Weekly Recap Series of will be updated weekly with all the information readers need on Binance Smart Chain: On-chain data analysis, weekly winner, project of the week, updated from projects, partnership, etc… 

Our Weekly Recap Series will consist of 4 main parts as follows

  1. Data on-chain: Update and analyze data located on the blockchain such as Daily transactions, Unique addresses, Gas price, etc
  2. Panorama of the ecosystem: Analysis of the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem last week
  3. Important updated 
  4. News partnership



The Binance eco market continues its low volatility consolidation this week, with prices trading between a high of $290 and a low of $330. As the market tests the lows of a significant on-chain support zone, transaction activity remains depressed and HODLing behavior shows remarkable resilience.

Daily Transactions

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Binance Smart Chain continues to grow as it’s becoming more and more popular among the cryptocurrency community with an impressive increase in the number of transactions in the past week.

Over the past week, BSC regularly sees more transactions than Ethereum. This culminated on 19th June as the network saw a whopping nearly 5 million transactions compared to 1.1 million on Ethereum. x4 times higher

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Average Gas Price

No more unusual increase in gas charges. Binance Smart Chain eco seems to have stabilized. Transactions increase but gas fees stay the same

Completing one transaction from wallet to wallet costs about $0.02 on the BSC, if utilizing the Ethereum Network, this would cost about $3

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Token Tracker

Top Token Transfers

The PancakeSwap Token $CAKE still rules the landscape along with $BUSD and the newcomer BunnyToken. $Bunny. Another notable newcomers are ($ALPACA), Chi Gastoken ($CHI), and FEGtoken ($FEG), which rank in the top 20

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Top 20 Tokens By Volume

Not much volatility when the first ranks are BUSD and USDT. Next is the tire 1 tokens like BNB, CAKE, BTC, ETH, ADA, etc…


BNB Performance

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Source: Tradingview

After bitcoin fell below the strong support zone of $31,000, the price quickly fell 6%, even breaking through the strong psychological level of $30,000. This effectively pulled all altcoins following bitcoin.

Right now Bnb is testing a local resistance zone. At the moment, I prefer to watch the market and look for good entry opportunities.

But if Binance makes a quick strong drop into the area marked below, with a big increase in volumes, that would be the best buying opportunity.

Panorama Of The Binance Smart Chain Ecosystem

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DeFi on Binance Smart Chain:

As cryptocurrency continues its downtrend, finding alternative sources of yield becomes more appealing in a low-interest-rate environment.

Binance Smart Chain Total Value Lock 

Total value lock decreased by $3B from last week while the number of transactions increased from 3 million transactions to 5 million transactions show traders and investors continue to seek opportunity amongst low volatility market conditions but be more careful and timid


Lauchpad on Binance Smart Chain

Take a look at the projects with the highest ROI in the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem. BSCPAD had an impressive ROI x329, and with the hype of NFT play to earn MyDeFi pet might break ATH again 

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Gaming on Binance Smart Chain

MyDeFiPet is in 1st place with the most users, following is BladesCrypto with a huge gain in users recently – 1189.32%. 

The “play-to-earn” movement is an emerging phenomenon in the past few weeks, wherein players NFT games collect rewards within the game that can later be converted to real cash it reached new heights during the downtrend of crypto market.


Important Updated 

  • Binance Smart Chain has become a force in the blockchain industry. In Q2 Binance Smart Chain continues to be the leader in terms of unique active wallets averaging 421,854 and was the most used Blockchain Yljeoyy0Lhofk2D9Qolop K1Zfwyibtx F9Muy1E94L6Rwvpjfk5P94Vzylvkd Geltbwds3J V4Y4Tmxpghc0Xkqqmdqxbcpn3 Dwtpbuggfacm0U6E 9Pzvrjr6H T 6

The #BscLearnAndEarn round 2 has started:  Win a Share of $18,000.

On June 29, we announced the first round of BSC Learn & Earn where we teamed up with 4 popular projects building on BSC. In total, users who participated in the first round received over $25,000 in tokens and rewards.

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  • BEP20 – AXS is now live on BSC’s BToken Listing. 
Bwgq8R9G4J2Gzf7Rrbjaq60Bhbdfublklcdxf26F3All Wj7Qjhd6Ssxui68P Ojkv3Qc4Oaktvkczmhqyps Zhd1Fbfqz6Jljc1Myephiv6I4Psd7L01Iekbvc9Roootwk1Wit0
  • Binance Awards 2021- BSC Project of the Year

Congratulations to the best #BSC projects of the year in 6 different categories!Cúp

Wallet – @TrustWalletApp

DeFi – @PancakeSwap

Infra – @bscscan

NFT marketplace – @bakery_swap

Collectible & Gaming – @BunnyPark_BSC

Security – @certik_io

Alc Qw9G2Yyazqxcc8Jwtzbfcmkl5F5Rb1 B2Gr7Lv9Xsmp3Ngfvfbpmt24M4Fpdnfw8Jwfgs So Xalizyvgefsfzjdae1Y0R29Mhbrg5Vzjy1Okwd7Rfgsnpikxliojwwzp1 E completed 9 audits which is the highest number of audits for any BSC project

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  • Q3 Metahero roadmap is on track

App release (Android &iOS)

 Negotiation with Tier 1 CEX’s

 v3 Metascanner construction

Community voting implementation

Metahero podcast

Partnerships with artists

Groundwork for HEROSwap

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  • Coin98 Wallet integrates with PancakeSwap, bringing the benefits of our multi-chain wallet to more users worldwide

Check out our guide: How to use Coin98 Wallet from A to Z.

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  • Alpaca.Finance 11th Grazing Range #NFTfarming pool x WaultSwap

Stack Alapaca in Grazing Pool to earn Wault and Stack Wex in Wault Pool to earn Alpaca with + 80%Apr 

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  • MOBOX x APESwap Legendary NFTs & NFT Interoperability

The MOBOX Platform will support all ApeSwap NFTs in all our games, this again is a testament to true NFT cross-platform interoperability.

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SafePal Wallet announced 3rd partner Moonpot

During the SafePal WHO X Moonpot campaign, all the whitelist participants will share a 1,000,000 $POTS reward pool and also earn extra yields from the win-win lottery from Moonpot. Scroll down and learn how to participate

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Binance Smart Chain has closed the gap with Ethereum:
Although Ethereum is still the leading blockchain in terms of TVL, Binance Smart Chain has established itself as a DeFi referent, narrowing the gap significantly in the last three months. The TVL in Binance Smart Chain has increased by 28.87% quarter-on-quarter despite facing several challenges during May, specifically the crypto crash and the Venus liquidation. DeFi competition in the Binance Smart Chain heating up with a lot of new impressive projects like: Biswap, Wault, ApeSwap, etc…

All in all, the Binance Smart Chain looks as competitive as ever. Despite facing several challenges like the Venus liquidation or the Garuda exploit, the network still leads the industry in terms of usage

Let’s wait and see what Binance Smart Chain will achieve in next Weekly Recap issue.

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