Due to the extensive development of the cryptocurrency market, there are more and more investing methods, such as copy trading, margin trading, or social trading. In this article, we will discuss crypto copy trading and explore some of the best crypto copy trading platforms that you can use.

Key Takeaways:

  • The best crypto copy trading platforms are Prime XBT, MEXC, Bitget, OKX, Bybit, and Binance.
  •  Copy trading is a way of making money by following the trades of another principal trader who has trading knowledge and proven success rates.
  • The trader’s experience, performance, risk level, trading style, and preferred assets are key factors in choosing a trader to copy their trade.

List of the Best Crypto Copy Trading Platforms

Similarly to other markets, copy trading in the crypto market allows the participants to replicate the trades placed by other, often more experienced traders in real-time. To help you choose the crypto exchange to start your copy trading journey, here is the list of the best copy trading platforms that we’ve tested based on different criteria such as features, trading fees, security, and the exchange’s reputation:

  1. PrimeXBT: Best Bitcoin copy trading platform
  2. MEXC: Best zero-fee copy trading platform
  3. Gate.io: Top altcoin copy trading exchange
  4. Bitget: Top Copy Trading App for Altcoins
  5. OKX: Best for high-volume copy traders
  6. Bybit: Best for crypto leverage trading
  7. Pionex: Best copy trading platform with trading bots
  8. Binance: Best trading platform for beginners
  9. Kucoin: API-based copy trading crypto exchange
  10. eToro: Best for social trading and community engagement

Review of Best Crypto Copy Trading Platforms

1. PrimeXBT

Primexbt Logo Dark

PrimeXBT is a renowned CFD exchange offering a plethora of trading options, including crypto, forex, commodities, stocks, and indices, making it a prime choice for diverse trading needs. With its reach extending to over 150 countries worldwide, PrimeXBT has positioned itself as a global leader in the crypto copy trading market, catering to millions of users and handling an impressive daily volume of approximately 1 billion.

This famous crypto copy trading platform’s commitment to providing an award-winning trading experience is evident through its advanced trading platform and app, designed to meet the demands of traders in the dynamic cryptocurrency market. As the world of cryptocurrency continues to evolve, PrimeXBT’s crypto exchange remains at the forefront, equipped with access to over 12 liquidity providers and underpinned by a strong foundation in Seychelles with offices in St. Vincent and the Grenadines

With ultra-low trading fees of just 0.1% per trade, PrimeXBT is an affordable option for traders of all levels. The platform offers a simple fee structure with a 0.05% trading fee on crypto and even lower rates for forex, indices, and commodities. Additionally, with the unique copy trading module, PrimeXBT allows less experienced traders to automatically copy the trades of expert strategy providers, leveraging their expertise for potentially better returns

Pros of PrimeXBT

  • The platform boasts a transparent and competitive fee structure for cryptocurrency Forex, Indices, and Commodities.
  • PrimeXBT allows customers to fund their accounts through bank cards or bank transfers via third-party services, providing flexibility in managing funds
  • PrimeXBT utilizes Cloudflare’s advanced mitigation technology to safeguard against potential Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks.
  • PrimeXBT ensures robust security measures, including full SSL encryption to protect user data and transactions.

Cons of PrimeXBT

  • The platform has limited options for deposits and withdrawals and does not support direct crypto transfers from bank accounts or credit cards.
  • PrimeXBT is unavailable in some countries, including major markets like the U.S. and Canada.

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Top Traders On Mexc

MEXC is a zero-fee crypto exchange platform. This crypto exchange offers many trading services, including spot, futures, margin, and copy trading. MEXC copy trading is a system that makes trading simple and convenient. Users can choose a professional trader and copy their trades automatically.

This trading platform also provides a profit-sharing mechanism, where the experienced trader can get up to 15% of their followers’ profits, and the followers can get the same returns as the experts. The profit share is taken from the follower’s account balance after each successful trade.

MEXC shows the trading performance and strategies of various top experts, who are ranked by different criteria, such as 7-day ROI, total ROI, win rate, and number of followers. To start copy trading on MEXC, users need to set up enough funds in their account, go to the copy trade page, pick an expert, and set their copy trade settings, such as copy trade amount, copy trade mode, leverage, take-profit ratio, and stop-loss ratio.

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Mexc Global Logo

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Pros of MEXC

  • There are more than 1500 expert traders to follow and copy their strategies.
  • Apart from social trading, there are many other trading options, such as spot, margin, futures, leveraged ETFs, index ETFs, etc.
  • MEXC can process 1.4 million orders per second, making it fast and reliable.
  • MEXC charges low fees, with 0% for spot trading, 0% for futures maker orders, and 0.01% for futures taker orders.
  • This crypto exchange has a good security team. It uses multiple security methods, such as cold wallets, multi-signature, anti-DDoS, etc.

Cons of MEXC

  • Some expert traders charge high-profit margins in copy trading.
  • There are currently no fiat withdrawals to bank accounts.

3. Gate.io

Top Traders On Gate.io

Gate.io supports more than 1700+ crypto. But with copy trading, you can only use 50 cryptos for the spot and more than 100 contracts for futures. You can choose who to copy from a list of lead traders with different performance indicators. Also, you can adjust your copy settings like maximum amount, take profit, stop-loss, and the number of positions.

The fees for copy trading on Gate.io are the same as the standard trading fees for spot and futures markets, which depend on your VIP level and trading volume.

But there is also a profit-sharing fee. The lead trader decides how much they want to charge for their profit-sharing fee, ranging from 5% to 40%. You can see the profit-sharing fee before you start copying someone, and you can stop copying anytime you want.

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Pros of Gate.io

  • Gate.io supports over 1700 digital assets, such as BTC, SOL, and ETH.
  • This platform delivers good security features, like 2FA, cold wallets, and SSL.
  • Gate.io charges trading fees, ranging from 0.075% to 0.2% for spot and 0.01% to 0.075% for futures.
  • Gate.io offers many trading options and services, like margin, leverage, IEO, lending, staking, etc.

Cons of Gate.io

  • It does not support fiat money deposits, so users need to buy crypto elsewhere and send it to Gate.io.
  • Gate.io’s user interface may not be user-friendly for beginners.

4. Bitget

Bitget Top Copy Trading App For Altcoins

Bitget stands out in the competitive landscape as a premier crypto exchange. Renowned as a top-tier crypto copy trading platform, this trading platform has established itself with a plethora of features that appeal to both novice and seasoned traders. Its continuous innovation makes it a compelling choice for anyone looking to navigate the crypto markets with confidence.

Bitget calls its copy trading feature One-Click Copy Trade. It is very popular and easy to use. You just need to find a trader that you like and start copying them. The expert traders are called “Traders,” and the people who copy them are called “Copiers”.

Bitget’s copy trading feature is also easy to use, secure, and reliable. It supports more than 550+ trading pairs. You can also trade your favorite low-market-cap altcoins.

Pros of Biget

  • Innovative Copy Trading: Bitget excels in copy trading, offering a seamless and intuitive experience for users looking to replicate the success of expert traders, making it an ideal platform for beginners to enter the market confidently.
  • Low Trading Fees: The exchange boasts low trading fees, ensuring that users retain a significant portion of their profits, a crucial factor in the crypto trading landscape.
  • Pro Features: Bitget offers professional-grade trading features, including spot and futures trading, contributing to a comprehensive and versatile trading experience.

Cons of Biget

  • Limited Recognition: While Bitget excels in functionality, it may lack the widespread recognition of some larger exchanges. However, this does not diminish its value for users seeking a reliable and efficient trading platform.
  • Availability: Bitget’s availability may be restricted in certain regions, limiting access for potential users. Checking the platform’s availability in your area is advisable before considering it as your primary trading platform.
Bitget Logo

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24/7 Customer Support

5. OKX

Top Traders On Okx

OKX is another good crypto copy trading platform that you should try. Similar to other exchanges in this list, OKX offers you two options: you can copy the trading strategies of other successful traders, or you can share your trades with others and earn extra money.

There are two types of copy trading on OKX: contract copy trading (perpetual or futures contracts) and spot copy trading. With contract copy trading, you can set up the copy ratio, margin mode, leverage, and max position for each trade.

Spot copy trading uses the basic buy and sell method. You can also check and analyze the performance, trading strategy, and trading history before copying trading strategies from professional traders. Also, you can set your preferences and limits for your trades.

Becoming a professional trader on the OKX crypto exchange can help you earn an ideal passive income. Currently, an expert can earn up to 10% of the profits from each follower, plus an extra 2% from OKX. That’s a total of 12% of extra income. Besides, you can also enjoy the advantages of OKX’s exchange, such as high liquidity, low spreads, and various trading tools.

Pros of OKX

  • Low fees: OKX charges 0.1% maker/taker for most trades. The trading fees can be further reduced with OKB tokens.
  • Earn high interest by staking some coins that give you more than 100% interest annually.
  • You can buy coins easily with a credit card, bank account, or Apple Pay.
  • OKX offers many trading products, such as spot trading, futures, options, perpetual swaps, margin trading, lending, mining, and more.

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Cons of OKX

  • Some coins may have low trading volume and face liquidity issues.
  • It is not available in the United States.

6. Bybit


Bybit is a platform where you can follow the best crypto traders in the world and copy their strategies automatically. Further, you can also share your trades with your followers and earn money if you are a good trader.

Bybit copy trading crypto platform is straightforward and reliable to use. You can access it on Bybit’s website or mobile app named “Top Master Traders”. Currently, the platform has more than 31,944 master traders with different trading strategies from spot trading, futures trading to options trading.

The platform supports more than 890 coins. It has millions of users from all over the world, a fast trading engine that executes trades smoothly, and a high level of security that protects your funds.

Pros of Bybit

  • You can trade many crypto products on Bybit, such as perpetual contracts, futures, and options.
  • Bybit offers a fast and reliable order-matching engine that can process 100,000 transactions per second.
  • This exchange provides a user-friendly interface and a mobile app for both Android and iOS.

Cons of Bybit

  • It is not available in the U.S. and some other countries.
  • It does not support fiat withdrawals to your bank account.

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7. Pionex

Pionex Low Fees Copy Trading Software

Pionex is the top crypto copy trading bot. It has 16 different trading bots that you can use for free. These bots help you trade automatically and make the most of market movements.

Some of the popular bots are Grid Trading Bot, DCA Bot, Rebalancing Bot, and Leveraged Grid Bot. To start copy trading on Pionex, you need to follow some rules set by the traders you want to copy. These rules may include the investment amount, the threshold for several copiers, and a fee charge. There is also a 0.05% trading fee per trade.

When you understand and follow the rules, you can copy the trading strategies of your chosen experienced traders. You can also change some settings of the bot, such as the stop-loss percentage, take-profit percentage, and leverage ratio. You can track your copy trading performance on the Pionex mobile app or website.

Pros of Pionex

  • Pionex offers 16 free automated trading bots to help users copy trade with different strategies.
  • Pionex charges a very low fee of 0.05% on all the major coins.
  • Pionex offers a mobile app that lets users trade and control their copy trades on their phones.

Cons of Pionex

  • Pionex has not yet offered various investment products, such as lending and margin trading.
  • The platform has limited coins supported, and some new projects are yet to be listed.
Pionex Logo

User Score



-15% Trading Fee

Enjoy the Copy Trading

8. Binance

Top Traders On Binance

Binance futures platform has recently launched a new copy trading feature, which lets you follow and copy the trading strategies of lead traders. You can pick a lead trader based on their performance and followers and adjust the copy settings to suit your needs and risk level.

Currently, Binance offers two modes for crypto copy trading: fixed amount and fixed ratio. In fixed amount mode, you copy trades with a fixed USDT amount per trade. It does not matter how big or small the Lead Trader’s position is. In fixed ratio mode, you copy trades with a ratio of your balance to the lead trader’s balance. Your position size is the same as the lead trader’s position size.

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Binance Exchange

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-10% Trading Fees

Pros of Binance

  • You only pay 0.1% for spot trades and 0.02%-0.06% for futures trades on Binance, which are very competitive trading fees.
  • Binance offers over 400 different crypto assets, including the most popular ones like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Binance Coin (BNB), as well as many new and promising projects.
  • Binance provides many other services and products that you can use, such as margin trading, staking, lending, savings, mining, launchpad, academy, and more.
  • This exchange has the highest volume and liquidity in the crypto industry.

Cons of Binance

  • Binance has been in trouble with regulators and financial authorities in many countries.
  • Its copy trading platform is new (launched in October 2023) and may not be as popular as other platforms.

9. Kucoin

Kucoin Crypto Exchange

Kucoin is not a similar copy trading app like Binance or Bybit. With Kucoin copy trading, you must use a third-party platform to link your Kucoin account and start copy trading. Some platforms are WunderTrading, 3Commas, and Cryptohopper. You will be using API to connect these platforms.

Kucoin provides different tools and features to help you copy trade. You can also use features like auto trading, trade signals, and trading bots on different markets, such as spot, margin, futures, and options. This trading platform supports more than 700 crypto assets with a trading fee of 0.1% per trade.

Pros of Kucoin

  • You can access over 700 crypto assets on Kucoin.
  • Traders pay low fees, from 0.005% to 0.1%, and get 20% off with KCS, the Kucoin token.
  • Kucoin allows you to earn interest by staking or lending your crypto to others.
  • You can access various investment options, such as margin, futures, P2P, bots, and mining pools.

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Kucoin Logo

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Cons of Kucoin

  • Kucoin is not allowed in the U.S., and U.S. users cannot use it.
  • It does not accept bank deposits. Only credit/debit cards, PayPal, Zelle, and P2P are supported.

10. eToro

Etoro Exchange Homepage

eToro is seen as the largest social trading platform in the world, with over 20 million users. It is registered under the rules of the FCA (U.K.), CySEC (Cyprus), and ASIC (Australia).

One of the most remarkable features of eToro is its “CopyTrader” technology. You can choose expert traders to copy based on their performance, portfolio composition, profiles, stats, risk scores, and trading history.

When you choose a trader to copy, you can decide how much money to put into each trade. The percentages will be calculated automatically so that every trade they make will be copied into your portfolio at the same rate. Especially, eToro allows you to copy up to 100 traders at the same time.

With this social trading platform, you can start or stop copying whenever you want, and you can also communicate with the traders you copy, discuss strategies, and learn from their knowledge. Copying is free, but you will still pay the 1% spread and transaction fees.

Pros of eToro

  • eToro is a highly regulated and licensed platform.
  • You can trade over 80 cryptocurrencies, stocks, commodities, and more. 
  • You can deposit money with a debit card for free and trade stocks and ETFs with no commissions.

Cons of eToro

  • The minimum deposit is $200, which is higher than many other best copy trading brokers.
  • The investment options are limited to basic buying and selling, and you cannot go “short’ or borrow on margin.

Check out our article on the Best eToro Sign Up Bonus if you haven’t got an eToro account.

What is Copy Trading in Crypto?

(What is copy trading? Source: Cryptoversal)

Copy trading is when you follow and copy the trades of other crypto traders. You can do this through a platform or service that links you with them. There are different ways to copy trade in crypto, such as:

  • Manual copy trading: You follow the trading tips or advice of other experienced traders. You can find them on social media, blogs, or newsletters. You have to make the trades yourself on your chosen exchange or platform.
  • Automatic copy trading: You use a platform or service (such as MEXC Binance, Bybit, etc.) that copies the trades of other traders for you. You can pick which traders to copy, how much to invest, and what risk to take. 
  • Mirror trading: This is a type of automatic copy trading that replicates the exact trades of other traders. You copy everything they do, including the entry and exit points, the trade size, and the leverage. You have no control over the trades and get the same results as the traders you copy.

How to Copy Crypto Trades: Step-by-Step Guide

If you want to copy trades from professional traders, here are some steps you can follow:

  • First, you need to find a trustworthy platform that lets you copy trades. Some of the popular ones are PrimeXBT, MEXC, Bybit, and Binance. They have all the required features and many traders to copy from. We will be choosing Bybit as an example.
  • Next, you need to create an account on the platform you choose. You have to fill in some details and verify your identity (KYC verification) if needed.
Step 1 To Copy Trade
  • Then, you need to add some money to your account. You can use different ways to pay, like bank transfers, cards, Paypal, or crypto.
  • After that, you can go to the copy trading section on the platform. There, you can see and copy the trades of other traders who are doing well. You can sort by PnL percentage.
Step 2 To Copy Trade
  • Before you copy anyone, you should do some research and analysis. You should look for traders who have a good history, steady profits, followers Pnl, and a similar risk level as you.
  • When you find a trader you like, you can set some parameters for copying them. You can decide how much money you want to use for copying and how much risk you’re willing to take per trade.
Step 3 To Copy Trade
  • Then, you can start copying their trades by clicking a “copy” button on the platform. The platform will automatically place their trades in your account.
  • You should keep an eye on your copied trades and the trader you’re following. You should also watch the market and the news that might affect your investments.
  • Lastly, If you’re not happy with how a trader is doing or if you want to change your goals, you can stop copying them and find someone else. It’s important to be flexible and make changes when needed.

How to Choose the Best Crypto Traders to Copy?

Here are some points to consider when selecting the best crypto experienced traders to copy:

  • Performance: The most obvious factor to look at is the performance of the crypto trader over time. You want to choose someone with a consistent track record of generating positive returns, preferably over a long period. You can use various metrics to evaluate the performance, such as return on investment (ROI), win rate, risk-reward ratio, drawdown, volatility, etc.
  • Investing Strategy: Align with traders whose methods resonate with your investment style. Whether you’re risk-averse or seeking aggressive growth, ensure their trading approach fits your profile. For example, suppose you are a conservative investor who prefers long-term growth. In that case, you might avoid traders who use high leverage, trade frequently or speculate on risky assets.
  • Reputation: Opt for someone who has a good reputation in the crypto community based on their credibility, transparency, and professionalism. You can check the reputation of the crypto trader by looking at their profile, reviews, ratings, feedback, social media presence, etc. 
  • Communication: Lastly, choose someone who communicates regularly and effectively with their followers, providing updates, insights, tips, and support. You should also be able to communicate with the crypto trader directly, asking questions, giving feedback, or requesting changes. Communication is essential for building trust, understanding, and rapport between the crypto trader and the copier.

Comparison Among  Best Crypto Copy Trading Software

Here is the comparison between the best crypto copy trading softwares:

Supported CoinsAutomated copy Trading Fees/PricingOverall Rating
MEXC1600+YesNo Fees4.9/5
Kucoin700+API Connectivity0.1%4.2/5


In conclusion, crypto copy trading is a simple way for people to invest in cryptocurrencies, even if they don’t know much about them. These platforms let you follow experienced traders and copy their strategies automatically.

As discussed above, you have many of the best crypto copy trading platforms, such as MEXC, Bitget, Bybit, OKX, Pionex, Binance, and more.

But remember, there are risks. The risks involve the possibility of losing money if the traders you’re copying make poor investment choices. So, it’s essential to research and only invest what you can afford to lose.


What is the best site for copy trading crypto?

MEXC is the best site for copy trading in crypto. It has many expert traders and supports more than 1600 coins on its platform.

Is crypto copy trading profitable?

Crypto copy trading can be profitable if done well and with caution. It depends on many things, like how well the traders you follow do, how much money you invest, how much you pay in fees and commissions, and how the market moves.

Copy trading does not guarantee that you will make money. You should know that past results do not mean future results.

Does Binance have copy trading?

Yes, Binance has a copy trading feature. It offers multiple lead traders with varying ROIs to choose from.

Is crypto copy trading legal?

Yes, crypto copy trading is legal. However, it may be subject to different regulations and restrictions depending on the jurisdiction and the platform.

For example, some countries may need crypto copy trading platforms to get licenses, follow anti-money laundering and tax laws, and protect the privacy and security of their users.

Can eToro be trusted?

Yes, eToro can be trusted. It is one of the oldest and most trustable social trading and investing platforms in the world, with over 20 million registered users in more than 140 countries.

eToro is regulated by multiple authorities, such as the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the U.K., the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) in Cyprus, and the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) in Australia. It also uses advanced encryption and security measures to protect the funds and data of its users.