Weekly Recap Series of will be updated weekly with all the information readers need on Solana: On-chain data analysis, weekly winner, project of the week, updated from projects, partnership, etc.

We believe this series by deep-dive and synthesizing will give you an overview on Solana every week. 

Our Weekly Recap Series will consist of 4 main parts as follows

  1. Data on-chain: Update and analyze data located on the blockchain such as Daily transactions, Unique addresses, Gas price, etc
  2. Panorama of the ecosystem: Analysis of the Solana ecosystem last week
  3. Important updated 
  4. News partnership



The Solana Mainnet network is currently supported by 300+ independent validators and can support transaction throughput of up to 50k TPS with sub-second confirmation times. 

Here is the ranking of validators of solana



A total of 21B transactions have been made on the solnana ecosystem with ~900 Tps 

An impressive number with fast transaction speed and super cheap fees

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Market Capitalization and Volume

$87 billion and $34B Trading Volume is a huge Market Capitalization number compared to a new ecosystem like Solana

 In which Sol market capitalization is $8B and $2B trading volume in last 7 days

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Sol performance 

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(SOL/USDT) on H4 after breaking above the Resistance and retest, is expected to continue its way up to the upper line of the Bullish 





Most of the necessary categories for Defi has been completed, a lot of new projects land daily on the Solana ecosystem (More than 80 defi projects and growing every day)

But almost all projects are still in their early stage (But the necessary indicators are gradually increasing, signaling the coming boom time)

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Total value locked in Defi of Solana ecosystem has almost reached $1B ($989,838,138.73)

Top 3 Total Value Lock projects at Solana:

  • Raydium 
  • Serum Dex
  • SolaFarm


NFT (Non-Fungible Token) is also an area that receives a lot of attention, with excellent infrastructure providing projects with extremely good scalability and almost zero cost, this is open land for development. for gaming projects as well as social apps.

NFT puzzle pieces on solana such as marketplace, gaming, collectibles have gradually been completed

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The Transaction Volume of DApps steadily increasing, showing no signs of falling even though the market is downtrend and token prices are mostly falling shows that the belief in DEFI at BCS is still great

3. Important updated 

  • RaydiumProtoco has been listed on BitMartExchange 

Anyone can join the trading pair RAY/USDT to get a bonus of 2150 Ray give away34Ilhji8Ydklh6B4Ambbaojyecankqzz1J9Lx18Hhhu12D64Lcrlycfommqy2L1Tn Aarsqb Jwpqypnlsjqdv5Py5 Np7L6Rvr8Egj33Sangexcissnxv5Yhphmgs5T Tpvojis

  •  @SolriseFinance and @synthetify Successfully IDO on Ray AccleRaytor 
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  • Dexlab ofter the first DEX, Minting lab and Launchpad build on Solana 
  • Solar Eco Fund, NGC Ventures, Alameda Research becomes DeFi Land’s investor, Defi Land is gamified decentralized finance  bringing DeFi to the masses
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  • Sypool Protocol’s Road and Map updated focusing on the infrastructures and more tests on testnet besides Sypool Protocol announced 3 team members
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  • Saber launches the first BTC stable pool on Solana with Ren. Users will be able to trade both renBTC and wBTC (Sollet) using Saber’s low slippage stableswap AMM. Additionally, investors can earn returns from trading fees by supplying liquidity to the renBTC-wBTC pool.
  • Solana Trading & Staking Now Available for USA, CA, and AUS on Kraken Exchange investors can deposit, trading, stacking SOL now 

Staking is available for SOL with up to 6.5% in yearly rewards! 

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  • Solanium announces the first five launches:
    1. Boring Protocol

2. Diabolo

3. Port Finance

4. Apricot Finance

5. Project Seed

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4. Partnerships 

  • Apricot Finance Collaborates with Raydium this collaboration will allow Apricot to utilize Raydium’s permissionless liquidity pools, providing different projects or users on the Apricot platform with an AMM Pool that can be traded on Raydium.
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  • Solster has worked with Synaps, Solster.Finance will use Solster Decentralized Identity Protocol to achieve decentralization in their #DeFi Ecosystem.
  • UNQClub Partnership with AllartProtocol to integrating NFT-PRO to create more revenue streams for collectors and clubs – make sure to check out their approach to NFT standard.
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  • Solania is registered in Solana Ecosystem
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Half of 2021 has passed, Crypto in general and the Solana ecosystem, in particular, have made spectacular changes and advances that most of us could not have expected. Solana has organized 2 successful hackathons, attracting hundreds of projects and thousands of people from all over the world to contribute to building the ecosystem.

However, most projects are in the early stages, the end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022 will be the boom period of the Solana ecosystem when all projects have mainnet

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