The main priority for the majority of cryptocurrency investors is to earn a profit on their investments. Due to the unpredictability of the market, this can either be achieved easily or be an incredibly challenging feat. For this reason, many investors turn to crypto airdrops as a low-cost method to gain extra returns on their holdings. This is because airdrop tokens are provided for free and do not pose any risks, right?

Here’s come the list of potential airdrops that you may miss:


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Holograph is a multichain digital asset protocol. At its core, Holograph enables the deployment of natively multichain digital assets, which are assets that exist as single instances across multiple execution environments.

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Visit the Holograph website.
  2. Connect your Ethereum, Polygon, or Avalanche wallet.
  3. Click on the “Create Collection” button and make your NFT collection.
  4. Use the “Mint” button to deploy the collection on your preferred network.
  5. Bridge the collection from one network to another using the “Bridge” button.
  6. Try to repeat the above process on multiple networks and wallets.
  7. Complete the Zealy tasks.
  8. Holograph has announced the launch of their own token, “HLG”, and early users who have completed the above steps may be eligible for an airdrop.
  9. Holograph has also partnered with LazyerZero, so you may qualify for the LayerZero speculative airdrop as well.


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ZKX is the first perpetual futures DEX on Starknet with self-custody and true community governance. Their mission is to democratize access to global yields through their offerings to anyone, anywhere.

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Visit the ZKX testnet page.
  2. Connect your Metamask wallet and sign a message.
  3. You will receive 10,000 testnet USDC, but it may take a few minutes for the tokens to arrive.
  4. Click on the “Trade” button in the left-hand section and conduct test trades on the platform.
  5. Complete as many testnet trades as possible.
  6. Provide feedback by clicking on the “?” in the top-right corner and completing the Zealy quests.
  7. ZKX has confirmed the launch of their token, “ZKX,” and has hinted at the possibility of an airdrop to early users who have participated in the testnet. This makes it very likely that those who have completed testnet actions may receive an airdrop when the token launches.

It is important to note that while there is speculation about an airdrop, there is no guarantee that one will be offered.