Coming BIG, but where’s the hitch?

With the remarkable strides of artificial intelligence (AI), dramatic breakthroughs in healthcare, finance, transportation, and military industries have been noticeably increased in the recent era of technology. Yet, greater complexity in AI systems still leads to increased mystery over their internal workings, and without effective methods in place, the ramifications of inaccurate or manipulated results could be perilous. Addressing this uncertainty is crucial in validating AI outputs’ authenticity and ethical compliance.

In response to this imperative need, we introduce a rigorously devised decentralized framework, called Neurashi, purposed to bestow credibility upon AI processes. Neurashi’s innovative solution marries the transformative attributes of blockchain technology with a strategically developed crypto-economic reward system in the center of which are specialized AI agents responsible for meticulously assessing the results derived from diverse AI models. This system capacitates stakeholders across various sectors to methodically determine the reliability of AI-generated results. It does so by leveraging a far-reaching network of Critics committed to driving coordinated validation efforts.

This trailblazing framework champions transparency ensures censorship resistance and instills objectivity across the validation paradigm by pooling the expertise of a comprehensive array of independent validators.

So Neurashi’s contemporary and steadfast AI blockchain framework galvanizes the nexus of artificial intelligence (AI) with the robustness of blockchain infrastructure and integrates an innovative crypto-economic incentive system to foster and sustain the construct of trust and credibility.

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How does Neurashi solve the mystery?

As claimed before, by pooling the expertise of a comprehensive array of independent validators, Neurashi’s framework champions transparency ensures censorship resistance, and instills objectivity across the validation paradigm whose foundation rests on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain, providing an immutable, transparent ledger tailored to the stringent record preservation requirements.

The validation of one AI model by another necessitates a sophisticated multimodal framework transforming varieties of outcome modalities — such as text, images, videos, and audio — into comprehensible “code.” This code becomes a benchmark for a network of “miners” conducting their validation processes requiring minimal computational. The alternative would be a flood of repetitive results from numerous models, compared and collected for a consensus, needing a laborious cross-referencing method to affirm the validity of results.

A remarkable solution emerges out of the possible answers, forming a system promoting inclusivity where anyone could become a miner, validating a specific type of output.

By revolutionizing adaptive Large Language Models (LLMs), the Neurashi platform has successfully established a system exclusively crafted for inspecting and validating AI model outcomes. This remarkable accomplishment fosters a new direction with a tool that not only affirms the reliability of results but also quantifies the precision score between 1 to 10, marking significant progress in AI and its numerous applications.

So, as a vanguard in its field, Neurashi embodies how the synergy of decentralized tech principles and cryptographic economic incentives can nurture a unique degree of confidence in AI systems.

Incentivization?! Is that necessary to bring up PoI?

The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) has undoubtedly brought transformative changes across various sectors. Nevertheless, this widespread application does not come without significant challenges — most notably, finding the balance between trusting AI’s capabilities and maintaining a keen eye on its performance. Trusting AI unconditionally and unrestrictedly can result in significant uncertainties without a comprehensive framework to ensure rigorous assessment and validation of its outputs.

So, be the affirmation of the accuracy and reliability of AI-generated results a crucial matter, challenging these results via a process of replication is a key requirement for this validation process. In this case, blockchain technology may offer a strategic solution to striking a balance between trusting AI and keeping its performance in check. Integrating AI’s operations within the structure of blockchain could lead to a more synchronized and seamlessly functioning system in which each AI model — from conception to execution — operates under the persistent scrutiny of its blockchain counterpart. The crucial aspect of this blockchain-AI synchrony is the solution it offers to the issue of replicability.

In search of a solution to ensure the authenticity of AI-generated outputs, we tap into the promising potential blockchain technology, embodied in On-chain Language Models (LLMs). These LLMs form the backbone of our decentralized system. By revolutionizing adaptive Large Language Models (LLMs), the Neurashi platform has successfully established a system exclusively crafted for inspecting and validating AI model outcomes.

The combined judgments of individual Critic LLMs are recorded on the blockchain, fostering transparency and democracy in the validation process. The accumulated scores emanate an aggregated authenticity rank, transcending individual biases to achieve a globally reliable AI conclusion. Such a signifies the emergence of Proof of Intelligence (PoI) where AI models and human validation collectively confirm AI outputs, a concept that resonates with blockchain’s distributed consensus protocol.

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So just let it perform on blockchain and leave everything to it?

As these technologies progress further, the need for a transparent, replicable, and completely independent, as well as secure verification mechanism, becomes critical. Harnessing the confluence of AI and blockchain is a potential transformative pathway toward validating and governing AI models in a more efficient and trustworthy context.

Also, the relentless march of time reveals the ever-growing monopoly of large corporations over our digital lives whose dominance is now shaping our online encounters and interactions and even influencing our thoughts. So, a retreat from centralized control and a shift towards a decentralized system — an ecosystem devoid of singular corporate dominance, is the vision that echoes the ethos of cryptocurrencies and blockchain, where authority is distributed amongst a network of participants who encompass both creators and users.

In the case of AI applications, this decentralization can occur through the ability to use Large Language Models (LLMs) to provide solutions, or curate tailored AI Models to cater to the diverse needs of others. This evokes trust, independence, and mutual benefit — premises that are central to blockchain technology (Narayanan et al., 2016).

The fusion of these two possibilities paves the way to a novel model, contributing towards a collective effort to produce authentic AI-generated outputs while reaping individual benefits. This synchrony of personal and collective goals manifests the underlying principles of Proof of Intelligence (PoI).

Harnessing the principles of blockchain and AI, our present society stands at the edge of the birth of a digital world that fosters prosperity through trust, authenticity, and harmonious collaboration.

How about a native token? Say like… NEI?!

Neurashi has provided users with different incentivizations such as a new native token called $NEI that lets you claim rewards for becoming minerswhile keeping the trust scores of the network up to the highest by validating the AI models’ performance. On the other hand, more products are introduced now such as the ChartMind which interprets and analyzes images, with a special focus on market charts; or the TVA with the ability to meticulously analyze the current market chart to provide dynamic feedback. There is also the ChainCoder that will easily help you create your own smart contract without needing to know even a single coding phrase.

What is up next then?! Another revolution…?

Whilst AI platforms are still raging to emerge and trying to introduce a new way of revolutionizing the world of crypto, Neurashi is also developed to bring more decentralization to the whole characteristics of the cryptocurrency field and make the revolution of AIs emerge in a much quicker manner to help us put a huge step forward into the next generation of technology.

So, if you are asking if it is going to start a revolution or not, well, the revolution has already been started, so we just have to keep it going forward if we are aching for a better world. However, it’s good to know that Neurashi is always going to be revolutionary.


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