One of the most convenient ways to buy cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and withdraw funds from crypto platforms is through PayPal. This article explores five of the best cryptocurrency exchanges that accept PayPal transactions. We’ll walk you through the steps, fees, and supported regions to help you spot the best cryptocurrency PayPal exchanges for your trading needs and preferences. 

Key Takeaways

  •, Coinbase, eToro, Kraken, and Bitstamp are the top five best cryptocurrency exchanges that accept PayPal.
  • is the most flexible in terms of the number of countries it supports for PayPal transactions.
  • Coinbase is an effective platform for traders residing in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Germany.
  • For clients seeking an intuitive and user-friendly interface for PayPal transactions, e-Toro is the best exchange.
  • Kraken is the go-to platform for traders residing in the E.U. region, except those in Croatia and Hungary.
  • Bitstamp is one of the most trusted exchanges for U.S. and E.U. residents when it comes to PayPal transactions.

Top 5 Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges that Accept Paypal

Cex Io

When shopping for a crypto exchange that supports PayPal transactions, is the best place to start. CEX.IO is a well-established cryptocurrency exchange, operating since 2013. This exchange is reputable for its reliable and flexible features.

One of the most impressive features that CEX.IO offers is its support for PayPal as a payment method. On, users can easily buy crypto through their PayPal accounts.

There are two ways to buy crypto using PayPal on 

  • Wallet App: In the wallet app, traders can click on the Buy option and the listed crypto assets using funds from PalPay.
  • Instant Buy feature on the Exchange: This method allows traders to buy BTC with PayPal through the traditional exchange interface.

While CEX.IO offers a unique advantage with PayPal integration, it’s important to consider the fees and limits associated with this service:

  • The minimum purchase amount using PayPal is $20, and the maximum is $1000 for 24 hours.
  • Great British Pound (GBP) deposits for U.K. residents attract a 1.45% fee.
  • GBP deposits for other countries cost 2.99% to 3.99%


Coinbase Overview

Coinbase stands out for its vast user base and commitment to accessibility. However, while the exchange supports PayPal transactions, only customers from the United States, the United Kingdom, and Germany enjoy the full spectrum of PayPal services on Coinbase.

U.S.-based customers can not only buy cryptocurrency using PayPal but also have the option to add cash (USD) to their Coinbase account via PayPal. This comprehensive integration provides a seamless experience for those who prefer using PayPal as their primary financial instrument.

On the other hand, U.K. customers can buy cryptocurrency through PayPal but do not have the option to add cash directly from their PayPal account. They can only use PayPal to purchase and manage digital assets with ease.

For Coinbase clients in Germany, it is possible to use PayPal to buy cryptocurrency. However, the option to add cash directly from PayPal is unavailable in this region.

 The table below summarizes the currencies supported for PayPal transactions on Coinbase based on the region.

RegionLocal CurrencyBuyAdd CashCash Out*Sell*
UKEUR, GBPCryptocurrencyNoneEUR, GBPNone

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Etoro Exchange

eToro’s most impressive feature is its simplicity. Since its launch in 2007, eToro has strived to make trading and investing simple, transparent, and accessible to everyone, regardless of their experience level.

To further improve the platform’s accessibility, eToro supports PayPal transactions. Like many other processes on the exchange, linking a PayPal account to eToro is a user-friendly and intuitive process.

Typically, this process begins with linking a bank account, credit card, or debit card to your PayPal account. This step ensures a secure and straightforward transfer of funds. After this, users can link the PayPal account to their eToro brokerage account. 

eToro and PayPal collaborate to provide users with cost-free transactions. Sending money to your bank account and topping up your PayPal account incurs no charges.

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Kraken Homepage

Kraken is a US-based cryptocurrency exchange established in 2011. The platform features an advanced trading platform, Kraken Pro, and comes with diverse options like spot, margin and futures trading, staking, and even OTC services.

Besides that, Kraken introduces another layer of convenience for its users by allowing secure deposits from PayPal accounts. However, this convenient deposit method is only available to clients residing in the United Kingdom and the European Union, excluding Croatia and Hungary. 

Below are the fees and limits associated with PayPal transactions on Kraken.

  • With a maximum limit of €1,000 daily, users can seamlessly fund their Kraken wallets.
  • The minimum deposit is €1.
  • Funds deposited from PayPal are subject to a seven-day withdrawal hold.
  • U.K. residents pay a 2.40% deposit charge.
  • E.U.-based traders pay a 3.39% deposit charge.

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Bitstamp Review Security

Another exchange that seamlessly integrates PayPal into its services is Bitstamp. Bitstamp is one of the pioneer crypto exchanges, having started its operations in 2011.

With such a long-standing history, Bitstamp is one of the most trusted digital asset trading platforms. One of Bitstamp’s main focus areas is simplicity. The platform ensures users have a user-friendly interface and instant deposit options.

To achieve this, Bitstamp has incorporated many features, among them PayPal deposit options. Bitstamp users can easily buy crypto using cash from their PayPal accounts. However, this method is only accessible to U.S. and E.U. residents.

Let’s discuss the fees and limitations of using the PayPal payment method on Bitstamp.

  • Bitstamp only accepts EUR, GBP, and USD for PayPal purchases.
  • The daily purchase limit is $2,500
  • The monthly purchase limit: $20,000
  • PayPal purchases attract 4% of the total purchase amount.
  • Bitstamp only supports PayPal as a deposit method and not a withdrawal method.
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How to Buy Crypto with Paypal using Coinbase

If you’re curious about how to buy Bitcoin with PayPal, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to purchase crypto from Coinbase using PayPal.

  1. Navigate to the Coinbase website through this link and click on the Sign up button at the top right of the page.
Coinbase Sign Up
  1. On the next page, click the Individuals and click Get Started button.
Coinbase Sign Up 2
  1. Enter your name, email address and password into the required fields.
  2. Read the Terms and Conditions, then highlight the checkbox to agree to the Terms and Conditions.
  3. Once you’re done with this, click the Create Account button.
  4. Complete the KYC Process – A quick KYC process is required before PayPal can be used. Simply upload a government-issued ID and a recently issued proof of address document. KYC at Coinbase is automated, so should only take a couple of minutes.
  5. Deposit Funds via PayPal – Click on the ‘Deposit Funds’; button and type in the amount of money to add to the account ($10 minimum). Then, select PayPal from the list of deposit options. Click on ‘Deposit’ to confirm.
  6. Log in to PayPal – The investor will then be redirected to the PayPal website. Type in the email address and password for the PayPal account. Then, check the details of the deposit and confirm. The user will then be redirected back to Coinbase, and the funds should show in the account balance.
  7. Buy Bitcoin – Finally, search for ‘Bitcoin’ and click on ‘Trade.’ Type in the investment amount and click on confirm authorize the Bitcoin purchase.


The ability to integrate PayPal services into crypto trading platforms has made the crypto trading experience simpler and more accessible for many traders. Exchanges like, Coinbase, Kraken, and BItstamp, which support PayPal, present a more convenient way for crypto investors to access their DeFi assets., with its convenient wallet app, stands as a top choice for those seeking flexibility. Coinbase, while catering primarily to customers in the U.S., the U.K., and Germany, offers a comprehensive PayPal integration.

On the other hand, Kraken combines its extensive trading options with PayPal support, and eToro prioritizes user-friendliness. At the same time, Bitstamp focuses on offering clients a trustworthy and simple solution for PayPal transactions. Overall, these integrations empower you to navigate and participate in the digital asset space.


Does Binance accept PayPal?

No. Binance no longer supports PayPal payments. 

Does Coinbase accept PayPal?

Coinbase supports PayPal transactions in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Germany. U.S. users can buy cryptocurrency and add cash (USD). Transaction fees and supported coins vary based on the region.

Does KuCoin accept PayPal?

No. Kucoin does not accept PayPal.

Does eToro support PayPal?

Yes, eToro supports PayPal transactions. Users can link their PayPal accounts to eToro for depositing funds and withdrawing profits. These transactions are often free, and only network fees may apply.

Can I use PayPal to buy crypto?

Yes, you can use PayPal to buy cryptocurrency. Many cryptocurrency exchanges, including Coinbase and eToro, have integrated PayPal as a payment option. However, the availability can be restricted based on your location and the exchange’s policies.

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