CyberConnect and BNB Chain have extended an invitation to tech builders to participate in Connected 2023 – a virtual hackathon aimed at rebuilding social networking on the internet. With a prize pool of $50,000+ on offer, this event is open to participants from all around the world and provides a platform to build something innovative and network with top builders and investors in Web3.

Connected 2023’s Vision and Goal

According to Alvin Kan, Director of Growth at BNB Chain, the social media experience has remained largely unchanged for the past decade, lacking incentives for users and creators to continue producing more content or expanding their networks. With the introduction of Web3 and its composable and interoperable technology stack, a new future of social networking that is user-centric and developer-friendly is unlocked.

The hackathon, dubbed Connected 2023, is focused on fostering collaboration and learning. Participants are expected to maintain the code of conduct, which requires respect and courtesy towards other attendees and prohibits any form of harassment or exclusionary behavior. Those who fail to comply may be banned from future events.

Throughout the event, hackers will have the opportunity to attend programming sessions, workshops, and mentor hours with some of the most notable investors, builders, and visionaries in Web3. Mentors and judges from BNB Chain, Multicoin Capital, Coinlist, Sky9, IOSG, and more will join Connected 2023 to evaluate submitted hacks.

Event Timeline


Project submissions for Connected 2023 must be received by 10 PM PST on March 09, 2023, and must be developed using CyberConnect protocol and deployed on BNB Chain. Teams may consist of any number of members, or individuals may choose to hack solo. Each project must be accompanied by a demo video and a functioning app or website.

To sum up

There is no specific restriction on the type of product that can be built at Connected 2023. The objective of the event is to investigate the potential of CyberConnect, a decentralized social graph protocol, in creating powerful, decentralized social networks for the future. The organizing team has compiled a list of ideas for inspiration, but participants are free to use their imagination and creativity.