Do you want some free crypto without breaking a sweat? Then you should check out these amazing offers from various crypto platforms. They will give you free Bitcoin or other coins just for signing up and doing some simple tasks.

But not all offers are equally good. Some offer more rewards than others, while some are just marketing techniques and you never get the bonus. That’s why we have done the research for you and found the 12 best free crypto sign up bonus offers and promotions.

Key Takeaways:

  1. You can get these crypto bonuses by doing simple tasks, like depositing money, trading crypto, or inviting friends.
  2. Crypto sign-up bonuses vary across platforms, offering either fixed amounts of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum or percentages of fees in the form of the platform’s token.
  3. Most crypto exchanges do not allow you to withdraw sign-up rewards to avoid fraud.

Comparison Between Best Free Crypto Sign-up Bonus Platforms

PlatformsSign-Up Bonus
BybitGet up to 5020 USDT in bonuses and mystery boxes
KucoinRewards up to 3200 USDT in coupons and task completion
BitgetUp to 500 USDT bonus for fee deduction
Phemex100 Million xPT Airdrop and $50 Welcome Rewards
OKXUnlock Mystery Boxes and win up to $10,000
Gate.ioWin up to $100 in Welcome Rewards
NexoUse the referral link to sign up and get $25 in BTC
BinanceEarn up to a $50 welcome bonus reward
Coinbase$5 in BTC to your crypto portfolio
Huobi GlobalWin up to 241 USDT by completing tasks
BTCC ExchangeGet rewards worth $10,055 (in USDT) for new users
MEXC GlobalClaim 1000 USDT bonus

Reviewing the Platforms for Free Crypto Sign-Up Bonuses

When choosing platforms for a free crypto sign-up bonus, consider the platform’s reputation, check the terms and conditions, look for a variety of cryptocurrencies offered, and prioritize strong security measures.

Here are the platforms chosen for you based on the above criteria: 

Bybit: Up to 5020 USDT in Sign Up Bonus

Bybit Sign Up Bonus

Bybit is one of the most popular crypto platforms that offer a lot of benefits for new users. You can get up to 5,020 USDT in coupons when you sign up, deposit, and trade on Bybit. 

The coupons are for different tasks, such as making your first deposit, using the take profit/stop loss feature, and trading USDT perpetual contracts. You can use the coupons to reduce fees and losses on your trades.

Bybit also supports referral and affiliate programs. You can refer friends and earn together. You and your qualified referees can each earn up to 40% in fees by joining the affiliate program. You can also collect mystery reward cards worth up to $500 when your referee trades. The more friends you invite, the more rewards you get.

You can join various events, contests, and lucky draws to win big prizes and giveaways. For example, you can join the World Series of Trading (WSOT) 2023, a global trading competition with a prize pool of over 8 million USDT. Or you can enter the Lucky Draw to win a Lamborghini and Rolex watch.

Bybit Referral Program

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Earn Upto $30,000 Deposit Rewards

Kucoin: 3200 USDT Welcome Bonus

Kucoin Sign Up Bonus

KuCoin has a special offer for new users who join and trade on its platform. You can get up to 3,200 USDT in rewards, plus other bonuses and coupons. It gives you these rewards in four basic steps;

  1. Sign-up bonus: Once you register on the platform and complete basic KYC verification, you can get rewards worth 400 USDT. 
  2. First deposit/buy crypto bonus: If you’re new and deposit at least 10 USDT, you get a special reward package with a bonus coupon and rewards worth 400 USDT.
  3. First trade bonus: New users who sign up on KuCoin and trade at least 100 USDT within 7 days can get a special reward package. This package includes coupons and $1400 in rewards. These coupons can be used to reduce the trading fees on KuCoin by the same amount written on each coupon. Remember, you can use these coupons once per day and they will be valid for 30 days. So make sure to use them before they expire.
  4. Pro trading tasks: You need to complete certain tasks to receive these rewards. You can get up to $1400 USDT in rewards. This may include futures trading volume, participating in Spotlight by holding a certain amount of KCS and subscribing to the new projects you like, and trading using Kucoin’s automated bots.

You can also get daily KCS bonus rewards. KCS is the native token of KuCoin, and if you hold at least 6 KCS, you can get a daily reward of 50% of KuCoin’s daily trading fee revenue. The more KCS you hold, the more bonus you get. You can also enjoy other perks of holding KCS, such as trading fee discounts, exclusive services, and governance rights.

Kucoin Logo

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-10% Trading Fees And Bonus Up To $500

Bitget: 500 USDT Fee Deduction Coupon

Bitget Sign Up Bonus

Bitget is a global crypto exchange platform that offers spot and futures trading. It has a Rewards Center that gives you various perks and incentives when you join or trade on the platform. Here are some of the benefits you can get as a sign-up bonus:

  1. New user tasks: Bitget wants you to learn how to use the platform easily. That’s why it has created some tasks for you to do. These tasks include making your first deposit, trading for the first time, inviting your friends, and verifying your identity. When you complete these tasks, you can earn points that you can exchange for USDT or other rewards.
  2. Trading bonuses: Bitget has a special offer for new users who sign up during certain periods. You can get random trading bonuses up to 500 USDT. You can use these bonuses to reduce your trading fees or margin.
  3. Limited-time tasks: The platform offers some tasks like the use of copy trading, USDT-M futures trading volume, and minimum deposits to earn rewards.
  4. Assist2earn: You can get 20 USDT by inviting three friends using its referral program.  

Phemex: $50 Welcome Rewards

Phemex Sign Up Bonus

Phemex is a crypto exchange that gives you a lot of benefits for using their platform. One of them is the Phemex Rewards Center, where you can see the available bonuses and claim them. You can get a $50 welcome bonus when you join Phemex and do some easy tasks, like verifying your email, making a deposit, and trading contracts.

Another benefit that Phemex gives you is the Phemex Trading Bonus, which is a reward that you can get from various events, campaigns, and promotions. There are two kinds of Phemex Trading Bonuses: USD Trading Bonuses (for contracts settled in USD) and BTC Trading Bonuses (for contracts settled in BTC).

A third benefit that Phemex gives you is the Phemex Soul Pass, which is a way to join the 100 Million xPT Airdrop and $50 Welcome Rewards. xPT is the native token of Phemex that will be launched soon. 

There are many other rewards like a $5 social media voucher, a $5 copy trading voucher, and a $10 basic deposit bonus. 

OKX (Formerly OKEx): Mystery Box Worth $10,000

Okx Sign Up Bonus

OKX is another crypto platform that has many features and options for its users. You can trade, mine, lend, stake, and collect NFTs on OKX. If you are new to OKX, you can get some amazing rewards, bonuses, and promotions. 

You can sign up and verify your identity to get a mystery box and win up to $10,000. Also, Get a $2 bonus in BTC when you buy crypto worth $20 or more on your first order within 30 days. You can also get some free Satoshis by doing some easy tasks, such as making a demo trade, joining an Earn product, or trading any crypto amount.

OKX has a referral program. You can invite your friends to OKX and earn a $15 bonus for each one that buys crypto or makes a deposit. You can also earn up to 40% of their trading fees as commission.

Best OKX Referral Code Oct 2023: Earn your 10K Mystery Box & BTC Bonus Now.

Okx Exchange

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Win Mystery Boxes worth up to $10,000 $100 Sign Up Bonus

Gate Io Sign Up Bonus is another high-volume trading platform that offers exciting benefits, incentives, and deals for new users. It gives a $100 welcome bonus to all new users who sign up and complete their basic ID verification. has a Task Center where you can earn $100 Points and a $5,500 trial fund by doing some simple tasks. For example, you can check in daily, trade P2P, copy quantitative strategy, and copy trading. 

You need to claim the points and USDTest after finishing the tasks. You can use points to pay for spot and contract trading fees, and you can use USDTest to join USDT special activities. You can also get some mystery boxes with rewards such as a $10 quant trial fund, $10 GT, and $100 GT token. 

Nexo: $25 Bitcoin Bonus

Nexo Sign Up Bonus

Nexo is one of the best crypto staking platforms. If you are a new user and want to stake your crypto coins, it is worth considering. 

You can receive $25 in BTC as a sign-up bonus if you register using someone’s referral code. You can also claim a $10 welcome bonus by depositing at least $100 of any supported asset and keeping it for at least 30 days.

It also offers up to 12% interest on your crypto and fiat holdings. You can pick the same asset as your deposit for your interest payments, or opt for NEXO tokens and get an extra 2% bonus. 

You can also benefit from other features such as daily compound interest, insurance protection, tax efficiency, and more. Enjoy up to 30% loyalty dividend from Nexo’s net profit. The dividend is paid out in NEXO tokens to eligible token holders based on their loyalty tier.

Binance: $50 Welcome Bonus

Binance Sign Up Bonus

Binance has some awesome offers for new users who want to join the crypto world. You can earn up to a $50 welcome bonus. This bonus is split in the form of spot cashback vouchers. All you need to do is create an account, verify your identity, and complete some trading activities within 7 days of registration. 

This is a unique offer for new users who are referred by a Binance Affiliate. The vouchers can help you reduce your trading fees on Binance’s Spot market.

Also, You can use different types of Binance vouchers from the Rewards Hub. Binance vouchers are special rewards that you can receive from various activities, such as joining events, completing missions, or inviting friends. 

Each voucher gives you different benefits, such as free tokens, VIP-level upgrades, and interest-free loans for Margin trading. You can see your available vouchers in the Rewards Hub and use them before they expire.

Cta Binance Logo

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-10% Trading Fees

Coinbase: $5 BTC Sign Up Bonus

Coinbase Sign Up Bonus

You can get many benefits as a new user on the Coinbase crypto platform. A welcome bonus of up to $5 in BTC when you buy or sell any cryptocurrency on Coinbase. This will be automatically added to your portfolio. 

You will also get a chance to “Spin the Wheel” as a new user. When new users spin the wheel, they have a chance to win a surprise reward. This reward could be in USD or Bitcoin, and the amount will be randomly chosen by Coinbase. The rewards can range from $3 to $200.

Most new users, about 89%, will receive a reward ranging from $3 to $5 in either USD or Bitcoin. On the other hand, about 11% of new users will be lucky enough to win a reward ranging from $6 to $200 in USD or Bitcoin.

Coinbase also gives you an opportunity to learn and earn crypto by watching videos and taking quizzes about different cryptocurrencies. The average amount of rewards earned per user from various Coinbase programs is up to $400.

Huobi Global: 241 USDT Welcome Gift

Huobi Sign Up Bonus

For starters, you can claim a huge welcome bonus of up to $241 by doing some simple tasks, like verifying your account, depositing some funds, and making your first trade on Huobi Global. You will get a 2 USDT reward each for sign-up and ID verification and 5 USDT for making your first deposit.

You can receive rewards by holding 100 HT tokens for 3 consecutive days. Also, invite your friends to Huobi and earn $10 each when they make their first trade of $100 or more.

You can also become a Huobi VIP and get lower trading fees, exclusive services, and other benefits by holding Huobi Tokens (HT), the native token of the platform.

Huobi 2

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$700 + 90,000 SHIB

BTCC Exchange: Up to $10,055 Sign Up Rewards

Btcc Sign Up Bonus

BTCC is the oldest crypto exchange in the world, and it has many futures contracts for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other coins. The exchange also has some amazing sign-up offers for its users. 

When you sign up and verify your account on the BTCC exchange, you will get a free $10,055 bonus. You can use this bonus to trade any futures contracts on the platform. You can keep the profits you make from the bonus, but not the bonus itself. 

You will not get this by completing certain tasks like 10 USDT for registration, 20 USDT for KYC verification, and 80 USDT for first-time deposits.  Some futures trading volume bonuses and other tasks are also there to receive extra rewards.

Inviting your friends to join the BTCC exchange can earn even more rewards. You will get up to 25% commission from their trading fees. You will also get extra bonuses for reaching certain referral goals, such as $50 for 10 friends, $100 for 20 friends, and so on. 

MEXC Global: 1,000 USDT Bonus

Mexc Sign Up Bonus

MEXC Global platform has some good deals for crypto users. If you want to get some extra money as a sign-up bonus, you can do some simple tasks on the platform and earn up to a 1,000 USDT bonus. 

You can use the bonus to pay for fees and funding costs when you trade. The bonus is only valid for 15 days and you can’t withdraw it.

The exchanges also have a futures beginners’ event. You just need to answer a quiz and trade at least 10 USDT on the futures platform. The rewards include a 5 USDT bonus, a 10% fee discount coupon, and a lucky draw chance. 

You can also join its referral or affiliate program. You can share your referral link and invite them to join MEXC. You and your friends will get great rebates on trading fees, as well as other perks like airdrops, exclusive activities, etc.

User Score



-10% Trading Fees

How to Get a Free Crypto Sign Up Bonus?

Receiving a free crypto sign-up bonus is typically a straightforward process. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you get started:

Step 1: Choose a Reputable Crypto Platform: First, you need to select a trustworthy cryptocurrency exchange or platform that offers a sign-up bonus for new users. 

Research different platforms to find the one that suits your needs and has positive user reviews. We will choose “Bitget crypto exchange” for this example. You can choose any platform from the above list.

Step 2: Create an Account: Once you’ve chosen a platform, visit their website or download their mobile app and click on the “Sign-Up” or “Register” button. You’ll be prompted to provide some basic information like your email address, password, and possibly your phone number.

Tutorial Step 1

Step 3: Complete KYC Verification (if required): Some platforms may require you to go through a Know Your Customer (KYC) verification process to comply with legal regulations. This process typically involves providing identification documents like a passport or driver’s license.

Tutorial Step 2

Step 4: Claim the Sign-Up Bonus: Depending on the platform, there may be certain requirements you need to meet before you can withdraw or use the sign-up bonus. For example, you might need to make a minimum deposit or perform a specific number of trades. In Bitget, there are daily tasks like deposits, spot trades, referrals, and futures trades.

Tutorial Step 3

Note: Be aware of any specific requirements, like making a minimum deposit or performing a certain number of trades, to access the full benefits of the sign-up bonus.

Final Thoughts

Wrapping up our exploration of the best free crypto sign-up bonuses, it’s clear that the crypto space is full of exciting rewards for new users. Some of them have awesome bonuses for new customers who do some things, like depositing some money, making some trades, or following them online. 

The top crypto bonuses you can get are from Bybit, Bitget, Kucoin, and Phemex crypto platforms. They will give you free Bitcoin (or USDT), stablecoins, or their own coins if you sign up and do what they ask.

Joining a new exchange can be fun and rewarding. But don’t be fooled by the free stuff. Be smart, be safe, and have fun trading!


Can I withdraw the free crypto sign-up bonus immediately?

It depends on the platform you choose. Most sign-up bonuses are not available to withdraw and are in the form of vouchers, fee rebates, or platform native tokens. You may also need to trade, stake, or hold a certain amount of crypto to receive rewards.

What crypto exchange has the best sign up bonus?

There are many apps that offer free crypto for signing up, but they may have different conditions and limits. For example, Bybit gives you rewards worth 5020 USDT when you join, verify your account and trade. 

Coinbase gives you rewards for learning about crypto and blockchain on its platform. BTCC exchange gives up to 10,055 USDT for completing certain tasks and trading crypto.

Which app gives free BTC?

Coinbase and Nexo give free Bitcoin bonuses for signing up. Coinbase gives $5 BTC as a sign-up bonus for new users. Nexo also gives $25 BTC as a reward if you register using a referral link.

Are free crypto sign-up bonuses available to everyone?

Free crypto sign-up bonuses are typically available to new users who haven’t registered with the platform before. Existing users might not be eligible for the sign-up bonus. 

Additionally, some platforms may have geographical restrictions, so it’s essential to check if the bonus is available in your country.

Do I need to provide personal information to get the sign-up bonus?

Yes, most cryptocurrency platforms require users to provide personal information as part of their Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) procedures. This information helps ensure the security and legitimacy of the platform and its users.

What apps give you free crypto for signing up?

There are many apps that will reward you with free crypto for creating an account and making some trades. Some of the popular apps are Bybit, Kucoin, Bitget, and Phemex. These apps can give you free crypto rewards between $50-$5020 as a welcome bonus and some other mystery boxes. 

What is the best sign up bonus Binance?

The best sign-up bonus for Binance is a $50 welcome bonus. Also, if you register using a referral link, you can get a trading fees discount of up to 40%. 

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-10% Trading Fees