If you are a cryptocurrency trader, you should know how important it is to minimize your trading costs. Every time you make a transaction, you have to pay a fee to the exchange. These trading fees can reduce your profits or increase your losses.

However, some cryptocurrency exchanges offer no-fee trading, which means you can buy and sell cryptocurrencies with zero fees or pay low commissions. This article will explore some of the best zero-fee crypto exchanges and their pros and cons.

Key Takeaways:

  • The best zero-fee crypto exchanges are MEXC, Bybit, Kucoin, and Binance.
  • Zero-fee crypto exchanges are trading platforms that allow you to trade cryptocurrencies without charging any fees.

Best Zero Fee Crypto Exchanges for 2024: Our Top Picks

Here is the list of Best Zero Fee Crypto Exchanges to buy Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies due to our research:

  1. MEXC: Best for paying zero trading fees on maker and taker orders
  2. Bybit: Best for low-fee advanced crypto trading
  3. Gate.io: Best zero-fee centralized exchange for high-volume traders
  4. Kucoin: Best zero-fee exchange for crypto conversions
  5. Binance: Cheapest crypto exchange for altcoins
  6. Crypto.com: Lowest Bitcoin trading fees
  7. Phemex: No fee derivatives crypto exchange
  8. Kraken: Best low-cost crypto platform for US users
  9. Lykke: No fee cryptocurrency exchange in the UK
  10. ShapeShift: Zero fee decentralized exchange


Mexc Best Zero Trading Fees On Maker And Taker

MEXC offers zero fees for spot trading (both maker and taker) and futures trading (maker only). The taker fee for futures is only 0.01%, which is much lower than other platforms. It also has competitive spreads and liquidity, allowing you to trade easily and efficiently.

MEXC also supports various trading options such as spot trading, margin, futures, leveraged ETFs, options, and more. This trading exchange is listing more than 1628 coins/tokens with around 1910 trading pairs, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Cardano (ADA), Polkado (DOT), Avalanche (AVAX) and other popular altcoins. 

MEXC has a Kickstarter feature allowing users to join the initial exchange offerings (IEOs) of new and promising projects. You can vote for your favorite projects and get tokens as airdrops. It also uses multiple security measures such as cold wallets, multi-signature, anti-DDoS, SSL encryption, and more to protect your funds and data.

Pros of MEXC

  • Lowest trading fees and zero-fee spot trading
  • It supports more than 1628 digital assets
  • Advanced trading features for experienced traders
  • OTC trading portal for high-volume crypto traders
  • Highly secure exchange with cold storage

Cons of MEXC

  • No direct fiat withdrawals to bank account
  • The P2P trading portal supports only 3 fiat currencies (VND, RUB, and KRW)

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Mexc Global Logo

User Score


Trade +1,600 cryptocurrencies

1,000 USDT Future Bonus

-10% Trading Fees

2. Bybit

Bybit Best For Low-Fee Advanced Crypto Exchange

Bybit lets you trade digital assets in various markets, such as spots, futures, options, and NFTs. The trading service provided by Bybit is fast, safe, and easy to use. The exchange has many features to help you trade better. You can use ByStarter, Copy Trading, Trading Bot, Bybit Card, and Bybit Web3.

With Bybit, you can get the best market prices for buying and selling crypto without any liquidity issues and price slippage. You pay low fees of 0.1% maker and taker for spot trading. The fees also decrease based on 30-day trading volume and VIP levels. You can see the full Bybit fee structure here.

Bybit also offers free crypto sign-up rewards for their users. It gives you bonuses, rebates, cashback, prizes, and mystery boxes.

You can earn more rewards by trading, staking, copying, or joining events on Bybit. You can use the Bybit Card to pay with crypto anywhere and get 5% cashback.

Bybit cares about your privacy and security. It uses cold wallets, encryption, authorization controls, and real-time monitoring to protect your funds.

Pros of Bybit

  • Bybit supports over 850 cryptocurrencies, including low-cap altcoins.
  • The exchange is available in more than 160 countries
  • Bybit offers margin and futures trading with up to 100x leverage
  • Easy-to-use crypto trading platform for beginners

Cons of Bybit

  • Not available in the United States
  • There are no direct fiat-to-bank withdrawals

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Bybit Referral Program

User Score


High-Security Measures

Earn Upto $30,000 Deposit Rewards

Advanced Trading Features

3. Gate.io


Gate.io is currently listing over 1,700 coins and tokens, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and others. You can trade them in different ways, such as spot, margin, perpetual, futures, options, and ETFs. 

You can also use Gate.io to connect to Web3, where you can find DApps and NFTs. It has its own Web3 wallet and supports many blockchains, such as Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Solana, Arbitrum, and more. You can switch between them easily with the cross-chain bridge service.

This crypto exchange charges a 0.2% maker/taker trading fee, but the trading fee can be reduced to zero by trading more than 100,000,000 USD in 30 days.

The trading fees change based on your VIP level and how much GT you have. GT is the native token of Gate.io, which you can use to pay fees, join token sales, and get other perks.

Gate.io is giving bonus of up to $100 for new users sign up with the code “BgdCUgtf“, sign up today now.

Gate Io Affiliate

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Win Welcome Rewards of Up to $6666

Enjoy 10% discount in Trading Fees

Pros of Gate.io

  • Larges number of altcoins and shitcoins supported
  • High-security measures
  • Copy trades of professional traders and make profits
  • P2P trading for easy fiat-to-crypto conversions

Cons of Gate.io

  • The mobile app is not user-friendly and crashes very often
  • Low liquidity issues in some lesser-known coins

4. Kucoin

Kucoin Best Zero-Fee Exchange For Crypto Conversions

KuCoin is another top no-fee crypto exchange. You pay zero fees for “crypto-to-crypto conversions”. However, trading coins on the spot market charges you 0.1% maker and taker fees. Moreover, you can also save money by holding its native token, KCS. The more KCS you have, the less you pay for trading.

KuCoin offers a simple and easy interface. You can buy, sell, and swap crypto with no hassle. You can also use advanced features like spot trading, crypto derivatives, trading bots, leveraged tokens, and more.

Additionally, Kucoin is also one of the best margin trading crypto exchanges. You can trade over 700 cryptos on its platform. It also supports Web 3.0 projects and new innovations.

This exchange has a large and active community of over 29 million users from 200+ countries, supporting 20+ languages. Kucoin claims to have a powerful trading engine that can process millions of orders per second.

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Kucoin Logo

User Score


Discount -40% Trading Fees

Bonus UP TO $500

UP TO 20% Referral Bonus

Pros of Kucoin

  • Users can earn income on crypto by holding or lending some coins
  • Easy-to-use mobile app for Android and iOS
  • High liquidity and trading volume for top-tier coins
  • Advanced trading tools for technical analysis
  • There are no deposit fees and very low withdrawal fees

Cons of Kucoin

  • Some low-market-cap new altcoins are not available on the platform
  • It does not support all payment methods, such as direct bank transfers
Kucoin Logo

User Score


Discount -40% Trading Fees

Bonus UP TO $500

UP TO 20% Referral Bonus

5. Binance

Binance Cheapest Crypto Exchange For Altcoins

Binance is another of the cheapest trading platforms for digital asset trading. It provides low trading fees from 0.1% to 0.02% maker/taker. It depends on how much you trade and how much BNB (Binance’s native coin) you have. You can use your BNB to pay fees, join token sales, and get other benefits on the crypto exchange. You can get a 25% discount on trading fees if you pay with BNB.

It also has zero-fee deposits for some crypto pair ((BTC/TUSD, BTC/FDUSD & ETH/FDUSD) and fiat pairs (BTC/ARS, USDT/ARS, BTC/BRL, ETH/BRL, USDT/BRL, BTC/ZAR, ETH/ZAR and USDT/ZAR).

However, you may have to pay a network fee or payment provider cost. You can add money to your crypto exchange account with many payment methods, like credit cards, bank transfers, P2P platforms, and third-party payment providers. 

Binance is more than just a crypto exchange. It is also a place for crypto-related activities and innovations. You can make passive income by lending, staking, or saving your crypto assets on Binance Earn. You can also discover the world of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) by opening mystery boxes, joining initial game offerings (IGOs), buying fan tokens, and more on Binance NFT.

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Binance Exchange

User Score



-10% Trading Fees

Pros of Binance

  • Binance offers advanced crypto trading features such as margin and leverage trading.
  • Top NFT marketplace for artists on the BNB chain
  • Binance offers high-volume trading without any price slippage due to liquidity.
  • Large selection of crypto coins and trading pairs, supporting over 400 assets

Cons Binance

  • Binance does not take fiat currency like USD for deposits or withdrawals.
  • You may not find some new project coins on this trading platform.

6. Crypto.com

Cryptocom Lowest Bitcoin Trading Fees

Crypto.com exchange is a top crypto platform with many services and products. You can buy, sell, and trade over 250 coins/tokens with low fees and high security. Apart from blockchain transaction fees, you will not pay any extra platform fees for deposits or withdrawals of cryptocurrencies. 

The trading fees are between 0% and 0.075% for makers and between 0.05% and 0.075% for takers. However, you also pay zero fees (maker only) for holding more than 50,000 CRO tokens. 

With Crypto.com, you can get a Visa card that gives you up to 5% back on all crypto purchases and a DeFi wallet that lets you control your keys. To make passive income, you can use the lending service that enables you to earn interest on your crypto assets and a staking service that lets you lock up your CRO coins and earn rewards.

Pros of Crypto.com

  • User-friendly trading interface to buy and sell crypto
  • You can make money on your crypto coins by staking or lending them
  • Zero fees cryptocurrency trading for 50,000 CRO holders
  • Automated trading bots such as DCA, TWAP, and grid bot.

Cons of Crypto.com

  • You cannot access some features in the US, such as margin trading and derivatives.
  • Poor customer support (according to Trustpilot reviews)

7. Phemex

Phemex No Fee Derivatives Crypto Exchange

Phemex is a platform for derivatives crypto trading. It has zero-fee deposits and low-fee trading for contract markets. Phemex was started in 2019 by former Wall Street experts. Phemex says it can offer one of the fastest trading engines that can do up to 300,000 transactions per second and has less than a 1-millisecond delay.

Phemex has over 272 crypto pairs. You can trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other coins. You can also trade crypto derivatives with up to 100x leverage. The exchange helps you earn more money with crypto. You can get rewards on crypto deposits, stake in the launchpool, and predict real-world events with prediction markets.

Pros of Phemex

  • Launchpad for investing in new projects
  • Low-cost for borrowing on margin trading
  • Zero fees crypto-to-crypto convert portal
  • Advanced features such as copy trade and trading bots

Cons of Phemex

  • It does not support all popular cryptocurrencies
  • Phemex does not allow trading for some states of the US

8. Kraken

Kraken Best Low-Cost Crypto Platform For Us Users

Kraken is another low-fee platform for crypto trading. You can buy, sell, trade, and learn about 210 cryptocurrencies. You can also use fiat money, like USD, EUR, GBP and JPY.

You pay no fees for depositing or withdrawing fiat currencies. It charges 0.16% maker and 0.26% taker for trading. You get fee discounts if you trade more or make orders. Kraken protects your funds and data with cold storage, encryption, 2FA, and audit. 

Kraken has advanced features for experts, like margin trading, futures trading, OTC trading, and API trading on its “Kraken Pro” platform. You can access futures contracts with leverage up to 50x. You can also automate your trading with a powerful API. It also supports the buying and selling of NFTs.

Pros of Kraken

  • You can start trading crypto with just $10
  • It is available in more than 190 countries, including the United States
  • Earn up to 24% in rewards annually by staking your assets
  • High trading volume for Bitcoin and other top coins

Cons of Kraken

  • Instant buy fee is higher (1.5% per trade)
  • It allows only 5x leverage for US customers

9. Lykke

Lykke No Fee Cryptocurrency Exchange In The Uk

If you want to trade Bitcoin without paying fees, you cannot ignore Lykke. It was launched in 2016 and has over 20 crypto coins and 10 forex pairs. You can trade easily with the Lykke Wallet app, which lets you buy, sell, store, and manage your digital assets. 

You can also use the Lykke API and the gRPC protocol from Google for fast and secure trading. You can deposit and withdraw fiat currencies like EUR, GBP, and CHF for free.

Pros of Lykle

  • Crypto fiat On-Ramp and Off-Ramp
  • The cheapest trading platform for traders of all levels
  • High security with multi-layer protection
  • Mobile app for convenient trading

Cons of Lykle

  • Only support 20 crypto assets
  • Not available in many jurisdictions, such as the United States, China, Japan, etc.

10. ShapeShift

Shapeshift Zero Fee Decentralized Exchange

ShapeShift is a free, open-source, community-owned, non-custodial, and private platform for crypto. It lets you swap crypto assets for free. You don’t have to pay any commissions to the platform. You also get FOX tokens for using ShapeShift. FOX tokens are the power of the ShapeShift DAO. The DAO is a group of users who decide how to run the platform.

ShapeShift does not hold or access your crypto or data. It is one of the best-decentralized exchanges. You can use your wallet, such as Metamask to connect to the platform. It also works with over 13 chains such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, BNB chain, Cosmos, Avalanche, and more.

Pros of ShapeShift

  • No KYC required, and complete anonymous trading
  • Earn yields on your assets
  • Easily integrates with hardware wallet such as KeepKey or Trust Wallet.
  • Over 1,000 assets are available for trading
  • Zero crypto exchange fees

Cons of ShapeShift

  • No built-in wallet for crypto storage
  • Not user-friendly for beginners

Zero Fee Crypto Exchanges Compared

Supported CoinsSpot Trading FeesZero Fee MarketsOverall Rating
Bybit850+0.1%P2P Trading, Convert4.8/5
Kucoin700+0.1%P2P Trading4.7/5
Binance400+0.1%TUSD and FDUSD stablecoin pairs4.6/5
Crypto.com250+0.075%Convert (Stablecoin conversion)4.5/5
Gate.io1700+0.2%P2P Trading4.4/5
Phemex272+0.1%Fiat Deposits4.3/5
Kraken210+0.16% maker0.26% takerSpot (For High Volume traders only)4.2/5

How Do No-Fee Exchanges Work?

No-fee trading platforms work by allowing users to trade crypto without paying fees. The platforms make money from other ways like ads, premium features, providing launchpads to new projects, or interest rates.

Some no-fee exchanges also have their own native tokens to reward users for trading on their platform and give them discounts or bonuses. These exchanges can help users save money and make more profits from trading.


In conclusion, choosing the best zero fee crypto exchange depends on your preferences. Many options are available in the market, each with advantages and disadvantages. Some of the most popular and reputable ones are MEXC, Bybit, Kucoin, Binance, Kraken, and Crypto.com. 

These exchanges offer a variety of features, such as high liquidity, low spreads, advanced trading tools, and customer support. However, they also have some drawbacks, such as limited withdrawal methods, regulatory uncertainty, and availability of coins. Therefore, you should always do your own research and compare different platforms before making a decision.

Learn how these two exchanges different from each other: Bybit vs Kucoin.

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Are there any crypto exchanges with no fees?

Yes, there are some crypto exchanges with no fees, such as MEXC, Phemex, Lykke, and ShapeShift. But remember, some exchanges only have zero fees for some pairs, markets, or order types. 

Which crypto exchange has the lowest fees?

MEXC is the crypto exchange that has the lowest fees. It has no fees for maker orders on both spot and futures markets. The taker order fee in the futures market is only 0.01%.

Which crypto exchange offers the lowest Bitcoin trading fees?

Binance is the crypto exchange that offers the lowest Bitcoin trading fees. Currently, it has also introduced zero-fee trading for BTC spot trading pairs. It also has no fees for trading BTC, ETH, and BNB pairs with TUSD, a stablecoin linked to the US dollar.