It’s no secret that ZkSync is a long-awaited scaling system and Layer-2 network on the Ethereum blockchain. Not only does it scale transaction throughput using zero-knowledge proof, but in terms of functionality, it also supports native L2 NFT (non-fungible token), atomic swaps, limit orders, and low gas transfers on ERC20 and ETH-related tokens.

Even though the ZkSync Tokens are not yet currently available, we’ve learned that they’d potentially sent tokens to users who begin utilizing the ZkSync Testnet. Therefore, read along with this ZkSync Airdrop Guide article, and we’ll walk you through the following discussions:

  • How to Qualify for ZkSync Airdrop for free
  • What is ZkSync

Guide to Receive ZkSync Token from ZkSync Airdrop

In preparation for the airdrop announcement, we’ve explored several strategies and techniques that you can do while you wait for the official statement of when you can get a chance to receive an airdrop. To be eligible for as many tokens as you can, we advise finishing as many as you can.

1. Go to the ZkSync Mainnet

Test The Zksync Mainnet

To participate in ZkSync Mainnet, we recommend you go to the site and connect your Layer-1 Ethereum wallet. For one, it would help enable you to start making swaps on the platform. Additionally, you could be qualified for a potential airdrop in the future by exploring the mainnet.

As of the moment, there are nine available wallets that you can connect to. These are the following:

  • WalletConnect
  • Ledger
  • Trezor
  • Formatic
  • Coinbase Wallet
  • Portis
  • KeepKey
  • Torus
  • D’CENT

Once you select the one you prefer, a QR code will pop out of your screen. You can scan the code to continue with the transaction.

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2. Bridge Funds on the Testnet through a Native Application

Bridge Funds On The Testnet

Not only do we recommend you check out their mainnet, but we also like you to consider trying bridging funds on the testnet. The ZkSync Testnet has native applications, and one of those is Orbiter Finance. Using an app familiar to the testnet will not just increase your chances of getting the airdrop, but you can bridge assets at low prices.

The platform permits you to connect your wallet in a few clicks, so it’s also a convenient strategy to use.

Swap Token On Orbiter Finance

3. Try out the Argent Wallet

Try Out The Argent Wallet

The term “Argent” is a French word for money, and it says a lot about what the platform is. The Argent Wallet is a mobile app that enables users to purchase, collect, stake, and trade on Layer-2 Ethereum. It also offers minimal costs and impenetrable security to its users.

The following are some of the advantages of using the wallet:

  • Purchasing assets through card or bank transfers
  • Earning up to 10% profit by staking ETH
  • Trading tokens made easy

Just download the app on your  mobile device, and create your account by making a username and connecting an active email address. The username serves as the bridge to be used for receiving funds whenever you send USDC coming from your ZkSync wallet and into the Ardent wallet.

4. Send a Donation on Gitcoin

Donate On Gitcoin

The Gitcoin platform allows programmers and developers to be compensated for their efforts in creating open-source software in a range of different programming languages. The community enables its users to post their respective project ideas. This helps them crowdsource funds from generous benefactors and donors.

Simply visit the “grants” page of the site. Then, select one or more from nearly 4,000 grants to donate to. From there, use the ZkSynch network to pay at the checkout and secure lower transaction costs.

Receive The Donation From Gitcoin

5. Trade Assets via ZigZag Exchange

Trade On Zigzag Exchange

By using the ZigZag Exchange, you’ll get access to an order book of decentralized exchange (DEX). It is powered by ZK-rollups and offers a myriad of trading pairs. Try out trading testnet tokens to maximize your chances of getting the airdrop.

DISCLAIMER: Please take note that doing all these things will not give you the guarantee that (1) there will be an airdrop taking place and (2) you’ll receive the airdrop once it comes. The ZkSync token drop is just a mere speculation, and there has been no formal announcement of its release just yet.


What is ZkSync?

ZkSync works to provide a scaling solution for the Ethereum network- a smart contracts platform-through the use of zero-knowledge proofs (ZKPs) to get rid of the congestion taking place in the blockchain.

The ZKPs are a way for a “prover” to demonstrate to what is called the “verifier” that a claim is valid without disclosing any information other than the fact itself. This enables transaction authentication while still keeping information discrete, and it works to improve the scalability and privacy of the systems.

Final Thoughts

While the ZkSync team did not formally announce the launch of their native token, many people are already looking forward to it, which makes its release more probable. This would mean so much to traders as receiving an airdrop would help expand their portfolio of assets and resources. That said, we hope this ZkSync Airdrop Guide has helped you discover strategies that could make you qualified to get the much-awaited token airdrop.

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ZkSync Token Airdrop – FAQ

1. Will zkSync do the airdrop?

It has already been announced by zkSync that they will soon launch their native token. There has been no official announcement regarding the airdrop of ZkSync tokens, but it was rumored to begin in the first quarter of 2023. To increase their chances of receiving the airdrop, many interested participants are trying out the testnet and mainnet.

2. How do I prepare for the zkSync Token airdrop?

There is no specific way to be eligible for the airdrop, and there is no guarantee that it will happen anytime soon. But then again, you can choose to visit the zkSync mainnet and testnet and carry out platform-related transactions there. Some people operate using native applications to increase their chances of being selected for the potential airdrop.

3. Can I add zkSync to MetaMask?

Three easy steps are required to add zkSync to your Metamask wallet:

  1. Click “Add network manually” in your MetaMask wallet account (located in the top center of the platform). 
  2. Enter the zkSync Era alpha mainnet or testnet network information 
  3. Tap the “Save” button to complete the process.