I. Data on-chain 

Daily Transaction


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Daily Transaction Amount in this week decrease compared to last week significantly. The reason for this phenomenon could be a series of bad news coming to the crypto market in the past week. Typically Binance has been banned in the UK and soon a few other countries. We still don’t know whether this decline is temporary or permanent. In addition, with the development of other blockchain platforms like Solona or BSC, Polkadot is facing extremely stiff competition.

Daily Active Address & Newly Created Address

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In a week, Daily Active Address went down 70%, got 2021 value. While Newly Created Address also decreased by half compared to the beginning of the week. We can see the caution of users and investors.

Daily Fees Used

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We see the sudden drop of Daily Fees Used from 103 DOT to 34 DOT in just a few days. This shows that the user is pausing or leaving the platform.

DOT Performance 

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(Source: vf_investment, Tradingview.com)

The coin is presently exchanged at a level somewhere between $14 and $15, which means the cost is exceptionally near the solid support level. As we can see from the graph, MACD got over, demonstrating the start of a bullish pattern, while the RSI record is 36, showing the coin are nearly overbought. These two markers are both calling attention to a bullish pattern, thusly to an approaching value rise. Additionally, essentials (for example, day-by-day NVT ) show that the con is underestimated.


II. Important Updated 

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  • Moon River becomes 2nd parachain on Kusama Network
Dz W0Mc8Lxhqji4Kipxd Mv
  • Plasm is now rebranding to a new name – Astar Network
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A star is born. Astar Network is becoming a Polkadot-native, multi-chain dApp hub that supports both Ethereum Virtual Machine and WebAssembly.

  • Travala.com accepts payment with $DOT
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The Ritz Carlton New Orleans has accepted payment with $DOT. You can book via travala.com & enjoy New Orleans by your own.

  • Jambo Labs received a strategic investment from B37 Ventures
Zh0Xx X2Usv6Ifmolupgntmrj66B

This investment will accelerate the implementation of the Jambo Network ecosystem.

  • Composable Finance launches Parachain Auction Vault. The initial cap for total value locked (TVL) in the vaults will be $15 million collectively.
  • t3rn becomes the latest Polkadot  project to join the Patract Labs – Wasm Open Contract Alliance
7S6Rclydh5Ire B54F Qyzmepatdis6Xlypycr02Dejyeo63Yxctz Anfmhdzh3Cky5Maqbtyopplpgdwki8Qf6Zvjp5 Pdnhduhljz38E66Qjucgv V0Qe4Cjn Qq8Hzhdlaufe

Wasm is the future of smart contract blockchains and t3rn will continue to work tirelessly to support its adoption.

  • KYVE Network integrates with Polkadot
3Owqlc8Fdrr3Xostsdanbxvu5R3Kpv6Dnmdlz5E M5Ebhb0Sxotf Nwg2L2Nzlq6Bvasfryhmciowr Fug9Lkptchzmgkxcxnp4Bowltmaqqemdt9Rbxsdjgvwkyae Fmjbl9Quo

Their mission is helping Web 3.0 projects to reach infinite scalability by storing and computing data reliably and efficiently.

  • Centrifuge introduced Altar — the home for financing assets on Kusama Network. It was built for risk-takers and innovators who dare to push the limits of DeFi: powered by the $AIR token. 
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Altair is built using Substrate and has the same codebase as Centrifuge.

III. Partnerships 

  • Automata Network x Moonbeam Network
Eetvcsk8Xudmj2Nx9Rqac W09Sluukdl5Srshp4Kiikpkodcozxk0Bx0Ytp6Jdil5Itc4Zpqmak8Uqvqygt3Qc3 Olytogvc5Djt B4Zwhjgu79Gf1S0Lxupe Xvgwd Gypxzucj

With this partnership, they’ll bring private, off-chain governance to the Polkadot ecosystem through Witness.

  • TribeOne x OpenDefi
Mm Blrijzbokjr1Nn6Oa18R Kghxhp G9Dc Rziygmmq872Q I5Dw Bmi9Kgbqakb36 Ykcarnnencksjjosolsu2Lsgbb8Z7Wyefmpa5Oj2Lsvj8Kjvz8Gylil4Kw Ariiw3Dhm

Now, TribeOne DeFi users will be able to invest in real-world tokenized assets seamlessly.

Know more about this partnership: https://tribeone.medium.com/tribeone-collaborates-with-opendefi-46d2d4f2088d

  • KodaDot x SubQuery Network
Szfpbjx Mlibvxzoimh0Snbixiium6Wk4Of2D Oe

​​NFT’s on Kusama Network can be explored with KodaDot & SubQuery Network with the partnership between Kodadot & SubQuery Network. SubQuery’s service helps Kodadot extract and query on-chain data for NFTs on $KSM.

  • Kylin Network x Asva Labs official
Xklm9Ckw4Nilagm3F3Aahgmjn8Q1Pc 9Uk9Feafbo2Sojzxv1Pezgriwf99Soozahcppea1Uom31Uqgzs0Jwbk7Jos93D1Qjorfcrhep2Dsgnolecr

Asva Labs will make use of the fast and efficient data feeds offered by Kylin Network, while developing in concert what data feeding they can most benefit from via oracle scripting.

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