Best Projects on Arbitrum Blockchain

Discover best projects on Arbitrum chain at CoinWire! Our expertly curated list showcases the top potential projects that are on the Arbitrum blockchain.

HashDAO Finance

HashDAO is a decentralized and non-custodial perpetual DEX on Arbitrum focused on delivering highly effective risk management along with first of a kind liquidity solution for LPs using original code designed from the ground up.


Collateralized fixed-rate borrowing and lending on Ethereum/Arbitrum


The Arbitrum native DEX with custom-built liquidity infrastructure to support builders & generate real yield.


Stargate is a fully composable liquidity transport protocol that lives at the heart of omnichain DeFi.


GMX is a decentralized spot and perpetual exchange that supports low swap fees and zero price impact trades.


The leading decentralized crypto trading protocol on Ethereum


SushiSwap (SUSHI) is an example of an automated market maker (AMM).