WeFund is a community crowdfunding incubator for blockchain and real-world projects hosted on various blockchains including Terra, Solana, Ethereum, and more. 

WeFund’s native token (WFD) and platform are built on the Terra blockchain, a stable-coin-based ecosystem with high-quality protocols, low gas fees, and a strong community. What WeFund offers to the community is they provide a milestone budget release to protect investors from losing money and also all the money deposited in Anchor to make it all secure, it means the WeFund team can’t touch the money. 

The advantage of the milestone budget release system for project proposals is to make project proposals more focused on delivering the product and gain trust among the investors or backers or community. The money all released by smart contract from Anchor protocol based on the milestone from the project proposer created. It means money released ONLY by achievement. Beside project funding release per milestone, WeFund also have community voting power if they like the project or no to be fundraised inside WeFund, or if the backers like the achievement of the project proposer or no.



WeFund is a decentralized crowdfunding platform for crypto-startup projects and beyond, with a real-world use case. WeFund’s mission is to:

  • Host high-quality projects that align with WeFund’s investor community.
  • Community-driven decisions on the platform for 100% transparency.
  • Project funds managed exclusively on Terra’s Anchor protocol using smart contracts.

WeFund’s initial development stage would be in the Terra ecosystem and will continue to deploy additional ecosystems such as Solana, Etherium, Cardano, and others in the near future to achieve this ambition.

WeFund makes itself different thanks to their unique features:

  • Projects are approved by the community to give the backers the right to invest in which projects they prefer and allow greater agility for projects to adjust and follow market trends. 
  • Backers are fully protected. Funds are released gradually after they are approved by the community. At the same time, this process helps to keep the team’s morale and motivation high.
  • Optimize security by using Anchor protocol, they safeguard funds from hackers and human errors, which in turn helps projects to move forward with greater peace of mind.
  • Milestone fund release with investor approval: they create a set of fundraising events along the project’s development timeline, which gives credibility and a greater chance of success, and at the same time avoids collecting and risking large sums of backer funds before a project demonstrates progress.
  • Crowdfunding works when done with fairness, therefore they created a system to maximize the backing opportunity proportional to the number of potential backers, always guaranteeing the possibility for backers to participate.
  • WeFund changes the game: Protects backers and at the same time protects project creators, making the whole process more secure and transparent.

WeFund stands out in the business because to its one-of-a-kind features.:

  • Yield benefit for backers
  • Bridge real world and blockchain
  • Secure & refundable deposits
  • Investor voting power
  • Cross-chain incubator
  • Deflationary token value
  • Money release with milestone and investor vote approval 
  • Community voting power

Anchor Protocol

Anchor Protocol is a Terra-based application built by Terraform Labs (TFL). Anchor is a savings protocol offering low-volatile yields and security on Terra stablecoins deposits. 

With Anchor Protocol, WeFund gets the incentive for WFD Token holders to stake and invest in projects, reducing volatility of the WFD token price. Moreover, they can manage project fund distribution release using project milestone smart contracts, preventing scam with full transparency.  

How the WeFund Platform works



December 2021

  • A demo of WeFund platform to create projects, back projects, and stake in Anchor 
  • Establishing a strong core team with strong knowledge, responsibility, team management, and holds a similar vision
  • Finalized tokenomics, seed, round closing date, pre-sale timeline, and IDO strategy 

Q1 2022

  • Whitepaper 2.0 to be completed
  • Have a full functionality platform with all functions mentioned in the Whitepaper 2.0 by the TGE. 

Platform Launching

WeFund, the Terra Ecosystem’s cross-chain crowdfunding tool built for the community, is the key to projects realizing their goals.

With in-house finance, ad boosts to raise awareness, consultation services offered by WeFund professionals, and NFT voting power, WeFund helps projects come to life.

By December 2021, the web app platform will be available. There are now three projects on WeFund that are commencing their crowdfunding campaigns:

  • Bakso mania: Bakso Mania is a collection of randomly generated NFTs known as Bakso Maniacs on the Solana Blockchain. The 1st generation consists of 10,000 randomly assembled Bakso. Bakso have a variety of rarity, expressions, and colors! Bakso traditionally is an Indonesian noodle and meatball cuisine, but these Bakso Maniacs jumped out of the cooking pots ready to explore the world of Bakso Mania. 
  • Lynx VR: A metaverse charity project of a virtual reality-based simulation game (Play-to-Earn and Learn-to-Earn) that enables players to stimulate perception based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to assist mental illness victims. Users can make money while attempting to recover from their disease. After the session, the player will receive a $Lynx token. 
  • Pandai Crypto: A Learn-to-Earn Hub on Terra Blockchain powered by DeFi, Crypto, NFTs and Blockchain Gaming.

In-house Funding

WeFund is able to sponsor projects that are hosted on the platform. A portion of the company’s profits will be used to sponsor projects that are hosted on the platforms. WeFund manually picks this project for financing if the project proposes using WFD token to gather funds instead of USDT.

Ads Boost

Utilize various ad placement options to boost a project’s visibility. Backers can contribute more funds to support their favorite project proposer, and projects that use the WFD token to raise funds will receive prioritized ad placement on the site.

Consultancy Services

If a proposal is rejected after voting or validating, WeFund will provide consulting services to help refine the concept. In exchange, the project proposer can provide WeFund token allocation or profit-sharing, with the exception of charity projects, for which WeFund would provide free consulting.

Wallet Voting

Each user will have 1 opportunity to make their impactful decision in each project thanks to the wallet voting mechanism. 

Partners and Investors


– kommunitas https://twitter.com/Kommunitas1

– bakso mania: https://twitter.com/BaksoManiaNFT

– pandai crypto https://twitter.com/PandaiCrypto

– dancero : https://twitter.com/DanceroNFT

– pinecone: https://twitter.com/PineconeUnity

– moggies: https://twitter.com/MoggiesVerse

– lynx vr: https://mobile.twitter.com/play_lynxverse


– cryptodivine: 


They created a system to maximize the backing opportunity proportional to the number of potential backers, always guaranteeing the possibility for backers to participate.There are currently more than 100 angel investors on board. 

Profit Distribution


WeFund is one of the first platforms on blockchain that provide profit sharing like conventional business and this is one of the benefits of being an early investor in seed sale because they will receive continuous profit sharing of the company.

With the mission to host high-quality projects and help them to grow strongly, WeFund shares a huge portion of profit to company investment, anchor investment and crypto expertises. Investors will also earn the perk of being early come with 3% profit. 


The WeFund platform’s main token is $WFD. This token may be used to pay for advertisements to raise project awareness, has a 0% transaction fee guarantee, and can be used to increase value through deflationary acts. 

Token Distribution

  • Total supply: 100,000,000 WFD
  • Community and Satking rewards 46%
  • IWO 15%
  • Pre-sale 7%
  • Seed 10%
  • Partnership 2.5%
  • Team 12%
  • Airdrop, giveaway 1.5%
  • Liquidity 6%

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The quantity of tokens to be placed on the market will be determined by the platform’s capability. This sum will be equal to 25% of the token they need to buy-burn in the exchange (the fee produced by the platforms). 

Token Value


  • Token value: $0.06
  • Token quantity: 5,000,000

Phase 1:

  • Token value: $0.5
  • Token quantity: 10,000,000


  • Token value: $1.41
  • Token quantity: 21,000,000

Learn More

Twitter: https://twitter.com/WeFund_Official 

Telegram: https://t.me/wefundofficial 

Website: https://www.wefund.app/