The BNB Chain team has announced the launch of a new Ecosystem Bounty Board, which will provide an opportunity for the community to engage and contribute to the development of BNB Chain. This initiative will enable developers, students, and researchers to actively push the ecosystem forward and earn rewards for their contributions.

Earn Rewards With Bnb Chain'S New Ecosystem Bounty Board

BNB Chain’s Ecosystem Bounty Board: Earn Bounties for Completing Tasks

The Bounty Board will list a range of tasks, including developing, marketing, and content writing, among others, which any developer or contributor can pick up and complete. Each task will be tagged with its requirements and a bounty value, and developers and contributors can apply for the tasks. A bounty reviewer will then select the most suitable candidate for the task, and the bounty will be paid out in BNB.

The first batch of tasks will focus on boilerplates, which will create the essential backbone for building DeFi, NFT, Infra, and even mobile applications in the ecosystem:

The DeFi boilerplate will enable the minimum required tools already configured for use with the Dapp, such as wallets, to modify the functionality as per the user’s requirements. 

The NFTs boilerplate will include minimum functionality for launching different NFTs, connectivity with supported wallets, and marketplace functionality. 

The Infrastructure Boilerplate will reward developers for utilizing existing APIs from zkBNB and BSC to begin bridging liquidity between new chains or DeFi.

The BNB Chain React Native Mobile Boilerplate will build the ultimate full-stack BSC Dapp Boilerplate, which will give developers maximum flexibility and speed to develop new mobile-based Dapps. 

Boilerplates serve as a viable method to enable developers to initiate their building endeavors and foster greater Web3 development. As the Ecosystem Bounty program expands, BNB Chain initiatives will be urged to leverage the network of developers and contributors by assigning their own tasks and bounties, thereby incentivizing the creation and growth of their Dapps and ecosystems.

Join the BNB Chain Community and Stay Updated on Ecosystem Bounties

To stay notified of the latest bounties being posted on the program, interested individuals can join the BNB Chain discord channel and select the role “Bounty Hunter” to gain access to the Ecosystem Bounties channels.

BNB Chain is a living, breathing ecosystem that is powered by the community. The launch of the Ecosystem Bounty program is an exciting opportunity for individuals to contribute actively to the development of the whole ecosystem, earn rewards for their contributions, and be part of a decentralized movement of builders and contributors working together on the Chain.