Binance has achieved a significant milestone by surpassing 150 million registered users, according to Changpeng “CZ” Zhao, the co-founder, and CEO of the exchange. This remarkable feat comes amid an ongoing legal battle with U.S. regulators, highlighting the resilience and growth of the platform in the face of regulatory challenges. With Binance’s recent re-entry into Japan and the acquisition of a license in Dubai, the exchange continues to forge ahead despite the global regulatory scrutiny it faces.

Remarkable User Base Growth on Binance

In just three months, Binance’s user base has witnessed substantial growth, expanding from 128 million users in May to over 150 million. This surge is particularly noteworthy given the regulatory obstacles and legal battles the exchange is confronting on an international scale. The rapid increase in registered users showcases the platform’s appeal and resilience amid the evolving regulatory landscape.

Ongoing Legal Battles and Regulatory Scrutiny

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Binance has been entangled in multiple legal disputes with regulators worldwide. The Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) sued the exchange and CZ in March, alleging an “illegal” operation and a “sham” compliance program. Subsequently, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filed a lawsuit in July against the exchange, CZ, and Binance.US for alleged violations of U.S. securities laws. Moreover, the U.S. Department of Justice (DoJ) is reportedly considering fraud charges against the leading exchange, expressing concerns about the potential impact on users.

Market Dominance Amid Regulatory Challenges

No Usd Support Exchange Volume Market Share (Source: The Block) - Binance Top Market
No USD Support Exchange Volume Market Share (Source: The Block)

Despite the regulatory headwinds, Binance continues to assert its dominance in the cryptocurrency market. The exchange remains the world’s largest, holding nearly 65% of the market share in spot trading volumes, as reported by The Block’s Data Dashboard. This market leadership demonstrates the platform’s resilience and appeal to users worldwide, even in the face of legal and regulatory obstacles.


Binance’s achievement of surpassing 150 million users is a testament to its global appeal and commitment to reliable crypto services. Despite regulatory challenges, the exchange remains a dominant player in the industry. CZ’s dedication to expansion and preparation for increased trading volumes reinforces the leading exchange’s leading position. As the platform faces the future, its ability to adapt to regulations will be closely observed by the crypto community and investors worldwide.

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