Solana and the Solana ecosystem are constantly growing and moving forward. To help you not miss any news & movements of the ecosystem in the last 7 days, here is your Solana Weekly Recap.

Key Takeaways

  • Solana NFTs trading volume has reached new ATH in November 2022.
  • Solana Mobile Saga pre-order is now available.
  • Phantom supports Ethereum and Polygon.
  • The Leading Solana NFTs Marketplace Magic Eden Expands to Polygon Network.
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Ecosystem Updates

The Solana ecosystem faced a wave of the defunct DeFi projects, but NFTs bounced back strongly. Let’s review the important news with Solana Daily over the past 7 days.

1.  Market Data

Solana NFTs trading volume has reached new ATH in November 2022

In November 2022, Solana NFTs Sales reached a new ATH in SOL volume. 

5/2022: 5.6M $SOL 

11/2022: 6.7M $SOL 

Solana’s cash flow strongly returns to the NFTs segment. After the FTX event, the Solana NFTs Blue Chip has increased dramatically in both price and trading volume.

Solana Weekly Recap Week 49 - 1
Solana NFTs Trading Volume By Monthly – Tiexo

2. Solana Network

Solana Weekly Recap Week 49 - 2
Solana Network Update – Solana Daily

Solana Mobile Saga pre-order is now available

Saga is a premium mobile experience that enables you to trade tokens while waiting in line for coffee, mint NFTs on your morning commute, and have instant access to the dApps you love most, anywhere, anytime – all powered by Android.

Saga pre-order is now open for three new countries including: Australia, New Zealand, and Switzerland. Saga will now support 33 countries at launch, also including US, CA, UK and EU.

3 – On DeFi 

Solana Weekly Recap Week 49 - 3
Solana DeFi Highlights – Solana Daily

Phantom Wallet supports Ethereum and Polygon

Phantom is a non-custodial wallet that supports Solana Protocols. It currently has more than 2.5m user sessions per day and over 25m on-chain decentralized application (dApp) transactions per month.

Why did Phantom choose Ethereum?

The emergence of Neon EVM – The hub between Solana and Ethereum Phantom will make it easier for Ethereum users to try Solana.

Why did Phantom choose Polygon?

The NFTs market on Polygon is growing strong again, Magic Eden came here. Phantom has supported Solana NFTs very well, Polygon is the next place.

4 – On NFTs

Solana Weekly Recap Week 49 - 4
Solana NFTs Highlights  – Solana Daily

The Leading Solana NFTs Marketplace Magic Eden expanded to Polygon Network

Why does Magic Eden choose Polygon? 

  • NFTs Sales Volume Rebounded Strongly: Thanks to data from Cryptoslam , at the end of October 2022, Polygon had the biggest growth in terms of NFTs Sale Volume among top blockchains. 191% is an impressive number. We believe this is the key factor that Magic Eden saw.
  • Some big boys have jumped into NFTs on Polygon Nike and Starbucks have been the first members of the NFT family on Polygon . Many rumors suggest that YouTube is the next one.
  • Polygon Is The Dominant NFT Platform For Games: According to Magic Eden , they will invest in early stage games via Magic Eden Ventures. In addition, they also announced support for Polygon in many other factors including: Monetization, Infrastructure, Reaching Audiences.

Additional Notable Events

On Solana Network

On DeFi


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