CompliFi V2 is the first-ever on-chain derivatives platform with no liquidations, margin calls or defaults.

After nearly a year of building, they are excited to announce that the V2 is now officially available for everyone on Polygon! 

Today, they redefine the derivatives trading experience by eliminating surprises that they know from centralised exchanges.

Polygon is now home to an on-chain derivatives platform that offers x5 Leveraged Tokens without liquidations, margin calls or defaults. Yes, you read that correct! 

In addition to that, traders can now explore a variety of strikes of Covered Options Calls, which are increasing in popularity given their profit upside compared to spot trading. 

They are home to both sides of the trade, so they made sure liquidity providers feel at home in V2. Automatic, demand-driven capital allocation enables better exposure for earning trading fees & premiums from both Leveraged Tokens and Covered Options Calls. 

What’s more, V2 puts the community in the driving seat through the COMFI governance token. 

What’s new in V2?

Perpetual x5 Longs & Shorts: Your x5 position is now automatically rebought every 24 hours. During this rollover, your settlement proceeds purchase derivatives from the new series until you sell your position or its value goes zero.

Unified USDC Pool: Now powering all x5 Short/Long tokens while offering greater liquidity for traders. Liquidity providers enjoy automatic, demand-driven allocation of capital, which results in constant exposure to the highest APYs, without manually flipping USDC between the pools.

Revamped UI: The new dashboard provides users with a precise overview of your investment pools & derivatives. Better tools to help track your investments & charts to make smarter investment decisions. 

Wider Choice of Strikes: In V2, Covered Options Calls traders have a wide selection of strikes. This improvement lets them pick a strike they feel most comfortable with, while liquidity providers get to earn from multiple premium streams on their ERC-20 tokens. 

Internally Sourced Implied Volatility: One of the critical components behind Covered Options Calls. This upgrade allows periodic issuance & settlements to be fully independent & automated on-chain without relying on third-party sources. 

CompliFi has been battle-tested on Polygon since its origins – they are more than happy to continue building on top of this network. Naturally, the MATIC token makes the list of core assets available immediately in V2.

They invite traders and liquidity providers of all sizes to start with on Polygon today to experience it all first-hand while enjoying low gas fees. 

About CompliFi

CompliFi is the on-chain decentralised derivatives platform with unique features unseen on other trading platforms & AMMs. Trade with no margin calls, liquidations or defaults on a variety of x5 Perpetuals & Covered Call Options. Earn passive yield on USDC & ERC-20s thanks to traders’ raw trading fees & premiums.

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