With Polygon, XMANNA users can utilize the very fast throughput, low transaction fees, bridging abilities, and liquidity that Polygon offers

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One of the wonderful things about the blockchain space is how collaborative and cooperative the whole environment can be. 

This is why we are delighted to announce that XMANNA has been successfully bridged to Polygon Blockchain. XMANNA is a blockchain software development company that is migrating its Sports and Gaming products to the Polygon network to usher in the next era of gaming and sports loyalty. XMANNA has chosen to utilize the very fast throughput, low transaction fees, bridging abilities, and liquidity that Polygon offers in order to deliver a blockchain-based mass-market entertainment solution that does not require blockchain education. By utilizing Polygons technology, XMANNA will become an interoperable gaming solution that can host multiple networks by bridging them into one, through the application which will allow currencies of different networks (ie: BTC vs ETH) to enter into competition against each other and have it settled seamlessly.

What is XMANNA?

XMANNA currently delivers two types of products, a gaming SDK and a white-labeled sports loyalty application.

XMANNA’s SDK allows for any stand-alone skilled mobile game (single player and live multiplayer) to be integrated into the ecosystem. This will change the game into a whole new entity that can now host cash PVP challenges, brackets, tournaments and so much more. This gives game developers an opportunity to monetize their games and also provide their users with more fun and excitement. The SDK makes the integration very simple for the game developers who do not need to have any blockchain knowledge in order to integrate. To get going, the developers will simply need to bring very cool games and then insert just a few lines of code. The SDK allows for these games to be integrated with fintech, ad tech, game tech, and blockchain solutions without the expertise.

XMANNA’s white-labeled sports loyalty application allows for any team to customize and host their own loyalty application which marries gaming, sports loyalty, and rewards to allow for teams to engage with their fans on a level like never before. Any games that are integrated with the SDK become available for the teams to host in their loyalty application for their fans. Teams can now keep their existing loyalty applications but with XMANNA’s software, combine it with the gaming elements supported by the SDK, create value-added advertising space for their sponsors, learn who their fans are, and create a bond in and out of the stadiums with them through generous engagement rewards and gaming prizes all year long (there is no off-season with XMANNA).

On the SDK games and the loyalty applications, aside from being able to play and win for cash, the users can also play for free and benefit from many other engagement opportunities. The business model is unique as it puts the users first by giving 40% of the platform profits back in the form of prizes and rewards. Prizes can range from simple in-game currencies to play with, all the way up to vacations, vehicles, and VIP experiences in sports that money cannot buy. XMANNA aims to be the most rewarding entertainment application around by giving back to the users who are the primary drivers of any product. Users do not need to spend money to be rewarded, they just need to take part in value-added engagements within the app itself which can range from visiting different sections, gaming, interacting with sponsored content, or being a continuously engaged user.

XMANNA plans to continuously deliver cutting-edge technology based on blockchain solutions and has in development TRUE utilities for NFTs, next-generation engagement chat, skilled gaming prize giveaways, a team token launchpad for new team loyalty applications, and more.

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/xmannaofficial

Telegram: https://t.me/xMannaOfficial

Website: www.xmanna.com

To the Early Adopters Group – To claim your FREE XMAN please visit token.xmanna.com

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