Binance Labs, the venture capital and incubation arm of Binance, has recently revealed its investments in four remarkable projects from the Most Valuable Builder (MVB) Program Season 6. These projects cover diverse areas within the DeFi, infrastructure, and Web3 gaming sectors, showcasing Binance Labs’ dedication to supporting visionary founders driving innovation and real-world use cases for the Web3 industry. As the crypto landscape evolves, these investments play a pivotal role in fostering a sustainable ecosystem and encouraging further adoption in the Web3 space.

AltLayer – Democratizing Custom Rollups for Developers

Altlayer - A Project Invested By Binance Labs

AltLayer emerges as an open and decentralized protocol that empowers developers to deploy application-tailored rollups. The platform offers a Rollups-as-a-Service dashboard built on its Beacon Layer core network, enabling the creation of custom rollups with fast-proofKiloEx – Paving the Way for User-Friendly Perpetual DEX fraud/zk at exceptional speeds. By democratizing custom rollups, AltLayer contributes to enhancing scalability and efficiency for various Web3 applications.

KiloEx – Paving the Way for User-Friendly Perpetual DEX

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KiloEx, a user-friendly Perpetual DEX, stands out for its focus on risk management and capital efficiency. The platform delivers lightning-fast trades and an intuitive trading experience, offering a wide range of trading pairs. Notably, KiloEx provides liquidity providers with risk-neutral positions and LP-friendly solutions. Through this approach, KiloEx aims to promote a seamless trading experience within the decentralized finance ecosystem.

Kinza – A Reliable DeFi Lending Protocol with Real Yield

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Kinza serves as a robust lending protocol designed to establish a trustworthy DeFi ecosystem. Its Real Yield feature utilizes flexible interest curves, generating tangible revenue from interest for both the protocol and lenders. Kinza also offers customizable collateral risk, maximizing capital efficiency while protecting against volatile assets. The platform’s commitment to security and real-world utility sets it apart as a valuable addition to the Web3 space.

Sleepless AI – Expanding Web3 Gaming with AI and Story-Based Gameplay

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Sleepless AI enters the blockchain gaming realm with a captivating virtual companion game. Utilizing AI-generated content (AIGC) and language models (LLMs), Sleepless AI creates immersive story-based gameplay and interactive experiences with characters. With a focus on organic evolution and rich storytelling, Sleepless AI’s first title, HIM, introduces players to a virtual boyfriend Otome game featuring unique Story-based Tokens (SBT) characters that are immutable and on-chain.


Binance Labs’ investments in these exceptional projects showcase their dedication to fostering innovation and progress in the Web3 ecosystem. By supporting visionary founders, Binance Labs contributes to the sustainable growth and adoption of decentralized finance and blockchain technologies. These investments pave the way for scalable solutions, efficient trading platforms, reliable lending protocols, and captivating gaming experiences. As the crypto landscape evolves, Binance Labs and these projects are poised to drive the industry toward a prosperous and inclusive future.

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