AMP has been gaining a buzz in the crypto scene lately. But is it worth investing in it? In this article, we will explore AMP price prediction for the future and look at whether investing in AMP can make you retire soon.

What is AMP?

Amp Price Prediction What Is Amp

AMP is a digital collateral token that offers instant assurance for real-world applications. What this means is that AMP will act as insurance for your asset transfer. AMP was previously called Flexacoin. However, after much deliberation on the goal and vision of the project, it was rebranded to AMP in August 2020. 

Created by Tyler Spalding in collaboration with Consensys, AMP supports collateralization for more than 25 digital assets, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Chainlink. Collateralization is essential because it fights against fraudulent transactions, ensuring that the transacting parties remain truthful. 

In order to use this industry-changing protocol, you have to use the Flexa Payments platform. Over $230 million worth of AMP is currently locked in Flexa Payments. This means that even a $100 million payment can now be insured with AMP.

There are 100 billion AMP tokens in total, with 48,013,928,909 in circulation. AMP is a game-changer and one of the best options for institutions and retailers to use when transacting in the crypto world.

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What is AMP’s Price Prediction for 2022?

The price of AMP in 2022 is quite interesting. The project clearly has the fundamentals on its side. Developers continue to build and make the most of the bear market. When the bull market returns, AMP will be among the projects that make the most gains.

The current price of AMP is $0.00931, which is a -92% drop from its all-time high price of $0.12 in June 2021. This information is essential because, in keeping with the crypto markets super cycle, projects that have already gone down over -90% have bottomed out. All they have to do is hold on tight and wait for the bitcoin reversal.

AMP has a most interesting year in 2022. Tracking its price on Binance, AMP has been declining. The most notable price movement came on January 17, 2022, when the price of AMP fell -46% over six days, from $0.045 to $0.024. This fall was just a reaction of traders to the market fluctuations caused by Bitcoin. 

Will AMP’s Price Crash in 2022?

AMP is down -92%, courtesy of Bitcoin. However, the fundamentals of the project are very strong. The bearish case for AMP is weak. Since its listing on Binance, the asset has been trending below the 200 EMA. This means the asset’s price has been bearish for the most part of 2022 with a falling wedge that spans over seven months. 

Except for early February and late March, the asset has been trading below the 200-day EMA. Presently, AMP is at the bottom of the falling wedge. Falling wedges have a 68% chance of breaking to the upside and a 32% chance of breaking to the downside. Actually, AMP managed to break out of the falling wedge on June 22 and did a nice retest on June 30. However, the price remains below the 200 moving average. 

This is the most robust bearish case for AMP tokens. If it fails to break above the 200 EMA soon, the breakout could turn into a fake-out, and the asset could fall to as low as $0.00155.

Will AMP’s Price Rally in 2022?

Amp Price Prediction Amps Website

The bullish case for AMP is more promising. The asset is currently just 7% above a support zone that has proven to be formidable. The support zone begins at $0.010 and ends at $0.00835. Price has tried to break below this support two times now with no success. Is this the bottom? Time will tell.

AMP is confidently trading above the upper trendline of the falling wedge, which means that even though the asset is down over 90%, it is still bullish. The greatest task ahead of AMP is conquering the 200 moving average. If it manages to do that, then the token would rise to $0.01444, $0.01781, and finally $0.02406. Above these are three more possible resistance zones that AMP will have to fight before finally venturing into price discovery zones.

It is worth noting that whatever AMP will do depends on large caps with heavy market dominance like Bitcoin and Ethereum. A while back, Bitcoin was all we had to worry about. However, recent occurrences in space have proven that Ethereum also has a formidable influence on the market.

What Will Be The Average Price of AMP By the End of 2022?

The price of the AMP token will likely settle at around $0.0122 by the end of the year. Generally, the market sentiment is centered around bitcoin, and whatever it does will direct the market. Bitcoin is expected to hit bottom (-85% to -95%) around September to October 2022. The asset will then consolidate for a while in November, creating a bottom before beginning another bull run.

Given this scenario, AMP token is looking at some two or three months of more bloodshed. However, given the strong fundamentals, the project will hold its ground. Since the entire market will start to recover around mid to late November, AMP’s price will end the year at about $0.0122, a +32.33% increase from the current price.

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AMP Price Predictions By Other Analyst Experts

Experts in the financial industry have different predictions for this asset. Most of them think the asset will go up over time, probably because of its strong fundamentals. Here are some predictions from some famous financial experts on the internet. experts are very optimistic about this token. They see AMP hitting highs of $0.4 by 2030. This will put the project at a market cap of about $19.2 billion (if no more tokens will have entered the market). This is in the far future, but for now, here is what they predict for the coming months.

  • July: Minimum $0.011 – $0.01691 Maximum
  • August: Minimum $0.01599 – $0.01998 Maximum
  • September: Minimum $0.0178 – $0.01984 Maximum
  • October: Minimum $0.01607 – $0.0186 Maximum
  • November: Minimum $0.01597 – $0.01685 Maximum
  • December: Minimum $0.01596 – $0.01736 Maximum

Experts at predict that AMP will close the year at $0.0122. The price of this asset will hit a high of $0.0129 in 2022. This analysis might be one of the most accurate and conservative yet. Here is what the following months augur for AMP.

  • July: Minimum $0.0129 – $0.0132 Maximum
  • August: Minimum $0.0118 – $0.0130 Maximum
  • September: Minimum $0.0124 – $0.0130 Maximum
  • October: Minimum $0.0124 – $0.0129 Maximum
  • November: Minimum $0.0117 – $0.01129 Maximum
  • December: Minimum $0.0128 – $0.0136 Maximum

Coin Codex

CoinCodex financial experts are moderately bullish about AMP in the coming months. They predict a year opening price of $0.011 in January 2023, which means that AMP might close 2022 at a price lower than that. But what do the remaining months of 2022 have to offer for AMP? Here CoinCodex’s AMP price forecast.

  • July: Minimum $0.0121 – $0.01691 Maximum
  • August: Minimum $0.0119 – $0.0178 Maximum
  • September: Minimum $0.0098 – $0.01684 Maximum
  • October: Minimum $0.0107 – $0.01086 Maximum
  • November: Minimum $0.0117 – $0.0115 Maximum
  • December: Minimum $0.00946 – $0.01036 Maximum

Gov Capital

Trading gurus at Gov Capital think AMP will be trading at $0.100 one year from now. If their prediction is correct, this would be a +1007.107% increase in just 12 months. In traditional finance, this is enough for retirement but in crypto, 10x return on investment over the span of a year is quite underwhelming when you can get that in a day. Nevertheless, here is what Gov Capital thinks the price of AMP will be in the coming months.

  • July: Minimum $0.011 – $0.01291 Maximum
  • August: Minimum $0.0129 – $0.01398 Maximum
  • September: Minimum $0.01298 – $0.01584 Maximum
  • October: Minimum $0.01507 – $0.0166 Maximum
  • November: Minimum $0.01597 – $0.01685 Maximum
  • December: Minimum $0.16596 – $0.1736 Maximum

AMP Price Prediction for 2023 to 2025

The price of AMP will hit a high of $0.014 in 2023 but will average at $0.012. AMP will also register lows of $0.011. In 2024, AMP will be trading at an average price of $0.03. It will hit a high of $0.034 and a low of $0.029. By 2025, AMP will be trading at $0.044 with a year high of $0.051 and a low of $0.042.

AMP Price Prediction for 2025 to 2030

Amp Price Prediction Current Amp Spending Capacity On The Flexa Network

In 2025, AMP hit a high price of $0.051 and a low of $0.042. The asset will average at $0.044. In 2026, the asset’s price will rise to an average of $0.064, with a high of $0.073 and a low of $0.061. 

By 2027, AMP will be going for $0.09. It will now be nearing its previous all-time high price. The highest price for that year will be $0.11, and the lowest will be $0.087. 

In 2028, AMP will be in price discovery mode, touching highs of $0.15 and lows of $0.12. It will average $0.13. In 2029, the asset will touch a high of $0.24 and a low of $0.17, averaging at $0.19. 

Finally, in 2030, the price of the AMP token will be $0.28. The highest price that year will be $0.32, and the lowest will be $0.25.


Is Amp Good Buying?

AMP is a good buy in 2022. The asset will rise significantly, and those who bottom at or near the bottom will make the most gains. The project is on the most famous exchanges, and the team has partnered with big names in the industry.

Should I Invest in AMP in 2022?

Investing in AMP is a good idea. However, it is worth noting that the asset will be bearish for the next few months. If you have a large risk appetite, investing in AMP in 2022 will be profitable. 

Can AMP Reach $1?

AMP can reach $1; however, not in the near future. The project has 100 billion tokens in total supply, and 48 billion of them are circulating. At $1, AMP will have a $48 billion market cap (assuming circulating supply remains the same). 

The total market cap right now is about $980 billion. AMP will have more than 10% of the total market cap. The project is nice, but at $1, it would be overvalued. In the future, however, $1 is possible.

How Much Can I Earn Staking AMP?

Staking AMP on Flexa Capacity can earn you around a 2% annual percentage yield (APY). While there are many other platforms to stake AMP, including the Binance exchange, there are some that offer higher APYs than others. Therefore, it is advisable to choose wisely.

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