Following the launch of Ethereum’s Dencun upgrade, the crypto community witnessed a humorous yet telling event: the uploading of the entire Bee Movie script to the Ethereum network. This peculiar move showcases the reduced data costs brought about by Ethereum’s latest upgrade, offering insights into the network’s evolving capabilities and the creative ways developers are exploring its functionalities.

Ethereum’s Dencun Upgrade Unleashes Bee Movie Upload

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According to Dan Cline’s post on X, he claims to have uploaded the inaugural complete Bee Movie script to the Ethereum network

In a swift and somewhat comical turn of events, a developer wasted no time in leveraging Ethereum’s Dencun upgrade to upload the complete Bee Movie script onto the mainnet. Within a mere thirteen minutes of the upgrade’s launch, the deed was done, costing a modest sum of around $14. Ethereum enthusiast Dan Cline proudly claimed the distinction of being the first to achieve this feat, highlighting the innovative spirit within the crypto community.

Blobs: Revolutionizing Data Storage on Ethereum

Before &Amp; After The Dencun Update (Source: Intotheblock)
Ethereum Layer-2’s gas fee before & after the Dencun update (Source: IntoTheBlock)

At the heart of Ethereum’s Dencun upgrade lies the introduction of blobs, a key feature aimed at slashing transaction costs on layer-2 networks. By utilizing blobs instead of the traditional calldata function for temporary data storage during transactions, Ethereum has significantly lowered end costs for users. The uploading of the Bee Movie script serves as a playful demonstration of the newfound efficiency enabled by blobs, offering a glimpse into the potential applications of this technology across various use cases.


The uploading of the Bee Movie script onto the Ethereum network following the Dencun upgrade exemplifies the intersection of technological advancement and community-driven creativity within the crypto space. As Ethereum continues to evolve and enhance its capabilities, innovations like blobs are paving the way for greater efficiency and accessibility in blockchain technology. With developers and enthusiasts alike pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, Ethereum’s journey toward scalability and decentralization remains an exciting and dynamic endeavor.