Media mogul Paris Hilton’s latest venture into the metaverse, “Slivingland,” has proven to be a massive success, driving over $60 million in media ad equivalency. Launched on the popular gaming platform Roblox, Slivingland attracted over 3.2 million users since its debut in August 2023, showcasing the growing influence of celebrities in the virtual space and the potential for lucrative advertising opportunities.

Analyzing the Success of Paris Hilton’s “Slivingland”

Paris Hilton'S Slivingland

A comprehensive report co-authored by Hilton’s 11:11 Media and metaverse research think tank Geeiq sheds light on the impact of “Slivingland” within the metaverse landscape. With Roblox boasting a staggering 71 million daily users and reporting substantial revenue growth, Slivingland’s ad equivalency accounted for a significant portion of Roblox’s total earned media equivalency in 2023. The success of Slivingland can be attributed to a synergistic viral TikTok campaign that captured the attention of millions, highlighting the power of influencer marketing and strategic partnerships in driving engagement within virtual worlds.

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Monetization and Future Ventures

Hilton’s foray into Roblox extends beyond mere entertainment, with Slivingland generating substantial revenue through the sale of nearly half a million emotes on the platform. Priced at 100 Robux each, these emotes contributed to Hilton’s growing presence and influence in the metaverse. Additionally, Hilton’s previous ventures in the virtual space, including “Paris World” on Roblox and the romance-themed metaverse “Parisland” on The Sandbox, underscore her commitment to exploring new opportunities and engaging with audiences in innovative ways.


Paris Hilton’s success with “Slivingland” on Roblox exemplifies the intersection of entertainment, technology, and commerce in the metaverse. As celebrities and brands increasingly recognize the potential of virtual worlds for engagement and monetization, the metaverse continues to emerge as a dynamic and lucrative platform for content creators and entrepreneurs alike. With Hilton’s continued involvement in blockchain-based ventures and immersive experiences, her influence in shaping the future of the metaverse is set to grow, paving the way for new opportunities and collaborations in the ever-evolving digital landscape.