AMES.defi is an seigniorage protocol ecosystem based on the BNB Chain and tied to the US dollar. With liquidity pool yield farming, Nodes integration, in-house Autocompounders, and staking incentives, this seigniorage protocol is linked 1:1 to BUSD. For long-term passive income, Ames.Defi uses a dual token system with both elastic supply and fixed emissions.

Their major purpose is to contribute to a larger ecosystem by raising $BUSD liquidity on the BNB Chain, which is distinct from other Tomb forks. They’ll be tied to a stablecoin, which will need us to invest their DAO money in order to provide profit back to the system.

Ames.defi is working on optimizing the protocol and producing money for its early investors through Farms and Boardroom in the medium term, through maintaining peg stability..

Once the peg is established, the system’s processes will focus on sustainability and consistency, allowing $AMES to serve as a mirrored, liquid asset to $BUSD.

AMES.defi Protocol

The Ames.defi protocol is based on a series of complicated interactions, with different stakeholders’ behavior determining the pricing dynamics of the ecosystem’s multiple tokens.

  • When the price of Ames exceeds the peg (as it is intended to do for the first few weeks/months of the project), additional PegToken are created to bring the price down. Because these additional PegTokens will be distributed to ASHARE holders in the boardroom, staking ASHARE in the boardroom makes the most sense during this time.
  • Ames holders can utilize the Ames-BUSD LP to improve their yield when the Ames price is at the peg. At this time, no new Ames will be created, and each investor’s ASHARE will be used to drive voting rights in the platform’s governance through the DAO.
  • When the price of Ames falls below the peg, investors might consider buying ABOND using Ames. The PegToken used to purchase ABOND will be burnt, reducing PegToken supply and bringing its price back to the peg, at which time investors can sell ABOND for profit.
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The multi-token protocol of Ames.defi is made up of three tokens, each of which plays an important part in constructing the protocol:

  • Ames.defi Tokens ($AMES) – The PegToken token is designed for use as a medium of exchange. The built-in stability mechanism in the protocol aims to maintain PegToken’s peg of 1 PegToken = 1 BUSD;
  • Ames.defi Shares ($ASHARE) – ASHARE token holders have both governance voting and ownership rights of the protocol. Once DAO is established, they will play a crucial role in the governance of Ames.defi. ASHARE can be staked in the boardroom to earn a part of minted AMES as rewards;
  • Ames.defi Bonds ($ABOND) – ABOND’s main job is to help incentivise and reward users for ensuring peg during an epoch contraction period.

Unique features

Nodes integration

In the quarry, there are $ASHARE nodes. Each node mints 1 $ASHARE and pays out a maximum of 500% ROI in $ASHARE. This means you can profit from $ASHARE’s capital appreciation over time.

The maximum number of $ASHARE nodes that may be built globally is 7,000! This ensures that each node generates a 500% return on investment.

This also provides an additional use case for $ASHARE and allows $ASHARE to still have financial utility even when the boardroom is not printing.

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BUSD peg

The protocol’s underlying processes are built to guarantee that a peg of Ames:BUSD is created and maintained, establishing $Ames as a mirrored, liquid asset to $BUSD. Protocol does this by placing three tokens into the market that have distinct economic and game-theory focused characteristics. Ames.defi is a fork of Tomb Finance with additional utilities and financial layers.

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In-house autocompounders 

The in-house autocompounders are strongly suggested as a place to put some of your money since they will keep the liquidity of $AMES and $BUSD growing. Not only will your money increase, but it will also assist to reduce Crypto trading volatility.

The vaults now have no lockup period and function as autocompounders, continually supporting the $AMES peg and applying persistent purchase pressure on the peg token.

Best strategy to extract profit while still helping to sustain the protocol for a long period of time

Take 10% of your $ASHARE awards and stake the rest in the Boardroom for the greatest overall health and sustainability of Ames.Defi. This helps to keep the APRs high throughout the protocol. Take a 10% profit and reinvest the remainder into the AMES-BUSD pool when you print $AMES from the boardroom; this strengthens the liquidity pair and makes $AMES more resistant to big price swings.

The compounding loop will help keep the price of $AMES stable while also allowing you to profit from capital gains on your AMES-BUSD LPs.

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