This week’s noteworthy events encompass details regarding the forthcoming Open Campus initiative on Binance Launchpad, insights into BabyDogeCoin, and numerous partnership declarations from enterprises within the BNB Chain ecosystem.


  • Binance Launchpad will host an Open Campus token sale on April 28.
  • Baby Doge introduces a digital cryptocurrency card that can be used for online and in-person transactions worldwide.
  • BSC Validators approve a 40% reduction in gas fees for BNB Chain transactions.
  • Baby Doge secures listing on top 5 exchange KuCoin.


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Binance Launchpad will host an Open Campus token sale on April 28

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Binance is pleased to announce the addition of a new project to their Binance Launchpad, known as Open Campus (EDU). Open Campus is a BNB Chain-based platform that offers top-notch educational content to users worldwide, via a decentralized network of educators and learners. 

Despite being a relatively new platform for the Web3 audience, it has already gained traction due to its anchor launch partner, TinyTap, which is ranked among the top 10 grossing kids applications worldwide. TinyTap has consistently provided high-quality educational content to over 9 million families across the world. 

Open Campus aims to create a scalable infrastructure and bring together a diverse ecosystem of adopters to help communities create, own, and promote content they want to see worldwide. Furthermore, Open Campus enables educators to earn revenue and gain recognition for their contributions.

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Baby Doge Introduces a Digital Cryptocurrency Card that can be used for Both Online and In-person Transactions Worldwide.

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It has been announced by Baby Doge that a new virtual card will soon be launched by the MemeFi project. This card is set to revolutionize the way in which people use cryptocurrency for making purchases, as it will be accepted globally both online and in-person. The crypto card is the result of a collaboration between Baby Doge and FCF Pay, and it will be available from May 4 onwards. 

One of the most notable features of this card is that it can be used by anyone, regardless of their location, including those who do not live in the U.S. Additionally, it will also be compatible with Google and Apple Pay for in-person purchases, making it a highly versatile payment option.

BSC Validators Approve 40% Reduction in Gas Fees for BNB Chain Transactions

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The BSC network has recently made a significant decision to reduce gas fees by 40% on the BNB Chain, lowering the gas price from 5 Gwei to 3 Gwei. The proposal was approved by BSC validators, who highlighted the increased competition from low-cost Ethereum layer-2 networks as the main reason behind the move. Currently, the cost of 3 gwei on BSC is roughly $0.02, as reported by BscScan. 

Over the last six months, the network has seen a plateau in key measurements, leading to underutilization with utilization ranging between 15-20%. To stay competitive with the rapidly growing L2 solutions, BSC validators must reassess their transaction fee structure. The implementation of this proposal would benefit both BSC L1 and L2 by increasing competitiveness and market adaptability, resulting in a win-win solution for the entire ecosystem.

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Baby Doge Secures Listing on Top 5 Exchange KuCoin.

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Baby Doge’s MemeFi project has recently announced that its BabyDoge token is going to be listed on KuCoin, which happens to be the largest centralized exchange to date and also one of the top 5 exchanges overall. As a result of this listing, the token will be exposed to more than 27 million users. Presently, the token has more than 1.7 million holders on BNB Chain and almost 11,000 on Ethereum. 

This KuCoin listing marks a significant achievement for $BabyDoge, as the value of the token has quadrupled since the start of 2023, making it one of the hottest crypto investments currently available.

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