MetaMask, the widely-used Ethereum-based self-custody crypto wallet, has recently announced a significant upgrade to its security features. With the platform experiencing substantial user growth, reaching 30 million monthly active users in January 2024, MetaMask is extending its default security alerts to web extension and mobile app users for various blockchains, including Linea, BNB Chain, Polygon, Arbitrum, Optimism, and Avalanche.

Metamask’s Multi-Blockchain Security Alert Integration

Security Alert System In Action (Source: Metamask)
Security alert system in action (Source: MetaMask)

The development of MetaMask’s enhanced security alert feature commenced in April 2023, and its initial integration with the Ethereum mainnet took place on January 29, 2024. Now, users across multiple blockchains will benefit from the security alerts, which notify them during transactions if they are interacting with a known threat. This advanced feature, developed in collaboration with security partner Blockaid, has proven effective in detecting malicious patterns and preventing potential fund losses.

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Privacy-Focused Security Alerts and Success Stories

Metamask'S Opensea Alert In April 2023
Metamask’s OpenSea alert in April 2023

Unlike most Web3 wallets that rely on sharing users’ transaction data with third parties for validation, MetaMask emphasizes privacy-focused security alerts. The success of the security alert system was evident in its experimental opt-in OpenSea alert in April 2023, securing $500 million worth of assets. Notably, users who had the alert system enabled managed to avoid falling victim to phishing scams, including the hacking of Vitalik Buterin’s Twitter account and the Ledger Connect Kit incident in December 2023.


MetaMask’s commitment to user security is evident in its continuous efforts to enhance and expand its security features. The platform’s proactive approach to protecting users from threats and scams has not only garnered positive feedback but has also led to substantial savings for its user base. As the crypto landscape evolves, MetaMask remains dedicated to both privacy-focused security alerts and educating its community on identifying and avoiding potential scams. Users are encouraged to take advantage of these enhanced security measures to safeguard their assets in the dynamic and sometimes risky world of cryptocurrency.