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“Blockchain Gaming” is a term that has remained popular in the crypto market. Games are continually being created and developed as blockchain technology advances. Not only that, the gaming field has always received special attention from investors. As a result, this field holds a significant market share and is promising. Based on that, the developers have launched a game with an extremely eye-catching design – Chumbi Valley. This game is predicted to make a splash on the market.

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Market Analysis

Market Overview

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With the increased adoption of Blockchain technology mixed with P2E mechanisms in games, the GameFi area of the Crypto market has exploded in recent years, resulting in a slew of successful ventures. This gives this field a major advantage in terms of potential and liquidity. Inheriting those things, Chumbi Valley was born with great development potential. Chumbi Valley builds a lovely but mysterious world, light graphics, simple and extremely attractive gameplay. All promise for a boom and create a desirable GameFi for investors.

Major Rivals

Axie Infinity

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Axie Infinity, with a market capitalization of 3 billion dollars, is a highly successful game in 2021 with engaging gameplay. The game gives players the experience of breeding, raising, and fighting with their lovely creatures.

Defi Kingdoms

Defi Kingdoms, with a market capitalization of nearly $400 million, is an open-world game with tons of exciting features packed together. Players will transform into a character in the game and complete their own exploration with many interesting things.

What makes this project stand out?


Chumbi Valley is an attractive role-playing Blockchain game. Players take their own time to learn and uncover the mysteries in the mysterious forest of Chumbi Valley. The player accompanies the Chumbis – lovely mythical creatures – throughout the trip.


Forest Home

Start the game in this mysterious and magical forest; players will receive the first Chumbi for free, learn about the Chumbis, work together, and acquire new Chumbis. Players will explore the surrounding area, mine resources, craft items, build a small house for themselves, and become good Chumbi trainers.

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Players will have to upgrade a portal that leads to another area. Players will experience abundant natural conditions in the new land, day and night cycle. Everything will be completely new to create a sense of excitement and discovery for players. Explore your surroundings, mine for resources that will appear, and battle the cursed Chumbi in the wild.


Players will build a garden of their own, plant and care for the seeds to grow and harvest, which the player can then use as items and use on excursions in the new land. Various rare seeds will give great uses, and players can combine seeds with Lucky Stars to turn them into favorite dishes for Chumbi.

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Offline Rewards

In addition to the mechanics of discovering and collecting items, players can also bring Chumbi – Vibrant creatures that already have connections with the forest – into the Chumbi Sage so they can learn more things on their own magic and help you water plants, cut trees, catch fish, etc. The Chumbi will still work when you are offline.


Chumbi Fostering

Players can send their own Chumbi to other players so they can take care of Chumbi for you and use Chumbi for exploration. Similar to the rental, the player can receive the rewards that the Chumbi earns, and the lessor can withdraw the Chumbi according to the desired period.

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Chumbi Village

This is a place created by the NFT lands owned by the player. In these lands, players can interact with their own Chumbi with other players, shop or exchange items necessary, or be able to fight and capture the wild Chumbi, join together in the village’s defenses from the cursed giant Chumbi.


A place where players can buy and sell anything in the game. The Marketplace also motivates players to work harder to improve their Chumbi. Because most of the items in the game are NFTs, from seeds, Chumbi, pieces of land to decorative items, equipment for Chumbi, etc., the system also encourages players to exchange goods for getting the Lucky Star.

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We are in phase 3, 2/2022; Chumbi Valley will be Public Beta Gameplay Access. In general, Chumbi Valley’s roadmap is quite complete and detailed. Investors can easily know the events and plans of the project. Let’s look forward to the interesting things of Chumbi Valley in the future.

Tokenomy of Chumbi Valley

Token Distribution

Token name: Chumbi Token

Ticker: CHMB

Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain

Token standard: BEP-20

Contract: 0x5492Ef6aEebA1A3896357359eF039a8B11621b45

Token Type: Governance

Total supply: 30,000,000,000 CHMB

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The allocation of Tokens for the project is quite reasonable, and the amount of Tokens distributed for Play-to-earn and Staking is also quite large. This action proves that the game developer wants to attract many players and wants to play; they have to work harder to earn money.

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Token Utilities

Players will need CHMB to pay for transactions when buying new Chumbi, MarketPlace, sage fees, livestock fees, items, land, Staking… Buy and burn CHMB.

Network Valuation and Asset Pricing

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Chumbi Valley has a volume of nearly $3 million within 24 hours. The top exchanges in CHMB are currently PancakeSwap (V2), KuCoin, and Decoin. Because the influence of the market is bad at the moment, this number is probably not really impressive. With the advantages of the project, this number will have a significant improvement in the future.

Token Lucky Star

Token name: Lucky Star

Ticker: LSTS

Token Type: Rewards

Total supply: Unlimited

Lucky Star (LSTS) is the 2nd token in Chumbi Valley, designed and created to add value to the Play-to-earn mechanism.

Tokens can be obtained through exploring the surroundings, fighting cursed Chumbi, or completing quests. In addition, players can compete with other players globally and earn LSTS for their wins (PvP).

Utilities: LSTS was created with four main functions that are breeding, leveling, magic training, and Happiness as a way to maintain. This makes LSTS a valuable resource as it is required to create new Chumbi and upgrade existing ones.

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Unique Selling Point of Project

Chumbi Valley built a unique fantasy world. A place where lovely creatures are everywhere, accompanying players throughout the exploration of everything around. The gameplay is straightforward but attractive, creating a sense of pushing to explore new lands, search for new things, and collect resources to serve the trip. Not only that, but players can also build and decorate a small house for themselves with a garden of foods that Chumbi loves.

With players starting with a free Chumbi while also looking at the token allocation for Play-to-earn, it shows that the developer wants to focus on the player issue a lot. They want to attract players by gameplay graphics and the results that players can earn through their own efforts. This is also something that not every project is interested in.

Marketing of Chumbi Valley – Owning a large community

Facebook: Chumbi Valley – There are more than 86000 followers

Twitter: Chumbi Valley • RPG Play-to-Earn NFT Game – Has nearly 257000 followers

Telegram: Contact @chumbivalley01 – Has more than 146000 members

Discord: Chumbi Valley – There are nearly 187000 members

Medium: Chumbi Valley – Regularly update the news and progress of the project

The project has a formidable community, and these numbers can impress investors. But, the variety of games today requires the project to continue to strengthen its marketing strategy to compete with rivals. As we all know, telegram is usually a place for investors to discuss, and discord is a place for gamers to discuss. The number of members on these two channels is not much different; the number of members in discord is slightly higher and larger, showing that this project focuses on developing experience and investment.

Backer of Chumbi Valley

Backer & Partner

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The number of investment funds of Chumbi Valley is not small, and among them are KuCoin, Everse Capital, TK Ventures, etc. With what is available, this project will satisfy current investors and the future.


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The project’s team are all people with many years of experience in Blockchain, Business, Artist, etc… In addition, with a team of famous advisors, it is predicted that the project will explode in the future. 


Coming to Chumbi Valley – a game with a Play-To-Earn (P2E) mechanism that allows players to entertain and earn money will not disappoint players. With the project’s potential from Gameplay, graphics, and even backers like that, the project will develop even more shortly. Chumbi Valley is a great choice of gamers with attractive gameplay and an ideal investment destination for investors because what the project is doing will not disappoint investors.

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