Starknet is recognized as a decentralized Validity-Rollup, operating as a layer-2 scaling solution for Ethereum network. The platform’s features got people wondering whether they could add Starknet to MetaMask to benefit from its secure and decentralized operations.


  • Step-by-step Tutorial to Add Starknet to MetaMask Wallet
  • What is Starknet?

Step-by-Step Tutorial to Add Starknet to MetaMask Wallet

The Starknet ZK-Rollup cannot be added to the MetaMask wallet because it is not currently an Ethereum Virtual Machine-compatible (EVM) network. Since MetaMask does not yet support the Alpha Mainnet, the only wallet for Starknet is ArgentX– the browser wallet for StarkNet with more than 200,000 users.

Below is a step-by-step tutorial on using the ArgentX wallet as an alternative to MetaMask. We’ve also attached some screenshots for reference.

Step 1: Install ArgentX on your browser.

You can download this wallet by using Chrome or Mozilla. However, we recommend adding it as a browser extension for more convenient use.

Download Argentx On Your Browser

Step 2: Start an account.

Create a new wallet if this is your first time using this platform or retrieving an existing one. If you already have this wallet before, skip this step.

Create New Argentx Account

Step 3: Ensure to copy your recovery phrase.

The platform provides 12 random words that will serve as your seed phrase. You could use this to recover your account if you forgot your password.

Save Argentx Wallet Seed Phrase

After doing the steps, you’re good to go! Feel free to explore the network and learn to maximize its uses.

What is Starknet?

StarkNet is an Ethereum Layer-2 scaling solution leveraging the ZK-rollups technology to provide quick and inexpensive transactions. It merges several transactions into a single proof verified on-chain. Also, StarkNet drastically cuts the time and money required for processing transactions on the Ethereum network. It can help apps reach a large user base while maintaining the security and transparency of Ethereum.

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By creating STARK proofs off-chain and then bringing those proofs onto the blockchain, Starknet functions as a Layer-2 solution and offers scale and Ethereum-level security. Due to incompatibility issues, you cannot add it to MetaMask at this time. However, the ArgentX wallet is a fantastic substitute and functions well with Starknet.


How do I add Starknet Testnet to MetaMask?

Currently, the Starknet Layer-2 network is incompatible with the MetaMask Wallet. You can explore other platforms, such as ArgentX, an excellent substitute for your Starknet transactions.

How to invest in Starknet?

Since Starknet tokens are not yet for sale, you can invest by transacting using the network.

You may also participate in the operations on Starknet, as the platform allows its investors to operate on the network as sequencers, users, provers, or developers.

How do I make a Starknet wallet?

Start your account by installing the ArgentX wallet or adding it to your browser extension. Create your wallet and agree to its terms and conditions.