The new Kraken sign up bonus is an enticing offer designed to welcome users into the world of cryptocurrency trading. By signing up through a referral link you can unlock a variety of benefits that can take your trading potential a bit further.

Through this article, you’ll get access to an exclusive referral link, information on the contents of the sign-up bonus, tips on how you can claim this, and many more Kraken bonuses. Let’s dive in!

Best Kraken Sign Up Bonus in 2024 (No Kraken Referral Code Needed)

Here’s an overview of Kraken’s 2024 sign up bonus:

Sign up bonus
Kraken referral codeNot required
Referral reward$10 in BTC
Validity30 days after registration 
Know-Your-Customer (KYC)Yes

How Do I Claim My Kraken Sign Up Bonus?

To join the referral program and claim your bonus, simply follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Kraken website and on the Kraken homepage you can click on “Sign Up”.
Kraken Homepage

Kraken homepage 

  1. Sign up for a free Kraken account using an email address and password. 
  2. Next, you’ll be directed to your account’s homepage. Click on “Verify Identity” and provide the required information. 
Account Homepage

Kraken account homepage

  1. Once your account is verified, deposit $100 into your Kraken crypto account and use it to buy or sell on the platform for at least 30 days.
  2. If you’re looking to refer other users, simply open the Kraken mobile app, ensure your verification level is at intermediate or higher, generate the referral link, and send it to interested users. 


  • You’ll be asked to provide details such as your name, address, source of income and wealth, occupation, and proof of identification. 
  • Verification can take up to 5 days in some cases and can be as quick as 10 minutes in others. 
Verification Time For Kraken Account Levels

Verification times for different Kraken account levels

  • Trades on the Kraken Pro app don’t count towards the minimum trading requirement.
  • A maximum of 10 referrals will result in the $10 BTC bonus. This makes the maximum referral reward amount, $100.

What Does the Kraken Referral Bonus Offer?

Kraken Referral Page

The Kraken referrals page

The Kraken sign up bonus is one of the best crypto sign up bonuses at the moment and it consists of $10 in Bitcoin. The offer is executed once you buy or sell crypto using at least $100 within the first 30 days post-registration. And, thanks to this program you can earn up to $100 in BTC rewards just by encouraging people to join Kraken. 

$100 in BTC has great potential. You could add it to your portfolio and boost your trading potential, hold it in your wallet as a long-term investment, or use it to test out your trading strategies.


User Score



Get $10 in BTC when signing up using our link

Kraken Overview

Kraken cryptocurrency exchange describes itself as being ‘at the forefront of the blockchain revolution’ and rightfully so. With its inception in 2011, Kraken cryptocurrency exchange was one of the earliest exchanges during the emergence of Bitcoin and crypto.

Currently, the platform can handle a quarterly trading volume of over 207 billion, a sure sign of the exchange’s scalability and robust infrastructure.

You also get to trade in over 300 cryptocurrencies and well over 600 pairs, providing a comprehensive trading experience.

Kraken Statistic Overview

Kraken’s statistics

Security-wise, the exchange platform makes use of two-factor authentication (2FA), cold storage for the majority of user funds, a bug bounty program, SSL encryption, and regular security audits to identify and address potential vulnerabilities.

Due to their commitment to security, Kraken also carries high-value certifications such as the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and SOC2, Type 1.

Kraken Security Features

Examples of Kraken’s security features

When signing up for Kraken you have two options: Kraken, the standard account with a simple interface and easy-to-use features, and Kraken Pro which is better suited for professional and advanced trading.

Kraken App Vs Kraken Pro Mobile App

Kraken app vs Kraken Pro mobile app 

Regardless of the account type, all Kraken users have access to great educational material that not only focuses on trading on Kraken but also touches on the whole blockchain industry.

Kraken also offers staking, a Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) marketplace, and is one of the best futures trading exchanges in the market. 


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Get $10 in BTC when signing up using our link


The Kraken sign-up bonus is a compelling gateway into the world of cryptocurrency trading. Not only do you get $10 in BTC, but the referral bonus also comes at the most convenient time—30 days after registration.

This timeframe provides ample opportunity to develop a strategy, explore different Kraken offerings, and determine where to use the bonus.

The claiming process and eligibility requirements for Kraken bonuses are straightforward, a sign of Kraken’s commitment to rewarding deserving customers.


Does Kraken have a sign up bonus?

Yes, Kraken has a sign up bonus that includes $10 once you join Kraken using a Kraken referral link and spend at least $100 on crypto in 30 days. The bonus is only available for Kraken app users.

Is it safe to leave money in Kraken? Is Kraken legit?

Yes, it is safe to leave money in Kraken, especially temporarily.

Kraken is a legit company that’s registered with the Financial Conduct Authority in the United Kingdom.

As much as Kraken is a trusted platform, online wallets and exchanges are generally more susceptible to cyber threats such as hacking, phishing attacks, and malware due to their internet connectivity. If you’re worried about your assets, invest in the best crypto hardware wallets you can find, to maintain your peace of mind. 

What is the Kraken referral bonus?

The Kraken referral bonus is an incentive provided to existing users who can convince other people to join the platform using a Kraken referral link. Both the new and existing users will receive $10 in Bitcoin upon successful registration. The new user is also expected to buy or sell crypto worth at least $100 in 30 days. 

Who owns Kraken?

Payward Inc. owns Kraken and is in essence, also known as Kraken. However, the company was co-founded by Jesse Powell, who was the company’s initial CEO but is now the chair of the board. The current CEO is Dave Ripley.

What country is Kraken in?

Currently, Kraken is in the United States, in San Francisco. However, the crypto exchange platform is accessible in over 190 countries.