Kryxivia is a decentralized gaming platform built on the Ethereum blockchain that offers players a unique gaming experience. It allows players to truly own their in-game assets, trade them with other players, and use them across different games on the platform. The platform uses non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to represent in-game assets, providing players with transparency and ownership over their assets.

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You can start playing the fantasy 3D MMORPG Kryxivia right now by visiting the website at; the complete ecosystem is ready and waiting for daring new players to come in and begin collecting Kryxit. Prepare yourself for a social and team-based adventure in which you will have the opportunity to earn cryptocurrency and rare NFT.

The game gives players the opportunity to design their own characters, engage in player versus environment (PvE) battles against bosses, gamble currency at a bank, earn one-of-a-kind items through farming, and cast spells with magical gems known as Kryxit that are tied to those commodities.

There are two currencies usable in Kryxivia, both of which may be traded and exchanged on decentralized platforms like Uniswap. Kryxivia’s coin, abbreviated KXA, is the game token which deployed on Ethereum and serves as the primary medium of exchange for in-game KXS (short for Kryxit Shard), which may be purchased with or exchanged for other cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies, such as starting packs, limited-time NFT sales, and other in-game bonuses.

The KXA coin can also be used in our online web marketplace to buy and sell NFT properties (items, Kryxit, spells, etc.) from the game. KXS is the in-game currency that may be found in dungeons and has a variety of uses, including being traded with NPCs like the blacksmith, merchant, and bank, as well as being invested in the game’s economy. Players can get KXS tokens through farming, exchanging from NPCS, completing certain objectives, looting chests in dungeons, and winning battle prizes.

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The history of Kryxivia City and its surroundings

In a time before humans had mastered the capabilities necessary for contemporary industry. A peculiar door had been discovered in the mountain by a few individuals. They made their discovery of the Kryxit, which are potent magical stones, at that location. There has been a significant influx of migrants, the majority of whom have been sent here by a number of different countries. Kryxivia is a booming new city that was constructed around a large entrance that was discovered in the mountains only a few years ago by small groups of explorers and merchants working mostly without a design.

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As a result of the fact that almost nobody in Kryxivia has ever served in a real army, the majority of the population just cobbles together whatever clothing they can find along the way. In this world, only the extremely well-off can afford to dress totally in metal armor; as a result, the vast majority of people wear a combination of cloth, leather, and metal instead.

It’s possible that the men will bring in a lot of loot from the front entrance, but there’s no guarantee that they’ll bring it back with them. The entry later became the focal point for the construction of the city center of Kryxivia, which was populated by a large number of merchants that benefited from the increased foot traffic. After a period of a few years, the majority of persons who gamble are either independent business owners or mercenaries.

Project Roadmap

Kryxivia was established in the year 2020 by a band of expert developers and ardent gamers with the intention of developing a decentralized gaming platform that overcomes the issues that are now being faced by solutions that are already on the market. The team spent a number of months preparing the features of the platform and working to optimize the user experience before launching the beta version of the platform on the January 13th 2023.

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Citizens of Kryxivia are now able to apply for tokens on the new network and link their digital wallets after previously being unable to do so. The system gives players the ability to create their own in-game assets in line with their vocations and then sell those items in the auction house of the game. This is accomplished by using Polygon as a secondary chain.

There are plans to build a PvP arena right in the middle of town. Direct matches between players will be possible outside of the PVP lobby. The winner of the bout will also have the opportunity to wager $KXS.

All of the $KXS participants earn during the BETA will eventually be tradable (currently only in-game environment). The developers are now brainstorming ways to thank Beta testers who help them earn $KXS every day. If the $KXS token survives the upcoming IDO, holders will be eligible for an airdrop and may be invited to join a whitelist.

The Kryxivia team plans to continue improving the platform by enhancing the trading and auction system, and improving the platform’s security. They also plan to integrate the platform with popular blockchain wallets to make it easier for players to buy and sell in-game assets.

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Recent Developments 

Kryxivia has been actively developing its platform since its beta release. As the game’s beta version was released in January, a new era began. The game’s brilliant new features and streamlined gameplay carried players to magnificent new places, immersing them in a world of enchantment and wonder.

The addition of NFTs to the Polygon network, which is available in the game’s Beta edition, has resulted in a new layer of genuine ownership and liquidity for players’ in-game assets. This new layer is accessible through the Beta version of the game. On OpenSea, a platform for NFT marketplaces, you will have the ability to purchase, sell, and trade these non-fungible tokens with other gamers.


With the launch of Kryxivia in beta, a number of strategic alliances have begun work to increase the game’s exposure and player base. They have joined together with GameSwift, a Polygon-based game launcher, to jointly promote the game and increase its user base.

When the kingdom was accepted onto the illustrious cryptocurrency market Bitmart, its already-established status as a gaming powerhouse received even more widespread recognition. Because of its incorporation, the kingdom’s preeminence and significance in the realm of web3 gaming have been formally recognized. This listing made available to the heroes a wide variety of exciting new opportunities to perfect their skills and discover more about the world.


Additionally, the heroes of Kryxivia were able to journey to the enchanted country of NFTs and have new and thrilling adventures owing to the collaborative efforts of GameTrade Market, Tofu NFT, and Morfyus. As a result of the alliances, Kryxivia’s heroes were given new opportunities to study and advance their skills, which contributed to the strengthening of Kryxivia’s reputation as a land filled with wonder and excitement.

Announcement of 5k Players

A recent announcement made by the Kryxivia team revealed that the platform now has more than 5,000 players. This significant event exemplifies the growing demand for decentralized gaming platforms that provide consumers complete control over their virtual belongings and illustrates the importance of cryptocurrencies. The team behind Kryxivia is ecstatic about the expansion, and they are committed to improving the site even further so that it can provide players with an experience that is unlike any other in the gaming world.

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The influx of new players invigorated the kingdom and encouraged both experienced players and newcomers to the game to forge alliances and challenge progressively more difficult dungeons.

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Why Kryxivia is Unique

Kryxivia stands apart from other gaming platforms because it provides players with complete control over their virtual assets. Other platforms don’t offer this kind of freedom. Incorporating NFTs is a foolproof way to ensure that each asset is unique and that it will be easy to buy and sell assets in the future. Because the platform is decentralized, which means that it is not administered by a central authority, all users are guaranteed to have access to an equal playing field.

Kryxivia offers its players a wide variety of choices which enables the platform to cater to a diverse range of gaming experiences. Because the user interface is uncomplicated and intuitive, even first-time customers won’t have any trouble getting started. Because of the stringent precautions taken to ensure player privacy and the safety of their funds and other assets, users can play their games with complete peace of mind.


Kryxivia is an intriguing new alternative for gamers interested in participating in online competitions. Because it makes use of NFTs and is decentralized, users have a greater degree of control and visibility over their virtual assets than is possible on gaming platforms that are centralized. The platform is ready for further development and expansion now that it has recently surpassed the 5,000-user threshold for the first time. Because its developers have pledged to increase the platform’s game catalog in the not-too-distant future, the Kryxivia platform is one that players and investors in the emerging industry of decentralized gaming should keep an eye on.

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