Karak Network has recently announced a monumental achievement – a successful Series A funding round that raised an impressive $48 million, valuing the company at over $1 billion. This substantial investment is set to propel Karak’s ambitious plans to accelerate universal security not only for Ethereum but across the entire crypto economy and multiple blockchain ecosystems.

Revolutionizing Crypto economic Security with Restaking

Source: Karak
Source: Karak

With this significant funding secured, Karak is poised to revolutionize crypto economic security through its innovative approach to restaking. The network’s endgame includes the development of a universal restaking layer, harnessing the collective power of the crypto economy by allowing participants to contribute with any asset, on any chain.

Karak’s mission is to democratize cryptoeconomic security, empowering developers to create innovative infrastructure designs that are both seamless and secure, without sacrificing the diversity of assets beyond just ETH. By expanding the pool of assets securing networks, Karak offers sustainable yields and reduced opportunity costs compared to traditional ETH-only environments.

The Series A funding round provides Karak with the resources to empower developers and protocols across different ecosystems. By granting access to robust and secure trust networks from inception, Karak aims to enhance the scalability, accessibility, and affordability of bootstrapping security for new applications and protocols. This inclusive approach not only fuels the creation of powerful decentralized services and applications but also enhances existing ones, spanning chains, rollups, ZK Provers, AI Coprocessors, and more.

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Private Access: Unlock Enhanced Rewards and Exclusive Opportunities

In conjunction with the Series A announcement, Karak has launched its Private Access program. This exclusive opportunity invites participants to deposit and restake a diverse range of assets, including LSTs, LRTs, and others, across Ethereum Mainnet, Arbitrum, and Karak’s K2. Private Access members stand to earn a combination of Staking Rewards, Restaking Rewards, Restaking Points, LRT Points, and Karak XP, with additional benefits tied to contributions and referrals.

This limited-time initiative serves as a gateway to enhanced rewards and unique insights into the future of crypto-economics. Past participants on Karak’s K2 platform will seamlessly transition their experience to the new Karak app upon depositing and restaking assets.

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Embracing a Future Redefined by Karak

As Karak prepares to unveil groundbreaking developments in assets, chains, and distributed secure services, the landscape of decentralized finance stands poised for transformation. Karak’s commitment to universal security not only propels innovation but also sets the stage for a more inclusive and decentralized future.


In conclusion, Karak Network’s successful Series A funding round marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of cryptoeconomics. With ambitious plans to revolutionize security protocols and empower developers, Karak is poised to redefine the boundaries of decentralized finance. The future promises exciting developments that will shape the cryptoeconomy and accelerate the adoption of blockchain technology. Stay tuned for Karak’s next groundbreaking announcements that will pave the way for a more secure and accessible decentralized ecosystem.

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