In the broad landscape of blockchain gaming, a new frontier is about to be exposed, and it is going to be called Cat Town. Cat Town is going to revolutionize the gaming industry when it is released on April 12th. It uses cutting-edge blockchain technology and has gameplay that is both engaging and captivating. 

Idle games, which are similar to tamagotchis or farming simulators, present you with the opportunity to wait for in-game events to complete or reset in real time. Cat Town will begin as an easy experience; however, with consistent updates, it will expand and include a wide selection of things to choose from. 

Cat Town’s games offer something that will appeal to a wide range of individuals, including gamers as well as those who are just interested in buying and selling $KIBBLE on the open market. Cat Town and $KIBBLE are two examples of games that place a significant emphasis on building game mechanics with the environment in mind. This is absolutely the case with both of these games.

The objectives are to establish a level playing field for all users, to provide transparency and honesty in interactions with the community, to make $KIBBLE scarce, and to recognise and reward users who are loyal to the platform. The team is committed to decentralizing $KIBBLE, with the intention of dispersing ownership and influence among a diverse network of users. This will be accomplished through the utilization of a gamified economy and trading mechanics.

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Something you should know about Cat Town

In the ambitious gamified idle economy game Cat Town, players can acquire cats, and those cats will make furballs, which are also referred to as floofs. You have the option of either raising additional kittens or selling your floofs for Ethereum in order to increase your daily yield. Keeping track of token $KIBBLE also the amount of NFT that has been consumed and the balance is required by the mechanics. 

In-game acts that contribute to the expansion of the Cat Town economy are rewarded with KIBBLE, which players receive as a prize. The costs of cats are determined in a manner that is both fair and balanced thanks to the algorithm that is used for purchasing cats. In the not too distant future, additional information concerning the pricing criterion will be exposed. Embark on expeditions to gather accessories for your feline friend and meet other cats to unlock new looks for your own.

It is currently not possible to trade cats; however, there are plans in place to make it possible for players to use their cats to obtain exclusive things that can be transferred within the idle game. Future systems will ensure that any wealth that has been invested can be withdrawn in some form or another. It is possible that the idea of selling cats may be reconsidered in the future, provided that a mechanism that is compatible with $KIBBLE can be incorporated into the deliberation process.

Players have the option of either nurturing floofs to birth further cats or exchanging them for ether to be returned to the Cat Town bank. Floofs are manufactured within the game. There will be a subsequent provision of additional information concerning the exchange formula. In an effort to ensure that all players are treated fairly, this design is both open and well-balanced.

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A basic Idle game contract includes features such as cooldowns on buying and selling, which discourage excessive accumulation by whales. This is done to prevent huge investors from over-compounding their investments.

Exciting additions include daily prizes for loyalty and a referral programme that pays out 2% of your friends’ earnings.

A quick recap: Cat Town is a game that simulates an idle economy in which players can purchase cats, care for them, and win prizes. The use of NFT items can even be used to improve your pets. Now let’s look into the complexity of Cat Town, including subjects such as its tokenomics, rewards system, and ambitious goal for the future of cryptocurrency.

Tokenomics & Rewards

Cat Town’s tokenomics are intricately designed to foster a sustainable and rewarding ecosystem for its players. At the core of this system are taxes that are channeled back into the token and distributed as rewards for active participation in the game. This symbiotic relationship ensures that players are incentivized to engage in fair gameplay while contributing to the growth of the Cat Town community.

With a maximum supply of 1 billion tokens, Cat Town operates on a 3% buy and sell tax mechanism. Of this tax, 1% is allocated to the liquidity pool (LP), enhancing the token’s liquidity and stability. Another 1% is directed towards marketing efforts, ensuring continuous promotion and awareness of Cat Town within the crypto space. The remaining 1% is dedicated to idle game rewards, providing players with tangible incentives for their in-game activities.

In terms of token distribution, Cat Town has carefully allocated its token reserves to various purposes. Currently, 9% of the tokens are in circulation, while the majority, 86%, are locked to prevent excessive volatility and manipulation. Additionally, 2% each is reserved for marketing and LP, ensuring sustained promotional activities and liquidity provision. Another 1% is allocated to game rewards, further incentivizing player engagement and loyalty.

Furthermore, Cat Town has earmarked 40% of its tokens for the liquidity pool, with a current utilization rate of 4.25%. This strategic reserve ensures ample liquidity for trading activities, thereby enhancing the token’s marketability. Another 40% is allocated to game rewards, serving as a long-term incentive mechanism for players. Although initially, only 40% of the tokens are allocated to this rewards pool, Cat Town plans to gradually drip-feed tokens into it over the years, ensuring sustained incentives for players. Additionally, 10% of the tokens are locked for team allocation, demonstrating the team’s commitment to the project’s long-term success. 

Moreover, 5% of the tokens are earmarked for marketing purposes, which will be unlocked and utilized for airdrops, giveaways, and awareness campaigns. This allocation reflects Cat Town’s dedication to expanding its community and enhancing its visibility in the crypto space. Finally, 5% of the tokens were distributed through a public presale, further democratizing token ownership and fostering community participation.

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In line with its commitment to token burning and rewarding user participation, Cat Town implements a mechanism where $KIBBLE spent within the game is permanently burnt, reducing the token supply and potentially increasing its value over time. Additionally, users are rewarded with $KIBBLE for their active involvement in Cat Town, whether through gameplay, trading, or other community activities.

Furthermore, Cat Town’s economic model ensures that user activity within the game benefits the $KIBBLE token LP, enhancing liquidity and stability. Additionally, trader activity on $KIBBLE directly translates into rewards for players within Cat Town, further aligning the interests of token holders with the success of the game. To sustain these operations, a 2% game fee is applied to market transactions, with 1% directed towards the $KIBBLE LP and the remaining 1% allocated to development funds, ensuring continuous improvement and innovation within Cat Town.

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On the path that leads to the debut of Cat Town on April 12th, there are several phases that are each geared at accomplishing particular milestones and goals.

Phase 0 – Release on April 12th

Token Presale and Launch on Base: Cat Town initiates its journey with a token presale and launch on the Base platform, laying the groundwork for its digital economy.

Idle Game Contract Launch: The foundation of Cat Town’s economy is established with the launch of the idle game contract, setting the stage for players to interact with the virtual world.

Web App Launch: Players gain access to Cat Town’s digital realm through the launch of the web application, providing a seamless and immersive gaming experience.

Phase 1

Adventure Contract Launch: Players embark on thrilling adventures to explore diverse landscapes, collect NFT items, and encounter new cat breeds, adding depth and excitement to the gameplay experience.

NFT Profile Picture Collection Release: The NFT profile picture collection is unveiled, offering players the opportunity to personalize their gaming experience with unique digital assets.

iPhone App Beta: A beta version of the iPhone app is released, catering to the growing demand for mobile gaming and expanding Cat Town’s reach to iOS users.

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Phase 2

Merchant Contract Launch: Visitors bring exotic goods to Cat Town, allowing players to spend $KIBBLE on exclusive accessories and items, further enriching the in-game economy and enhancing player customization options.

iPhone App Release: The official iPhone app is launched, providing players with a seamless and intuitive gaming experience on their mobile devices, bolstering Cat Town’s accessibility and appeal.

Phase 3

Voyages Contract Launch: Details about the voyages contract are unveiled, offering players new opportunities for exploration, discovery, and rewards within the expansive world of Cat Town.

Android App Beta: A beta version of the Android app is released, expanding Cat Town’s reach to Android users and catering to a broader audience of mobile gamers.

Phase 4

Android App Release: The official Android app is launched, providing Android users with access to Cat Town’s immersive gameplay experience, ensuring inclusivity and accessibility for all players.

Further Developments: Cat Town continues to evolve and expand, with ongoing updates, features, and events designed to engage the community, foster innovation, and propel the project forward.


The anticipation for the reveal of Cat Town reaches a fever pitch as the countdown to April 12th grows closer and closer. Cat Town is ready to change the gaming environment and fascinate people all around the world thanks to its forward-thinking tokenomics, compelling gameplay mechanics, and ambitious vision. Cat Town provides something for everyone, whether you are a seasoned blockchain aficionado or a casual gamer. It provides a variety of opportunities, including prizes, adventure, and an infinite number of options. Get ready to embark on a journey that will live long in the memory as you explore the realm of Cat Town.

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