Axie Infinity is a game that has quickly gained immense popularity ever since it was released. There are many different aspects of the game that players enjoy, but one of the most important is Matchmaking Rating (MMR). In this guide, we will discuss what Matchmaking Rating is, how it works, and how you can improve your rating!

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What Is MMR in Axie Infinity

MMR in Axie Infinity is a value that determines your skill level in the game. This rating matches you to a player who has around the same level of skills that you have. Besides giving you a worthy opponent, your MMR is also responsible for determining the rewards you get every time you win a match.

On Axie Infinity, your MMR is directly linked to an in-game currency called Smooth Love Potion (SLP). This means the higher your MMR, the more SLP you can make on the game every time you beat an opponent. 

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How to Start With MMR

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Axie Infinity’s gameplay has two main sections: Adventure Mode, also known as Player versus Environment (PvE), and Arena Mode, popularly known as player-versus-player (PvP). Adventure mode puts you to play against Axie AI, and it helps your Axie gain the Experience(EX) they need to fight. The second section of the game, Arena Mode, is where you fight against other players. Every win in an Arena match gets you more MMR, plus some SLP, while every time you lose, your MMR decreases.

Gaining more MMR is your primary goal when playing Axie Infinity. Since this skill score links directly to your ability to defeat opponents, the first step to getting MMR is playing PvP battles. When you first start playing Axie Infinity, you will get 1200 MMR, and the game will readjust it seasonally. 

What Is the MMR SLP Bracket?

Every time you play and win in Arena Mode, you are entitled to receive some in-game currency as a reward. A high MMR means you will get more SLP for every win. Currently, Axie Infinity has a set of MMR margins and the amount of SLP you get when your MMR is within those margins. Here is a simple breakdown of the SLP you can make per Arena Mode win.

0 – 9991
1000 – 10993
1100 – 12995 – 6
1300 – 14996 – 9
1500 – 17998 – 12
1800 – 199910 – 15
2000+12 – 18
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What Happens When Your MMR Is Below 800?

Axie Infinity is a play-to-earn game that highly favors skilled gameplay. So initially, players with an MMR below 800 couldn’t earn SLP on Adventure or Arena Mode. However, after the update that came with season 20, players with an MMR below 800 get 1SLP per win. Sky Mavic made this possible to encourage new and lower-skilled players to benefit from their efforts as they try to improve their MMR.

How to Increase Your MMR on Axie Infinity

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Several reasons can make your MMR drop drastically over time. This could be because of the increased competition when you get a high MMR. Sometimes, however, it could be because you don’t know what to look for to help you plan your victory. If you struggle with the latter, here are a few tricks to increase your MMR.

Learn to Read Cards

Your cards and those of your competition have a lot of power in Axie Infinity. In Arena Mode, cards command a given Axie’s actions. The game has a deck of 24 cards, and each Axie is allocated four cards. The cards are your Axie’s abilities, and one Axie can use the same ability only twice for each deck. You need to know which abilities your opponent’s Axies have and plan which of your cards to use to counter the attack or launch a stronger attack.

Know Your Axie

There are multiple Axie traits, and you need to know which ones make your pet if you want a better shot at winning. The first start is your Axie’s body parts. All Axies have six body parts: mouth, eyes, horn, ears, back, and tail. The twist is that different Axie breeds have different stats for the various body parts. 

There are six purebred Axies: Aquatic, Bird, Beast, Plant, Bug, and Reptile. These six can then give three purebred offspring named Dawn, Dusk, and Mech. Each breed has certain breeds that are stronger in it and others that are weaker than it. Knowing which breed your opponent has can help you select the breeds you choose for a match.

Assess Your Speed

Speed can also determine your chances of winning an Arena battle and influence your odds of getting a higher MMR. When playing, speed indicates who will make the first attack between you and your opponent. It’s always safer to be the one to strike first, so make sure you check what your speed is before you end your turn.

Strategize Your Morale

Morale may also make a big difference between victory and loss in Axie Infinity. Your morale is what determines the likelihood of you giving a critical strike. It is especially useful in the final stand mode so make sure you strategize and select cards that, when combined, will increase your critical strike.

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What Is the Axie Infinity MMR Reset?

Axie Infinity comes with two gameplay periods, Season and Offseason. Season periods are times when players compete to reach the top of the leaderboard. On the other hand, Off Seasons are when there are no leaderboard competitions. Each season lasts for about a month, and they alternate every month.

The reset, therefore, happens at the beginning of each new season. This reset involves an adjustment of your MMR. In Season, all players’ MMRs are reset to 1200 to give everyone an equal chance of getting to the top of the leaderboard. When Offseason begins, the MMR is reset again to the value it had before Season started.

High MMR is the key to a rewarding Axie Infinity gaming experience. This value will tell you how skilled you are to take on other skilled opponents, all the while rewarding you for your triumphs. So, focus on understanding and increasing your MMR because you will not regret it.

What to Expect in Axie Infinity Proposed Burn Strategies

In order to save Axie Infinity’s economy, from season 20, the game will include burning SLP. Here’s a list of what Axie infinity: proposed burn strategies will include:

  • Breeding events
  • Upgraded Axie body parts
  • Axie naming
  • Special skins and cosmetics
  • Buy-in tournaments
  • In-game emojis

Unfortunately, this upgrade has multiple design and engineering phases, which means it might take a while to be realized. 

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