Blockchain game trend is blooming in recent times. There are some games that are highly sought after because of their extremely attractive and unique gameplay. Most recently, IdleStoneAge, an NFT game project “Play To Earn” is being highly appreciated by the community. So what is IdleStoneAge? In this article, let’s learn about the IdleStoneAge project in detail!

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The Idle StoneAge is a synthetic NFT concept dual-end (web/mobile) game deployed on the KCC. What sets Idle StoneAge apart from other NFT games on the market is that it is community driven and the core gameplay is turn based card. In the game, players can:

– Invest and gain profit by fighting, leveling, aggregating, trading and committing cards in the game

– Contribute to the development of the game by voting, participating in activities and sponsoring projects through the SAX governance token

– Contributing to the community with a variety of activities and content will also receive a worthy reward

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I. Win-Win-Win

  1. Play-2-Earn

Since it is a blockchain-based game, you will earn real profits by participating in combat in PvE or PvP modes in Idle StoneAge. You can also buy and sell your NFT items with tokens. Think, for traditional games you can make a profit by selling in-game items, for NFT games you will earn even more through the growth of tokens.

  1. Stake to Earn

You will earn profit holding SAX tokens by staking token pairs in liquidity pools. In addition, holders can also obtain contribution rewards by voting with the governance token SAX.

  1. Collect to earn

The core team maintains the operation and development of the game and community by collecting fees from the trading market.

II. Experience + Decentralized

  1. Perfect experience

Currently, blockchain-based games are facing problems such as not enough variety, poor graphics, many bugs, and quite high fees. As for Idle StoneAge, the development team deployed the game on a centralized server, thereby increasing performance and using blockchain technology to store player assets. This will ensure that you will have a perfectly smooth experience and that your assets are stored very securely. In addition, gas costs have also been reduced thanks to this mechanism.

  1. Decentralization of property

In Idle StoneAge, any card drawn to pay fees will be stored in the player’s account as NFT; players can also realize decentralization of game assets by exchanging game currency play (Stone coin) with project token (SHELL).

III. Free-to-play

You do not need to spend any money to start participating in Idle StoneAge. When registering an account and linking to the wallet, players will receive 3 free champions to be able to start playing. More attractive, the game also allows you to draw to win secret item boxes.

And when you receive free heroes and rewards, you will use them to participate in battles in the game and earn profits from them. That is “Free-to-earn”.

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I. Background of the game

Once upon a time, the heroes of the primitive tribe found a treasure map in the wild. The high priest of the tribe has discovered a surprising secret in the treasure map: a lost treasure of the legendary gods. He told the heroes this story.

This treasure can make the tribe thrive, but if it falls into the wrong hands, they will bring chaos. When the heroes learn of this, they begin their journey to find the treasure.

II. Hero

Players will use their characters, or heroes, to fight each other. You can get heroes by trading on the marketplace or card drawing.


Each hero has its corresponding name (kind), quality, and basic attributes and characteristics depending on the quality. Heroes have the following attributes:

  1. Quality

There are six categories: inferior, ordinary, rare, epic, legendary and mythic. However, inferior heroes cannot be cast into NFTs or even traded.

  1. Aptitude:

 Including life aptitude and attack aptitude. Aptitude determines the growth rate of a hero’s attributes with level. The higher the aptitude, the faster the growth rate. The lower limit is 1 and the upper limit is 5.

➤ Rare heroes have at least one Aptitude of 3

➤ Epic heroes have at least one Aptitude of 4

➤ Legendary heroes have at least one Aptitude of 5

➤ Myth Heroes have both Aptitudes of 5

  1.  Characteristics:

Including Type, quantity and level are important criteria for evaluating the rarity of heroes. Heroes can learn new skills and upgrade their original skills through the fusion function. Each characteristic increases the hero’s strength by 3-8%, the hero’s power increases exponentially when multiple skills are combined. 

  1.  Base Attribute: 

Basic attributes including life value, attack power, speed, etc., can be improved by upgrading. Improving basic attributes can allow heroes to participate in harder battles and get more awesome rewards. 

  1. NFT casting: 

Players will receive NFT heroes when trading on the marketplace with BUSD, SAX cryptocurrencies or rewarded when they contribute to the project.

You can merge NFT heroes together and use them to fight or sell to other players for profit.

Attack aptitude, life aptitude, fusion time, NFT hero skills will be in the series, but hero level will not.

Note, the heroes given for free are not NFT heroes, they have weak attributes and cannot be used for merging or trading.

II. Hero Enhancement

1. Upgrade

In adventure mode, players can upgrade their hero by using Stone (in-game currency) to become stronger. In general, the higher the quality of the hero, the higher the health and attack power after upgrading.

In addition, due to the level reduction mechanism in breakout mode, upgrading is also a necessity to be able to break through:

⧫ Fusion

You can completely upgrade a hero by using another hero to fuse. A certain amount of Shell and a certain amount of SAX is required to fuse

Fusions can improve the skill type and skill level of NFT heroes.

Each merge operation will be recorded on the chain, and the more merges, the higher the cost of the next merge.

⧫ Palliation

In adventure mode, players can restore upgraded heroes. After restoring, the hero’s level is reset to level 1 and 90% of the hero upgrade cost will be returned.


2. Game Activity

Adventure mode is the base mode of Idle StoneAge, Free-to-play and free-to-earn. Players can go on a prehistoric adventure using either NFT heroes or non-NFT heroes for free.

⚔ PVE(Player VS Environment)

PVE is the base gameplay for Idle StoneAge’s Adventure Mode, very easy to get started with.

Breakout Mode: Players can choose up to three heroes to challenge the breakout mode, they will be rewarded with Stone coins after a successful breakout.

Idle: Occasionally, the game may automatically generate rock coins on the hook. The further you progress in breakout mode, the bigger the rewards.

In the future plan, there will be more challenging and strategic PVE games.

⚔ PVP (Player Vs Player)

PVP is the enhanced gameplay of The Idle StoneAge Adventure mode, where players will have to fight other players in this mode.

Arena: After the player has 3 heroes with level 30, the arena will be unlocked. Here you will be competing against mid-range opponents.

Every day at 12 o’clock (GMT+0), the system will rank and settle the rewards according to everyone’s ranking points.

Arena rewards include PVE Idling bonus, Shell withdrawal quota and the higher the rank, the bigger the reward.

3. Official website advanced gameplay

In addition to the adventure mode, Idle StoneAge has also created more advanced levels for “play-to-earn” gamers.

These advanced levels have a certain threshold, requiring players to have a certain understanding and investment in the game.

🏅 Hero Contest

Among many high-quality heroes, the contest selects the chosen one with both strength and luck to win.

Players can bring many of their heroes to participate in the contest and receive many bonuses depending on the rank of the contest.

🏅 Top match

The top 3v3 teams will compete in the final battle, to find a single winner.

Players can bet on teams and receive SAX bonuses.

🏅 Battle Royal

In the battle of 100 heroes, there is only one winner, and the hero’s owner will receive a generous SAX reward.

However, heroes rated below 50% will be permanently destroyed. Therefore, this mode requires players to have skills and ranks as pro.

🏅 Hero Ranking

The leaderboard is divided into an overall leaderboard and a single hero leaderboard, and all heroes will be ranked. As new heroes are introduced, the respective rankings of the individual heroes will also be added.

For the duration of certain blocks, the player whose hero is on the leaderboard will receive a Shell reward; In addition, they will receive an occasional SAX airdrop.

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I. Two-token model

Idle StoneAge has three tokens,SAX (StoneAX), SHELL and Stone Coin. The first two are BEP20 tokens, while Stone Coin is the centralized Token in the game.

Among them, SAX (Stone AX) is a governance token used to govern the game, represents fairness in the game, and can exercise voting rights and control the platform in the game. Idle StoneAge and the community. Its supply is fixed so it doesn’t grow. And it is consumed and destroyed, so it is an absolute deflation token.

SHELL is a token used as a medium of exchange. It is a trending descending inflation token designed to match the growth of the in-game economy and provide a solid monetary base for economic interactions in the game and players. new.

1. SAX’s usability


🔼 Deflation (game consumption):

▸ To buy a box of blind heroes NFT

▸ Used to buy NFT heroes in the market

▸ For the NFT hero fusion

▸ Used to participate in advanced games on the official website, such as top match, etc.

▸ Used to engage in certain activities

🔼 Repurchase:

20% of NFT transaction fee will be used to redeem SAX or reward committed users (the remaining 80% goes to the project team).

🔼 Decentralized governance

▸ To vote in community issues, you must hold and pledge SAX

▸ Pledge SAX in a liquidity pool and get a liquidity boost

▸ Used to promote ecology

2. SHELL dynamic update/cancel instructions

The further release and destruction of SHELLs is entirely up to the player’s development and activity. To maintain fair valuations for assets and related activities in the game, and to optimize entry levels for new users, and to allow for the addition of external value. Besides, the supply and price of SHELL will remain within a certain range.

II. Stone Coin

This is the centralized currency in adventure mode.

SHELL can be exchanged for Stone coins, which can also be redeemed once the player reaches certain conditions in adventure mode.

The exchange ratio between SHELL and Stone coin is 1:2,000.

Stone Coin’s usability: Hero upgrade and other game operations, cash withdrawal for SHELL

Description of economic system


Shell and Stone Coin System:

▹ Idle and gain Stone Coin

▹ Spend Stone Coins to increase the combat power of heroes and gain more PVE and ▹ PVP strength.

▹ Participate in PVE to increase Stone Coin Output Speed

▹ Participate in PVP to increase Stone Coin Exchange Quota

Economic external circulation system:

▹ Spend SAX to buy NFT Hero Blind Box

▹ Spend SAX to buy NFT heroes in the market

▹ Participate in various games to gain SAX and Shell benefits.

▹ Spend SAX, Shell, NFT heroes to increase hero strength

▹ Investment income from the sale of NFT Hero, SAX, and Shell

▹ Pledge SAX or SHELL in liquidity pool and get rewards

III. SAX token allocation

DistributionPercentQuantity (SAX)Release Rule
SAX Total Supply100%
Seed Round8%8,000,000TGE 10% with the remainder unlocked linearly monthly for 18 months
Private Round10%10,000,000TGE 10% with the remainder unlocked linearly per month for 18 months
IDO1%1,000,000TGE 100%
Team and Consultant10%10,000,000TGE 10% with the remainder unlocked linearly on a monthly basis for 36 months
Liquidity Pool5%5,000,000TGE 100%
Liquidity incentive20%20,000,000TGE 0%, unlock 40% in the first year, unlock 30% in the second year, unlock 20% in the third year, unlock 10% in the fourth year
Game incentive35%35,000,000TGE 3% with the remainder unlocked linearly on a monthly basis for 48 months
Ecological Development Fund11%11,000,000TGE 10% with the remainder unlocked linearly monthly for 12 months

IV. Defi + NFT application

1. Blind Box

There are three types of hero blind box sales in Idle StoneAge, each blind box contains an NFT hero of low to high quality. Except for the Genesis Blind Box, other blind boxes are priced in SAX:

➮ Genesis Blind Box: Blind box is sold for BUSD during Genesis operations.

➮ Limited Blind Box: Blind box sold in some events has a chance to get a new hero, and the quality of the new hero will not be lower than purple.

➮ Permanently blind boxes: blind boxes are sold for a long time after the game is online.


2. Trading Market

Idle StoneAge provides Hero Card Trade in v2 version, has the following features:

⧫ Low cost, low latency, low transaction and auction fees

⧫ Asset management and personal NFT information

⧫ Search and filter for specific NFT

⧫ View NFT details

⧫ Provide NFT Illustrated Handbook

⧫ Create links to promote transactions

3. Mining

Liquidity Mining: There are two types of liquidity pools in Idle StoneAge:

▹ Liquidity Pool SHELL / BUSD

▹ SAX/BUSD liquidity pool

Players can do this through Pancakeswap by adding two tokens of equal value to that respective liquidity pool. Once you own the token pair, pledge the token pair on the Idle StoneAge website to mine for a generous token reward (up to 25% of the total token value).

NFT Pledge Mining:

Genesis mining is one of the NFT commit mining. After Genesis mining is finished, NFT mining will be launched from time to time. With NFT mining, players will be able to pledge their NFT to receive mining benefits based on specific rules of time unit and mining efficiency.


Idle Stone Age is community-driven, with users, players, and core teams working together to operate and grow the entire game and ecosystem.

I. Platform

The Fund manages the Market Fund, as well as the Ecological Development and Community Incentive Fund, and through the use of SAX voting, the community at large can determine the allocation and use of funds.

1. Market promotion

The Community will do a fair check of the promotional contributions of the users in the community to the community and grant marketing incentives to the users in accordance with the respective community marketing incentive policies, including but not limited to SAX, SHELL and NFT.

2. Community activities

The community will adhere to multinational community activity, cross-platform and multimedia operation. The community will provide activity incentives to community users who support activities under the respective activity incentive policy, including but not limited to SAX, SHELL, and NFT.

3. IP activity

The Fund will strongly support IP activities. Users can recreate games and NFT content, shoot game videos, write blogs and articles. The developer promises to grant incentives for IP activity to these users, including but not limited to SAX, SHELL, and NFT.

II. Voting Community

Community voting will take place in three phases:

1. Centralization: In the early stages of the project, in order to balance the attributes of the game and adjust the economy to ensure the interests of the players, the core team will implement a centralized management strategy. For that period, most of the work will be decided by the core team.

2. Semi-centralized: When the project develops at a high rate (for example, SAX is listed on the mainstream exchange), the voting mechanism of the SAX community will be introduced. The community will vote through the SAX voting committee to decide on the respective issues. At this point, the project team has the right to veto.

3. Decentralization: Once the development of the project is stable (such as completing the update iteration of the main version of a game), the project team will not have veto power, and all Issues will be voted on by the community committee. by the community.

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After launching Genesis Block, Idle StoneAge will officially launch Genesis Activity, including Genesis Blind Box and Genesis Mining.

I. Genesis blind box

Price: You can buy it with BUSD.

The more boxes, the higher the price.

Blind boxes number (PCs.)Corresponding price (BUSD)

Ten drawings of the Genesis Blind Box

The price of 10 draws is 10 times the price of a single blind. When ten blind cells are within the price change range, the price before the change (low price) takes precedence.

👉 For example, if you buy the 999th blind box to the 1009th blind box, the price is 30 BUSD x 10 = 300 BUSD

Players who buy Ten Draws will receive an additional bonus of 50-20,000 SAX and the specifics are as follows:

⏵ 50% chance to get 50-100 SAX

⏵ 40% chance to get 101-200 SAX

⏵ 9.4% chance to get 201-1000 SAX

⏵ 0.4% chance to get 1001-10000 SAX

⏵ 0.2% chance to get 10001-2000 SAX

During this period, up to 1,050,000 SAX will be awarded to players. These rewards will gradually decrease when the given number of SAX exceeds 800,000.

 Usage revenue from the sale of Genesis Blind Box

The Genesis stage blind box earnings will be used to set up the liquidity pool and the core pool will not take any funds.

II. Genesis Mining

During the Genesis mining phase, players can ask NFT heroes to mine in the Genesis pool for shells. Each player can commit up to 3 NFT heroes at a time.

Basic effect

QualitySHELL/Per Block

Additional effect

The NFT hero’s signature level increases mining efficiency by +8% for each characteristic level, resulting in an exponential multiplier efficiency.

For example, an NFT hero has a characteristic level of 10.

Then final performance = base performance * 108% ^ 10≈2 times base performance.


2021 – Q4

✅ Launch Official Website

✅ Genesis activity begins

✅ Establish the liquidity pools, and the liquidity mining starts.

✅ V1 version of web game released

✅ Community Incentives Begin

2022 – Q1

✅ NFT Exchange Online

⬜ Web Game v2 Version Released (Hero Competition, Limited Blind Box)

⬜ SAX/SHELL are listed on the Mainstream Exchange

⬜ Community semi-centralized autonomy

2022 – Q2

⬜ Release of IOS/Android app version

⬜ Holding IP Genesis Competition

⬜ Game v3 release (peak duel, battle royale)

2022 – Q3

⬜ Game v4 Release (BOSS Challenge, Awakening Stone NFT, Equipment System)

2022 – Q4

⬜ Community Decentralized Autonomy

⬜ Build other games or apps based on governance tokens and NFT assets, as well as ⬜ Idle StoneAge IP





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