Unity To Embark On Web3 Space With Metamask, Dapper Labs, And Many More!

Unity’s New “Decentralization” Web3 Adventure

Leading game development platform Unity has announced intentions to introduce a “decentralization” category to its online bookstore, launching an adventure on Web3. The Flow blockchain from Dapper Labs, Algorand, Aptos, Immutable X, MetaMask, Solana, and Tezos are among the 13 blockchain-based software developer kits (SDKs) that the platform is anticipated to offer support as part of the aforementioned toolkit.

It is indisputable that the cryptocurrency sector is one of those that has been growing over the past couple of years, despite its current hard patch. Due to the aforementioned situation, Unity has focused on giving game developers a way to interact with Web3 gaming. To improve gameplay experiences, developers might use blockchain technologies like NFTs and the metaverse through the decentralization shop in the Unity Asset Store.

MetaMask and Web3 Gaming

The top self-custodial wallet MetaMask then tweeted that the gaming industry is a “rapidly growing sector” and that the Web3 gaming industry is drawing a lot of investment. The wallet added that they anticipate the inclusion of Web3 standards in the gaming sector as a result of their listing with Unity. The leading self-custodial wallet went on to say that this action ushers in a new age for game producers.

Some Web3 game makers, according to reports, have reportedly been impatiently awaiting Unity’s entry into the market with its own tools that have already optimized their products for the gaming engine. You may recall that a year ago, the well-known Web3 game platform Joyride received $14 million before launching. This innovation is said to have demonstrated support for game creators who use Unity to create their works. After several months, ChainSafe, a blockchain infrastructure, is said to have raised close to $19 million for their venture. The aforementioned invention supposedly aimed to assist game developers in connecting their projects to the platform.