The Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) of Hong Kong continues its crackdown on fraudulent cryptocurrency exchanges. Recently, the SFC issued a warning against HKCEXP, an alleged trading platform falsely claiming registration with the regulator. Despite regulatory efforts, the proliferation of fake crypto exchanges remains a challenge in Hong Kong’s financial landscape.

SFC Alerts Investors to Suspicious Trading Platform

Notice Issued By The Hong Kong Sfc About The Closure Of Crypto License Applications (Source:
Notice issued by the Hong Kong SFC about the closure of crypto license applications (Source:

In its latest move, the SFC has sounded the alarm against HKCEXP, which it deems a suspicious trading platform falsely representing itself as registered with the regulator. The SFC has been vigilant in its efforts to regulate the cryptocurrency sector, particularly with the recent deadline for exchanges to apply for operational licenses. However, despite regulatory mandates and warnings, fake entities like HKCEXP persist in luring investors with false claims of legitimacy.

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Hong Kong Continued Struggle Against Fraudulent Entities

Hong Kong Sfc Added Hkcexp To Its List Of Alerts As A Suspicious Crypto Trading Platform (Source:
Hong Kong SFC added HKCEXP to its list of alerts as a suspicious crypto trading platform (Source:

Despite the SFC’s regulatory measures and public warnings, Hong Kong continues to grapple with fraudulent crypto exchanges. HKCEXP’s deception, including providing a fake Hong Kong address for registration and charging excessive withdrawal fees, highlights the challenges faced by investors in discerning legitimate platforms. To combat such fraud, the SFC maintains a public list of licensed crypto platforms, aiming to raise awareness and promote safe trading practices among investors.


The Securities and Futures Commission’s ongoing efforts to combat fake crypto exchanges underscore the importance of regulatory vigilance in the cryptocurrency industry. While the SFC issues alerts and maintains public registers to protect investors, the prevalence of fraudulent entities like HKCEXP demonstrates the need for continued diligence from both regulators and investors. As the regulatory landscape evolves, vigilance and caution remain paramount in navigating the cryptocurrency market in Hong Kong.