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Data on-chain 


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In general, Daily Transactions is quite stable, there is no breakthrough this week. However, compared to previous weeks, this week’s Daily Transactions are extremely high and will grow even more in the context of BSC’s Total Transaction surpassing $1.5B. 

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In the current boom of GameFi projects, BSC has clearly demonstrated its superiority in meager gas fees, dominating most of the Blockchain Gaming market. In the near future, BSC will still be the first choice of Gaming and NFT projects.

BNB Performance 

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(Source: Hooman_Dehghan,

In Daily Time Frame, there is a triangle pattern. If BNB can break the top line of the triangle, it can have the new season in its bullish trend. In contrast,  it breaks the angles line, then it can go down as low as 200$.

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Panorama of the ecosystem

Top BSC Project by Altrank

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Popsicle Finance is on the top of the rank. Popsicle Finance is a multichain yield optimization platform for Liquidity Providers. 

Top BSC Projects Mentioned The Most On Twitter


After the $SHIB bull run, Meme coins also seem to benefit and are talked about a lot. Many of the projects on the rank are Meme coins, the others are NFTs, Launchpad, and DEX.

Important Updated

Bsc Week 43 2

Wanaka Farm Official Launch

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This initial release is for Windows only, the macOS version will be released shortly after. Wanaka Farm is a unique NFT P2E blockchain-based game where people can own their virtual lands and other NFT items.

Deri Protocol’s total trading volume is $2B

ZOO is an exciting game with DeFi functionality developed by the Singularity Studio and running on Binance Smart Chain. It solves the main issue most GameFi games experience today, immersion. The BSC space currently contains games that either include weak IP immersion or do not amalgamate DeFi and GameFi properly. 

ZOOCW has the vision of solving this issue by integrating a seamless combination of DeFi and GameFi, which allows ZOOCW to appeal to everybody, whether through staking in pools, battling bosses with your rewards, or going on PVP adventures with friends.

BSC Project Spotlight: Open Ocean Global

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OpenOcean is the world’s first DeFi and CeFi full aggregator providing you the best swap pricing across decentralized and centralized exchanges with top trading efficiency. 

OpenOcean Atlantic’s intelligent algorithm optimizes trading for the best returns based on multiple parameters, including better price, lower gas fee, lower slippage, and optimizes routing automatically to get users the most out of every trade. No longer will users need to worry about the tradeoff between the best price and the high gas fees that come with multiple routes.

BabySwap to Metaverse

With the connection with projects, communication with users, and integrating protocols, NFTs, and Games, it is Baby Metaverse, no longer “BabySwap-only” anymore.

Baby Metaverse, a virtual crypto world with Baby’s Avatar as the core, including AMM, NFT, Gaming, and more. Each user will have a customized Baby character. In Baby Metaverse, you can trade cryptos, conduct financial management through AMM, cast your favorite NFT avatar, and have fun with various entertaining Baby Games.

Roadmap upgrades including AMM, NFT, and GameFi are finally here:

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Yooshi – TOP 100 Marketcap

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Yooshi Circulating Market Value has just reached $13B, becoming the third meme coin that joined the top 100 coin club by market value after SHIBA and DOGECOIN. 

YooShi is developed from a decentralized meme coin to YooShi’s game metaverse, devoted to building a bridge between the P2E game and players and making the game not only for fun but also to bring profits. YooShi GamePad provides gaming developers a series of gaming pre-launch supports, such as selling unique in-game assets in the form of NFT, Farms, NFT auction and trading marketplace, etc.

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NAOS Finance x dForce

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This partnership allows NAOS to onboard dForce as a credit facility and enables dForce to mint USX with RWA-backed collaterals. After an RWA originated by NAOS is approved by dForce, a dedicated asset pool will be created on NAOS lending protocol “Galaxy.” dForce will fund the NAOS ALPHA Lending Pool with USX, and borrower/community will fund the NAOS BETA Insurance Pool to provide insurance coverage.

dForce has the effort to become a full-blown “Lending + Stablecoin + Synthetic” integrated protocol. At the same time, NAOS Finance is a complete “Liquidity + Lending + Insurance” protocol that emulates the entire banking process on-chain. NAOS allows borrowers access to more efficient capital globally and offers lenders predictable/consistent yield from income-generating assets such as corporate loans and accounts receivables.

Faraland x Biswap

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This partnership helps Faraland launch Magic Text Game with Biswap. FaraLand will present a mysterious story full of BSW. 

While Faraland is a multiplayer RPG NFT GAME on BSC that lets players own a thousand unique NFT warriors, Biswap is the first DEX on Binance Smart Chain with a 3-type referral system lowest exchange fee of 0.1% in the Defi space. 

Dehub x Certik

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Dehub shared certik_io’s full security audit of the $DEHUB smart contract. No critical issues were found & Dehub’s devs have posted a full breakdown of the feedback in their communities on TG & Discord. 

Dehub is blockchain’s first entertainment aggregator, producer of motion pictures, exclusive Pay-Per-View & surreal gaming experiences. DeHub will be hosting weekly esports tournaments expected to attract hundreds of players and hundreds of thousands of viewers.

DeHub x Mazer Gaming

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Spartan Protocol has just launched its bug bounty program on Immunefi. Spartan Protocol provides community-governed and programmable token emissions functions to incentivize the formation of deep liquidity pools. This strong base of liquidity will be utilized to provide asset swaps, synthetic token generation, lending, derivatives, and more.

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