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Binance, the well-known and largest cryptocurrency exchange platform, recently announced a partnership with Air Astana, Kazakhstan’s largest airline. Customers would allegedly be able to convert their flight points into various cryptocurrencies as a result of the collaboration.

Air Astana, on the other hand, was the one who broke the news about the said collaboration in a press release issued earlier today. As a result of their partnership with Binance, the airline has announced that their customers will be able to enter the “world of cryptocurrencies” in the near future. However, the press release also stated that the partnership only provides limited opportunities. This simply means converting accumulated points to BUSD.

More Details About the Binance x Air Astana partnership

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As was already announced, Binance has already made their relationship with Air Astana public. This agreement creates a way for the airline’s Nomad Club members to use their accrued flight miles while also having the option to trade them for BUSD during a limited-time promotion.

According to a press statement from Air Astana, clients might earn up to 20 BUSD, which they could choose to exchange for fiat currency. The agreement is only expected to endure through the end of February, according to the press release. The maximum number of convertible points is 1,000, as was also stated in the aforementioned press release.

The report states that the conversion offer’s exchange rate is 1 Nomad Club bonus point to 0.01 BUSD. Additionally, the specific Nomad Club member must already have a Binance account or be on the verge of doing so in order for the aforementioned conversion to be verified. According to the aforementioned article, the funding of conversion attempts will take up to five business days, and the exchange rate for BUSD will be 1:1 for BUSD to USD.

In a second note, Binance stated that this partnership with Air Astana will make it simpler for the airline’s customers to enter the world of cryptocurrency. The same email also stated that they are required to give each member who registers on the relevant platform a welcome bonus of 10 BUSD.