goal of creating a large Metaverse in which all players have an equal opportunity to participate in the game’s future growth.

Warena aspires to be a truly user-owned game with its own decentralized organization, the Community Council, which will be run by the players. As a result, they’ve included the concept of a DAO (Decentralized autonomous organization), which can eventually take over most of the game’s decision-making authority. The Community Council will be a crucial part of the game environment, dealing with both in-game issues and ideas for future game development and funding. This ensures that all gamers can share their ideas to the project.

WARENA will be a decentralized organization known as Community Council, which will function as a digital democracy and a mini-universe. This would not have been possible without blockchain, because they can now create rules that control which source code runs. This is a perfect example of the Chromia vision for public apps.

Project Roadmap

Q1, Q2 2021: Prepare & Planning

  • Verify ideals, start designing & building the IC games.
  • Connect with advisors & prepare for official plans

Q3 2021: Survival Launch Ver 0

  • Introduce Marketplace & NFT Items 
  • Introduce RENA and WARE Token
  • Release races, roles
  • Offer PvE & Async PvP
  • Launch on Web

Q4 2021: Survival Launch Ver 1

  • Add Tournaments
  • Improve Arena feature 
  • Async PvP Arena at 10-20 users
  • Release 4 elements for warriors
  • Launch on mobile

Q1 2022: Survival Launch Ver 2

  • Release new roles
  • Presale Land for Land Battle 
  • Release 6 elements for warriors 
  • Add new PvE gameplay
  • Create 3D characters

Q2 2022: Metaverse Launch Ver 1

  • Release roles
  • Release 4 elements for humans 
  • Add new PvP gameplay (synchronize) 

Q3 2022: Metaverse Launch Ver 2

  • Release full 6 elements for humans
  • Add Multi-Dungeons Feature
  • Introduce Map with elements land
  • Presale races: Demon, Dragon, Elf, Angel

Q4 2022: Metaverse Launch Ver 3

  • Release races: Dragon, Elf with full roles and elements
  • Add a new gameplay to have players build and protect on their land. 

Q1 2023: Metaverse Launch Ver 4

  • Add feature allowing players to invade each other

Learn More

Website: https://www.warena.io/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/WarenaOfficial

Telegram: https://t.me/warenaofficial

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Warena.io

Medium: https://teamwarena.medium.com/ 

Github: https://github.com/warenaofficial


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