The MemeLotto project opens its doors through the robust and user-friendly MemeLotto wallet, available across diverse platforms (iOS, Android, Windows, Mac). This multi-faceted wallet serves as your gateway to an innovative and transparent lottery experience, empowering you to:

– Contribute to RANDAO

– Seamless Ticket Purchase

– Embrace the Affiliate Network to share the excitement and gain rewards 

– Future-Proof Transactions

– Enjoy the convenience of in-wallet cryptocurrency exchange when it becomes available in the future.

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Decentralized and Trustworthy RANDAO

Centralized and opaque systems are a thing of the past. MemeLotto leverages the revolutionary RANDAO protocol (DAO) to guarantee verifiable and transparent random number generation for every lottery draw.

The Core Principles of MemeLotto: 

  • Community-Driven Participation:
  • Automated and Secure Processes: all rules and procedures are transparently encoded and enforced by smart contract governance.

MemeLotto adheres to a transparent and balanced approach to revenue distribution. Ticket sales contribute to a predefined pool allocated as follows:

  • Prize Pool (70-79%): 
  • Smart Contract Commissions (1-10%)
  • MemeLotto Token Holder Royalties (5%)
  • MemeLotto Operational Costs (Up to 15%)

The team strives towards two long-term goals for revenue distribution:

  • 85% of revenue allocated to the prize pool
  • Operational costs reduced to less than 10% of revenue

With Five Tiers for Diverse Rewards fosters excitement, caters to various player preferences, and encourages participation across different levels of investment 

By implementing these features, MemeLotto fosters a sustainable and engaging lottery ecosystem, powered by decentralized participation, transparent revenue distribution, and an exciting prize structure.

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Tokenomics of MemeLotto

The MemeLotto has 2 token:

MemeLotto Utility Token (MUT)

– MUT as a reward and entry point for Bounty Participants

– MUT serves as the utility token that fuels decentralized participation and reinforces platform security within the MemeLotto ecosystem.


  • No Token Sale: Unlike traditional methods, MUT will not be available for direct purchase. Instead, tokens will be distributed through various initiatives:
  • Lottery Mining
  • Token Distribution Events

MemeLotto Membership Program:

  • Early Supporter Airdrops.

MemeLotto Royalty Token (MRT)


MRT functions as the MemeLotto ecosystem’s royalty token, enabling token holders to share in the platform’s success.

MRT is an BEP20/ KYC token. This means that the token can only be transferred from verified users. Verified users have to be verified by the MemeLotto PLC.

The MemeLotto wallet will serve as a port of entry for this KYC procedure. 120 billion tokens

Currently distributed:

  • 10% distributed to early supporters (already distributed) 
  • 3% MemeLotto PLC – Locked and held by MemeLotto PLC:
  • 2% (locked for 12 months)
  • 25% (locked for 30months)
  • 60% (long-term lock)

Issuance and Token Allocation of MemeLotto

MUT is issued by the MemeLotto as an BEP20 Binance Smart Chain based token, and unlike many new utility tokens, will not be distributed during a token sale.

Instead, there will be a token generation event, during which tokens will be distributed in the following manner: 

Token Overview:




CONTRACT ADDRESS (BSC): 0x873DEb87B256134C64AF78F1c7C6Dadac4D3a715

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For more information about MemeLotto and its innovative lottery platform, visit:







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