The UK’s data regulator, the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), is examining Worldcoin, the cryptocurrency project led by OpenAI CEO Sam Altman. Worldcoin’s recent debut attracted two million users during its initial trial phase. However, its approach of requiring users to provide iris scans for digital identification and free cryptocurrency has raised data privacy and security concerns. The ICO aims to assess the implications of its practices and protect users’ rights in the dynamic landscape of cryptocurrency and emerging technologies.

The ICO’s Concerns About Data Privacy and Security

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The regulator’s decision to investigate Worldcoin stems from the potential data privacy concerns arising from the use of iris scans. Biometric data technologies raise important questions about how data is stored, secured, and utilized. As with any such technology, it is crucial to ensure that users’ privacy rights are protected throughout the process. By closely examining the project’s data handling and protection practices, the ICO seeks to maintain transparency and accountability in the realm of cryptocurrency and novel digital identification methods.

Worldcoin’s rapid expansion, spanning across 20 countries after its successful debut, has intensified the need for a thorough investigation. The ICO’s objective is to assess how the project processes personal data, particularly focusing on whether it has a clear lawful basis for such data processing. Additionally, the regulator will evaluate its reliance on consent and ascertain if users have the ability to freely give and withdraw consent without facing any negative consequences.

Worldcoin’s Commitment to Compliance and Data Protection

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In response to the ICO’s investigation, the Worldcoin Foundation has emphasized its adherence to strict privacy guidelines. A company spokesperson stated that they are diligently assessing local laws and regulations to ensure full compliance. Notably, Worldcoin asserts that it is fully compliant with all laws and regulations governing biometric data collection and transfer, including Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The project aims to be transparent and proactive in safeguarding users’ data and privacy rights throughout its global operations.


As Worldcoin rapidly grows and expands, its innovative data handling faces increasing scrutiny. The ICO’s examination reflects its commitment to safeguarding users’ digital rights. While Worldcoin’s success is thrilling, ensuring high data protection standards in emerging technologies and cryptocurrency is crucial. The investigation aims to establish accountability and responsible practices in the evolving digital landscape.

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