Investing in new projects is often fun and exciting but not knowing how the coin will perform can make investors worry. With our Bitrise price prediction guide, we’ll tell you what you can expect to see from the coin for the rest of the decade. 

Bitrise (BRISE) Overview

ProjectBitrise (BRISE)
Current Price$0.0000003945
Market Capitalization$156.27 Million
All-time High$0.000001605
All-time Low$0.00000001
Circulation Supply395.68 Billion
Maximum Total Supply1,000,000,000,000,000 BRISE
Social MediaTwitter
Official Website

What is Bitrise (BRISE)?

What Is Bitrise

Bitrise (BRISE) launched a year ago in July 2021. The project offers users blockchain features and auditing products. When the project began, it used Binance’s blockchain and used BNB (the Binance native token) to pay its users rewards. 

Earlier this year, BRISE developed a significant feature that has drawn attention to the project: its BRC-20 network. With this high-speed network, users are able to perform cross-chain transactions with very cheap gas fees. It doesn’t hurt that the network can handle nearly 100,000 transactions per second.

Bitrise products include a decentralized BRISE wallet, staking options, and audit solutions. Plus, if you’re looking for an alternative to PancakeSwap, you can check out the Bitrise exchange. With the dApp wallet, you can send, receive, trade, and store your BRISE while accessing the DEX (decentralized exchange).

The founders of the BRISE project work anonymously, so no one knows who they are at this time. However, the team has announced that they plan to reveal their identities at some point. To date, nothing official has been announced about when that will happen.

Bitrise is unique in that it offers a variety of features for its users. Investors and traders will have access to products that include the following:

  • BRISE Wallet – This wallet is available for both iOS and Android devices and supports BEP-20, BRC-20, and ERC-20 tokens.
  • BRISE Staking – BRISE holders can stake their coins on the platform and earn BUSD tokens.
  • BRISE Swap – Bitrise’s DEX is available for all users looking for a check and fast method to swap positions.
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What is Bitrise Token Used For?

This Bitrise Token price prediction article will also look into where this cryptocurrency can be used. BRISE operates primarily through smart contracts, making it compatible with Ethereum-based ERC-20 and Binance Smart Chain-based BEP-20 tokens, making it useful for exchanges and swapping.

The Bitgert team is working hard to make this a global phenomenon, and they are definitely on the right track. According to their whitepaper, the BRISE coin fulfills a variety of functions inside the Bitgert ecosystem. The following are some of them:

  • Reward network stakers
  • Conduct network marketing
  • Collect network transaction fees
  • Use as a peer-to-peer payment mechanism on the Brise Chain
  • Utilize as staking gas
  • Pay gas fees

Bitrise Token is a new and upcoming cryptocurrency that is set to revolutionize the blockchain industry. Despite its newness in the digital realm, the Bitgert team helped users to manage their own portfolios and make investment decisions. 

It enables users to manage their funds and transactions more securely. It makes it easier for businesses to find and connect with new customers.

Price Prediction for 2022

Analysts predict that BRISE may reach levels close to its all-time high in 2022. The average expected price is around $0.00000095. If things go smoothly for the project, we predict the maximum price could reach $0.0000010. Of course, the price of BRISE could be contingent on how if or when the market begins to recover.

The price of BRISE peaked in February 2022, hitting $0.0000018. Unfortunately, since that time, the value of the coin has steadily declined along with the rest of the crypto market. Still, there’s plenty to like about this unique and innovative project as it moves forward.

Bearish case

Bitrise isn’t a perfect platform and ranks close to 2900th based on total market capitalization. As a result, the project may not get the attention it deserves. If that’s the case, it won’t be a surprise to see the coin drop in value for the remainder of the year. There are some analysts who simply don’t see the value that BRISE has to offer. If BRISE drops throughout the year, expect it to get as low as 0.00000075.

Bullish case

There are a few reasons to be bullish on BRISE for 2022. For starters, the coin uses hyper-deflation, which means the price of the token rises anytime BRISE is sold. Additionally, the project rewards those who stake BRISE with plenty of rewards, which holders receive within 60 minutes of block validation. Maximum expectations for the coin in 2022 should be around $0.00000010.

Additionally, BRISE announced in early April that its network is integrated with Web3 geolocation maps, which means developers can create dApps that use location services. This type of connection with decentralized data can be done in real-time. The platform will also offer its BRISE payment app, which allows merchants to accept BRISE as a form of payment.

Another feature that will have investors interested in BRISE is the expected implementation of its decentralized VPN (a virtual private network). This will give internet users privacy and safety while they surf the web. This feature is expected to come to BRISE sometime in the fourth quarter of 2022.

Average price

The average price of BRISE throughout 2022 should be around $0.00000095. It’s not a stretch to imagine the coin getting to that price if it gets some attention during the year.

Predictions from other sources

Bitgert Chain

Below are some predictions from other reputable sources:

Wallet Investor

According to Wallet Investor’s analysts, BRISE is a decent investment for 2022. The token shows a positive trend which means it has the potential to have a solid return on investment. As a result, Wallet Investor recommends adding BRISE to your portfolio.

Here is what Wallet Investor expects for the rest of 2022:

  • August: Minimum $0.000000714 – $0.000001 Maximum
  • September: Minimum $0.000000740 – $0.000001029 Maximum
  • October: Minimum $0.000001 – $0.000001051 Maximum
  • November: Minimum $0.000001 – $0.000001067 Maximum
  • December: Minimum $0.000001 – $0.00000111 Maximum

Based on an analysis by, BRISE should get to a minimum value of $0.00000083 by the end of the year. The site suggests that the coin can see a maximum price of $0.00000095 with an average of $0.00000085 for 2022.

DigitalCoin analysts expect BRISE to continue to grow, coming in at an average price of $0.00000097. The site expects the coin to see a maximum of $0.0000010 in 2022.

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Price Prediction for 2023 – 2025

There are plenty of investors expressing interest in BRISE, which is why the token can continue to reach new heights in 2023. We expect to see the price hit a maximum value of $0.00000152 before the end of the year, especially as the project develops partnerships with other BRISE will see an average price of $0.00000135, which makes it a bullish bet for 2023.

Some analysts predict that 2024 will bring significant growth and adoption of crypto. Obviously, this includes BRISE, which will see a maximum price of $0.00000227. Even a bearish year would see the coin get to a minimum of $0.00000194 and an average of $0.00000199.

Given Bitrise’s current market trend and expected growth, we predict that the price of Bitrise will reach a maximum of $0.0000033 per token by 2025. This price prediction is based on Bitrise’s use case as a decentralized application development platform, which is expected to grow in popularity as the demand for dApps increases. The average price of BRISE will be around $0.0000026 for the year.

Price Prediction for 2026 – 2030

Swap Usdt With Bitgert

As we enter the middle part of the decade, cryptocurrency will continue to integrate with websites, forums, and financial institutions. We believe this will impact the price of BRISE, as it will hit a maximum of $0.00000469 before the end of 2026. If the market gets bearish, the price may only get to a minimum of $0.00000405.

At this point in the 20s, you should be aware of how much volatility can have an impact on the crypto market. That means it can be tough to know what to expect from a given project. However, we expect to see BRISE continue to increase in 2027, getting to a high value of $0.00000693. Even if the price doesn’t get this high, investors should see an average throughout the year of $0.00000608.

2028 will see continued growth for BRISE as it adds new features and functionality for its users. We believe the coin will see a large increase, hitting $0.0000102 before the end of the year. The average value for BRISE throughout 2028 will be $0.00000841 with a minimum of $0.00000820. 

The end of the decade will see increased adoption of crypto overall, which means the value of projects like BRISE will see big gains. That’s why we see a maximum trading value of $0.00001504 for BRISE before the year closes out. The coin will see an average of $0.00001275 through 2029, which will make BRISE a very trendy coin for investors.

A new decade begins but BRISE continues to show plenty of potential. New dApps and projects are developed on the platform, which leads to additional partnerships and relationships with others in the crypto market. Throughout 2030, we expect BRISE to be around $0.00001820 with a maximum of $0.00002174.

How to Buy Bitrise

There are plenty of platforms where you can Buy BRISE tokens. One of the leading sites that shows a myriad of networks is CoinMaketCap. So, for this article, we’ll show you how you can use this network to purchase your coins.

Step 1: Open the CoinMarketCap website.

Buy Bitrise Step 1

The page of the website will show you a list of cryptocurrencies, along with related categories you can use as a guide to analyze the token you wish to purchase.

Step 2: Search “Bitgert

Buy Bitrise Step 2

Maximize the search button to find the Bitgert token. Simply type it in the box.

Buy Bitrise Step 2.2

Step 3: Click the Markets tab to find available platforms that sell the Bitrise token

Buy Bitrise Step 3

Scroll through and choose a platform for your purchase. For example, if you were to use KuCoin, just click the BRISE/USDT under Pairs.

Buy Bitrise Step 3.2

Step 4: Buy BRISE tokens on your preferred platform

Buy Bitrise Step 4


Here are some commonly asked questions about BRISE.

How high can Bitrise go?

We predict that BRISE can get as high as $0.00002174 by 2030, which makes it a solid investment for anyone looking to add to their crypto portfolio.

Is Bitrise inflationary or deflationary?

BRISE is a hyper-deflationary coin. That means holders get rewards for the token. The protocol itself is built on the Binance blockchain, but BRISE is the native token for the Bitrise ecosystem.

Does BRISE have a future?

Some within the crypto market believe BRISE will be the next big project in the industry. There are a few who have gone so far as to call it the next Polygon (MATIC). Analysts believe its massive growth is due to the developments on its platform.

Should I invest in BRISE in 2022?

Whether or not to add a coin to your crypto portfolio is a personal decision. We don’t give investment advice, so be sure to do your due diligence before buying a cryptocurrency.

Can Bitrise reach 1 cent?

As of now, there are no hints that Bitrise can reach 1 cent. The highest it can go near to a cent if it gets $0.00002174, which will likely take place over five more years.

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