Goerli ETH is a testnet version of the Ethereum cryptocurrency that allows developers and users to test decentralized applications (dApps) and smart contracts without real Ether. Having Goerli ETH tokens is essential for testing and experimenting on the Goerli testnet. We explore how to get Goerli ETH Testnet Tokens from Goerli faucets.

Key Takeaways

  • Goerli ETH is a testnet version of Ethereum used for testing dApps and smart contracts.
  • Goerli testnet operates separately from the Ethereum mainnet, and activities on the testnet do not affect the main network.
  • Goerli ETH tokens can be obtained for free through Goerli faucets such as Alchemy, Quicknode, and Moralis. You can also buy some GETH tokens from LayerZero Bridge.
  • GETH tokens are primarily used for testing and cannot be traded on the mainnet.

What is Goerli Testnet?

Goerli is a testnet (Web3) that developers use to test blockchain applications before launching them on the Ethereum Mainnet. It is a decentralized computing network that differs from the Ethereum ledger. As such, there are no transactional crossovers between the two.

The Goerli network operates just like any other blockchain network in the crypto industry, comprising a distributed ledger system with a consensus mechanism. As such, it also relies on network participants as validators of the data that gets added to the network. The most important point to note is that even though the Goerli network is EVM compatible, it is gated away from the Ethereum network. Hence, activities in the testnet do not affect the main network.

The Goerli testnet is a copy of the Ethereum mainnet. But instead of using Ethereum, it utilizes a testnet cryptocurrency, Goerli ETH, which has no real-world value. This helps developers test their dApps and try out new features without worrying about losing actual assets.

Initially, the Goerli testnet ran on the permissioned Proof of Authority (PoA) consensus mechanism. In 2022, however, the Goerli testnet transitioned to the proof of stake (PoS) mechanism used by the Ethereum mainnet.

The key distinction between the Ethereum token network and the Goerli ETH tokens lies in their purpose. The Ethereum mainnet allows for trading of Ethereum tokens and features publicly released applications that support real transactions. Conversely, Goerli ETH tokens are not intended for trading, and the network only supports applications meant for testing purposes.

How to Get Goerli ETH Testnet Tokens from Goerli Faucet

If you wish to test new dApps on the Goerli Testnet before deploying them on the mainnet, you may require Goerli ETH tokens (GETH). One of the ways to obtain these tokens is through Goerli faucets. There are two popular faucets – Alchemy and Quicknode – where you can acquire the tokens and link them to your wallet with ease.

The Goerli Ethereum faucet provides developers with an opportunity to obtain Goerli testnet ETH for free. 

It is worth noting that some Goerli faucets may require authentication via Twitter or a confirmation of your identity as a real human before granting access to the Goerli testnet tokens.

How to Get Goerli Testnet ETH from Alchemy Goerli Faucet

The Goerli Faucet by Alchemy is the safest and fastest way to get Goerli ETH. One of the notable characteristics of this faucet is that you will need to create an account with an email address as a user. A measure put in place prevents bots from taking all of the ETH tokens and preventing real users from earning them.

Here is a way of getting GETH from Alchemy for free in the shortest time:

  1. Visit the Alchemy platform and sign up.
Get Testnet Eth From Alchemy Faucet Step 1
  1. Visit the Goerli faucet platform.
Get Testnet Eth From Alchemy Faucet Step 2
  1. Enter your wallet, in this case, Metamask, and click “Send me ETH” to receive Goerli ETH in your wallet. You will receive a pop-up screen congratulating you on successfully requesting GETH from the Goerli testnet faucet.

With Goerli ETH in your wallet now, you can connect to the Goerli testnet and start using the ETH sent for testing smart contracts.

How to Get Goerli Testnet ETH on the Quicknode Faucet

Quicknode paves the way for a reliable infrastructure for over 20 blockchains. The faucet provides a seamless way for developers to experience it by giving them testnet tokens from as many chains as possible. 

The faucet allows you to share a tweet and get tokens for the chosen faucet. To get tokens from the Quicknode faucet, follow the steps below:

  1. Visit the Goerli ETH faucet.
Get Testnet Eth From Quicknode Faucet Step 1
  1. Input your wallet address on the platform. The Quicknode network supports Metamask, Trust Wallet, and other Web3 wallets.
Get Testnet Eth From Quicknode Faucet Step 2
  1. Confirm your wallet address and proceed to claim 0.1 GETH.

It is, however, essential to note that your wallet must have a minimum amount of 0.001 ETH on the Ethereum mainnet for you to utilize the Quicknode Goerli Ethereum faucet.

How to Get Goerli Testnet ETH from Moralis

Moralis is a definitive crypto faucet list for builders. You may not need to sign-up or provide your data to access it.

  1. Visit the Moralis website.
  2. On the platform, choose the “Goerli Faucet” option, which allows developers to build on Ethereum.
Get Testnet Eth From Moralis Step 1
  1. It will redirect you to the Polygon network faucet.
  2. Select the Goerli option, select the token you wish to get, and enter your wallet address, in this case, Metamask.
Get Testnet Eth From Moralis Step 2
  1. Submit the data and wait for the GETH to be deposited in your wallet.

Apart from these options, you can still acquire GETH from other faucets, where the claiming procedure remains the same. These include the Pk910 and the Coinbase Goerli Faucet. In most cases, you will only need to connect your wallet and make a claim. 

However, you need to verify the authenticity of some independent faucets before interacting with them. Interacting with malicious faucets puts you at risk of losing funds to wallet attacks.

Purchase on LayerZero

GETH is not designed to be traded like a typical cryptocurrency asset. Nonetheless, in recent times, there has been a sudden surge in demand for GETH. As a result, you might have to pay a premium to obtain GETH within a short period due to the current demand shock.

With the options listed above, you can only have a limited amount of GETH at a specific time. However, if you are aiming to get more than the provided amount, you can purchase GETH from LayerZero with the steps below:

  1. Go to the Goerli testnet bridge by LayerZero and connect your wallet.
Purchase On Layer Zero Step 1
  1. Key in the amount of GETH you wish to purchase and pay the corresponding amount of ETH at the prevailing exchange rate. The LayerZero bridge allows access to the Goerli Testnet, allowing supported assets to be seamlessly bridged from the testnet to the main network.

You can swap the free GETH for real ETH tokens on the LayerZero Testnet Bridge if you have received the free GETH.

How to Add Goerli to Metamask

Getting the Goerli faucet Metamask functionality allows you, as a developer and a user, to experiment with Ethereum-based dApps in a safe and cost-effective environment. By incorporating Goerli into your Metamask wallet, you can easily explore the world of dApps without incurring any costs.

Here is how you can add the Goerli Testnet to your Metamask wallet:

Step 1: Connect your Metamask wallet to the ChainList website.

Add Goerli Network To Metamask Step 1

Step 2: Select the ‘Include Testnets’ checkbox.

Add Goerli Network To Metamask Step 2

Step 3: Search for ‘Goerli’ in the ‘Search Networks’ tab.

Add Goerli Network To Metamask Step 3

Step 4: Find the Goerli network you wish to connect to and click ‘Add to Metamask.’ The network will be automatically added to your wallet.

What Can Goerli ETH be Used For?

Now that you have the free GETH, you can use the new assets in different ways. Goerli ETH is primarily a testnet token for the Goerli network and cannot currently be bridged to other test networks.

However, you can use your Goerli ETH for the following;

  • Test-run the Ethereum network: If you are a beginner in the crypto industry, you are faced with some overwhelming uncertainty as you try to understand the basics of routine cryptocurrency transactions and smart contract interaction. To avoid losses when learning, you can utilize the Goerli network as a means of test-running the Ethereum network before you commit to investing.
  • Test dApps on the Goerli Network: After building a new decentralized solution that needs to be deployed on the Ethereum network, as a developer, you may need to test the features and make sure that they meet the ideal security and performance requirements. This may also be applied to a person who is an enthusiast for testing new applications on blockchains or wants to benefit from incentivized testnets. Most such tests may let you potentially score some airdropped tokens when the protocol launches.
  • Swap Goerli ETH for real ETH: LayerZero has recently developed a way to swap Goerli ETH for real ETH on the mainnet through the Goerli Testnet Bridge. The reverse route is also possible; you can spend some real ETH to obtain GETH.

Best Practice for Using Goerli ETH Tokens

Getting free Goerli ETH tokens is relatively straightforward, making it essential to follow various best practices. Here are a few tips to consider:

  • Use Separate Wallets: You should use separate wallets or addresses specifically for GETH tokens. With this measure, you can distinguish between testnet tokens and real Ether, ensuring you do not mix up your assets. It also protects against malicious transactions that may jeopardize your real assets.
  • Keep Track of Transactions: You should record your transactions involving GETH tokens. This helps you keep track of your testing activities and monitor the movement of tokens.
  • Test Contracts and dApps: The primary purpose of GETH tokens is to test smart contracts and dApps. Take advantage of the testnet environment to thoroughly test your contracts or applications’ functionality, security, and performance before deploying them.

Click on Trusted website links, which ensure that your assets are safe from malicious attacks.

What are Goerli Faucets?

Goerli faucets are online services that provide free test Ether (ETH) for the Goerli test network. The Goerli network is one of the Ethereum test networks designed for developers to test and experiment with their smart contracts and decentralized applications (dApps) before deploying them on the main Ethereum network. It is a utility that provides free test Ether as Goerli ETH, from which developers can deploy and test smart contracts, interact with dApps, and simulate transactions.

The test Ether on the Goerli network has no real-world value and is solely intended for testing and experimentation. Using test Ether, you negate any costs or risks associated with the main Ethereum network.

Getting test Ether from different faucets may vary depending on your particular faucet service. It is, however, essential to note that Goerli faucets are specific to the Goerli test network, and the test Ether obtained from these faucets cannot be used on the main Ethereum network.

What is a Testnet Token?

A testnet token is a type of cryptocurrency that is used exclusively on a testnet. Testnet tokens are distinct from real tokens as they are created for testing purposes only and have no real-world value. 

They are often used by developers to test new applications or smart contracts in a simulated environment before deploying them on the mainnet. Testnet tokens may be acquired through faucets or other means that are typically provided by the network or developers.

Is Goerli Faucet Safe?

Generally, the Goerli faucet is considered safe, as many use it as a prominent source for receiving Goerli ETH Testnet tokens within the Ethereum developer community. It is, however, essential to always exercise caution and follow best practices when using any online service.

To guarantee your assets’ safety, ensure you interact with the Goerli faucet or other trusted faucets using a renowned and reputable Ethereum wallet, such as Metamask. In addition, always double-check the website URL to confirm that you are on the correct website, to avoid phishing scams and fake faucets.

Final Thoughts  

Acquiring Goerli ETH tokens for developers and users who wish to test and experiment with Ethereum applications and smart contracts on the Goerli testnet is essential. The availability of free Goerli ETH tokens through faucets and other methods ensures that you can access the testnet ecosystem without needing real Ether.

When searching for testnet tokens, always prioritize your safety online, and remember that these testnet tokens have no real-world monetary value.


How much is 1 Goerli ETH to ETH?

The current price of 1 GETH token in ETH is 0.00004773.

What is the best way to obtain Goerli ETH Testnet tokens?

The safest and most efficient method is to use a reliable faucet and connect an Ethereum wallet to the website. Alchemy and Quicknode faucets are great places to get your Goerli ETH Testnet tokens.

How much Goerli ETH can I acquire daily?

When using most of the reviewed Goerli faucets, you can get up to approximately 0.25 GETH per faucet every 24 hours.

What is the URL for Goerli testnet?

The URL for Goerli Test Net is https://goerli.etherscan.io/

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