Daley: Hello everyone!! Welcome back to our Telegram Text AMA 🥳 Today we’re happy to invite Steve – CEO at Tr8bit over. How are you doing Steve?

Steve: Hello Daley, I am doing pretty well today, thank you! Hope you are too?

Daley: Fantastic, I’m doing really well thanks for asking 💪 This AMA is going to be an interesting one as well, since Tr8bit has been hinting about utilities of their project that’s gonna bring mass adoption

Are you ready to start? 

Steve: That’s right, this will be a game changer for everyone! I’m 100% ready.

Daley: BULLISH!! Let’s go with our 1st segment: Q&A with the Host

Q1: Please introduce yourself and what Tr8bit is trying to build?

Steve: Hello, I’m Steve, Tr8bit’s CEO. I want to start this AMA by acknowledging that English isn’t my native language, making a one-hour conversation somewhat challenging. Don’t worry, in our main Telegram chat, we have voice chats, and occasionally, I’ll join in to provide updates. 

Now about me: Hello, I’m Steve, Tr8bit’s CEO With a finance, marketing, and project management background, I entered the crypto world in 2017. And me and the team are here to change the crypto game. Our mission is to unite people and projects, creating a safer crypto environment. Tr8bit offers a great ecosystem and consistent revenue sharing. Our strategy provides USDT rewards tied to your holdings, just like stock dividends. We’re also introducing an innovative airdrop system. Every holder with $100 in Tr8bit tokens gets an equal share of  tokens we buy (community decision). 

This is just the beginning of the innovations we’re bringing to the table:

1. Buy and sell volume: Rewards tied to your coin holdings.

2. Airdrop System: $100 in Tr8bit tokens gets you an equal share of tokens that we buy (community decision)

That’s the first game changer for a reward token!

Daley: Interesting! Loving the airdrop idea actually. Your goal is to change the crypto game, so I want to ask

Q2: Who are the brilliant minds behind Tr8bit? What are their successful experiences?

Steve: Yes, that’s our goal 100%. At the heart of our ecosystem it’s my ideas and vision to revolutionize the crypto space, making it accessible and profitable for all. Of course in consultation with the entire team with all of their experiences.And for me I bring my experience from leading project management in a multinational corporation, where I’ve overseen substantial growth from 40k revenue to 2.5 million euros in the Belgian department alone. This knowledge and insight now fuel my mission with Tr8bit to reshape the crypto world.

Daley: What an achievement!

Q3: How are you going to achieve your ultimate goal of bringing financial freedom to the people through the ecosystem of Tr8bit?

Steve: To put it succinctly, our objective is clear: deliver exceptional, one-of-a-kind products that achieve mass adoption and distribute the net profits to all our holders, regardless of their stake size. We understand that financial freedom varies for each individual, and our confidence in our ability to make it accessible to everyone is unwavering. Everyone have dreams, and we want to make those dreams come true

Daley: Alright 🤝 that makes me curious about your products actually. I found on your website that your first one is the AI Trading Bot

Q4: How profitable are your trading strategies? What’s the projected ROI to holders using this bot?

Steve: Correct, a one of a kind AI trading bot. Our trading bot has one primary goal: to consistently generate a minimum of 45% in annual profits. Since our establishment in 2019, we’ve been hitting this target successfully 99% of the time. For the project, we initiated the bot with a specific budget, and each month, we ensure complete transparency by sharing all details, along with distributing the net profits to our valued holders. This means that no matter the hour, our holders are earning while they sleep. The process is simple: Buy Tr8bit and hold what you can afford and enjoy the benefits of USDT rewards from our AI trading bot. It’s that straightforward.

Daley: Damn 45% APR is awesome

Steve: 99% of the time we achieved that so it’s a great milestone

Q5: The 2nd most exciting feature is “Luxury Booking Platform”. How will this work? What benefits does it bring?

Steve: OK, Our luxury booking platform, I always have a big smile for that utility. It’s such a lovely one 😄 This booking platform allows you to pay for hotels, bed and breakfasts, and experiences using cryptocurrencies. What’s even more thrilling is that we earn a share of the revenue back from these bookings, which we directly distribute to our loyal token holders. But that’s not all! Monthly giveaways are on the horizon, giving our holders a chance at winning free holidays. But the best part? Holding our token is all they need to do. We’ve also got some top-secret, 100% unique features under wraps, for now. Our mission is to pioneer these groundbreaking offerings, and we’re eager to unveil them to our community.

The best has yet to come 😃

Daley: There are tons of features listed on their website folks, check them out! There’s another big one here: “Geosocial Media Platform”

Q6: Mind explaining what a “Geosocial Media Platform” is? Why did you include that in Tr8bit eco?

Steve: Yes, of course. Our unique geosocial media platform prioritizes mass adoption, boasting groundbreaking, undisclosed features. We’re dedicated to filling an industry gap with innovation, poised to redefine social media and cryptocurrency. We see substantial growth potential in paid advertising, promising to amplify rewards for our token holders, providing an extra boost to their returns. As a bonus the people that use our social media platform gonna earn tokens from us and from our partners! Different and huge utilities with 1 Goal, make revenue to share with our holders.

Daley: So with all these amazing products from Tr8bit, people might be overwhelmed as to how they can make money with Tr8bit

Q7: What strategies do you recommend for people here to follow and profit the most with Tr8bit?

Steve: Yes, the rewards will come from everywhere 😃The strategy we recommend is refreshingly straightforward: buy Tr8bit with an amount that fits comfortably within your financial means, hold onto it, and watch your earnings grow. We’re a startup, and building our distinctive products takes time – just as Tesla and other industry giants didn’t emerge overnight. For the most rewarding experience: Invest with funds you can afford to set aside for the long term. Your investment will quickly be recouped with the rewards, everything from then on is pure profit. 

In this journey, patience is key, but the potential for long-term profit and success is substantial.

Daley: Thank you for elaborating! Now, as we are all excited for Tr8bit launch:

Q8: When will the first feature go live?

Steve: Our first utility is already live, 🤯 a little finetuning and this will be live in Q4.  But that’s not all. We have an even bigger surprise in store for you. Our second utility is set to go live in Q4! We’re keeping the details under wraps for now, so get ready for our big reveal later on this ama. 🤯

Daley: That’s a few weeks left!!! Things are moving fast!!! Getting hot over here bois. Check out Tr8bit!!!

Q9: How do we get to use it?

Steve: No Effort Required from Our Holders! Here at Tr8bit, we believe in making things easy for our community. All our holders have to do is hold Tr8bit, and we’ll take care of the rest. Our dedicated team is working tirelessly to bring profits and rewards to our loyal holders. Sit back, relax, and watch your investments grow with us. Your trust and support drive us to deliver on our promises, and we’re committed to ensuring your journey with Tr8bit is a rewarding one.

Daley: Alright! Lastly, Steve has been keeping this under wraps for quite a long time now, but I think it’s time!!

Q10: What’s the big secret you want to share today Steve?

Steve: The Moment You’ve Been Waiting For: Our Game-Changing Announcements! The time has come to unveil our well-guarded secret. We’ve been pondering this groundbreaking utility for quite some time, and we’re proud to announce that it’s a world-first, like nothing you’ve ever seen before!

First, let’s announce our upcoming KYC program, which may not be a world-first, but it’s definitely a game-changer. We’re set to go live with our KYC program in Q4. It’s a pivotal step that demonstrates our commitment to security and compliance. And now the biggest one!!

Now, for the grand reveal, we proudly announce: Safenet Global Insurance by Tr8bit! 

This is a revolutionary insurance plan designed for mass adoption, and we’re excited to pioneer this concept. While we can’t spill all the beans just yet, we’re starting with a V1 version that goes live soon. As for our V2 version, we’re already hard at work on our plan, and the announcement regarding its development is just around the corner. So here is the first Global insurance plan in the world!

Get ready for a thrilling journey with Tr8bit as we pave the way for innovative solutions and redefine what’s possible in the world of cryptocurrency. That’s right, we’re gonna change the crypto world!

Daley: Meaning we invest in Tr8bit, get a whopping 45% APR and be insured at the same time???

Steve: The details for our insurance plan will come soon. What I can tell you is that we have different plans so this can be used for the whole crypto world! That’s mass adoption, nothing less! 🤯

Daley: That’s awesome 🤝 Looking forward to seeing what’s that actually like

Steve: OK let’s go, Daley, may I have a moment to make an additional announcement for everyone in here?

Daley: Oh we got another????? Yes of course my good ser!!!!

Steve: We’re also thrilled to introduce a one-of-a-kind partnership program that aims to strengthen the crypto space by fostering collaboration between projects and their communities. This unique initiative promises mutual benefits for everyone involved. While I can’t reveal all the details here, I encourage you to take action. Here’s what you can do: head over to Twitter and Telegram (remember, don’t spam projects please), and kindly reach out to the core teams of the projects you hold dear and believe in. Encourage them to get in touch with us for a potential partnership opportunity so we can give the details. (sneak peak: we gonna support the chart 🤭)

However, please note that we have limited availability, with only 5 spots up for grabs! Act swiftly to secure your spot in these exciting partnerships.

Daley: With this we are now at the end of our AMA session with Tr8bit 🔥 Time for wrapping up, any last words you would like to say to our community? 

Steve: Thank you so much and we’re gonna do everything to make this happen. Together, we can achieve remarkable things!

Daley: Thank you very much Steve for making this AMA happen! I had a blast hosting this event and I do hope your plans for Global Crypto Adoption will come true with everything you have in store!

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