Traders are interested in Chiliz Price Prediction because CHZ might provide a significant return by securing a much-desired spot among cryptocurrencies. If the forecasts are precise, these promising returns are anticipated in the upcoming years.

Read this article to find out if the value of CHZ makes it worth your investment.

What is Chiliz?

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Chiliz (CHZ) is an Ethereum-operating blockchain technology launched to give global sports fans a new way to interact with their favorite teams and to provide those teams with a new method to make money from their fan bases. Alexandre Dreyfus founded this digital currency in 2018.

CHZ is considered a good penny cryptocurrency to purchase. Meanwhile, the platform is also competitive in the market as it offers sports fans and traders the following, among many other benefits:

  • Take in sporting activities;
  • Oversee online pricing procedures;
  • Vote for their preferred sports teams; and
  • Make investments in new sports organizations.

Additionally, this network is unique in its mission of implementing Fan Tokens as the best fan interaction tool and a potent new source of revenue for the sports business. With this goal in mind, Chiliz became the platform that powers, a service designed to promote interaction between sports teams and fans.

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Chiliz Price Prediction for 2022

2022 has been a roller coaster ride for many cryptocurrencies, and CHZ wasn’t exempted. However, emerging Chiliz price predictions found that the price of CHZ has risen dramatically and is expected to do so in the future. In fact, Chiliz is named one of the best cryptocurrencies under one dollar.

FXStreet noted that they forecasted that Chiliz’s price rise by over 48.6% since the 21st of October, helping the trade reach $0.24. The most apparent reason they point out is traders’ enthusiasm over the football world cup. 

Another reason for CHZ’s price rise is Socios’ announcement of partnering with 13 NFL teams. They assume that the world cup and the partnerships fueled a steady price increase, allowing CHZ to climb and challenge its resistance level.

Bearish Case

As the year closes, we hope for the best for CHZ and its traders. However, other forecasts just noted that it could encounter a bearish scenario before seeing a bull case. That said, some predictions are assuming Chiliz to end at $0.2869835.

Bullish Case

There are market analysts that predict that CHZ will perform better, helping investors locate a better entry opportunity for the currency. CHZ value may conclude at $0.4220346, according to those who think it is bullish.

Average Price

Along the same lines, analysts see that CHZ might end at $0.3376277 by December. The prediction has been forecasted based on the $1.50 billion market capitalization of the currency, coming from its circulating supply of 6,006,972,847 CHZ.

Price Predictions from Other Sources

Check out below how other reliable sources perceive their predictions for CHZ:

Wallet Investor

As presented by Wallet Investor’s Historical Index for CHZ, the minimum price for the currency by the end of the 22nd of November might be $0.270, while the maximum would be $0.317. Its average price is $0.293. Given this data, Wallet Investor sees CHZ in its bearish cycle and is not a potential investment to be added to the portfolio.

This platform acknowledges that CHZ ranks 36th in the cryptosystem. According to the forecast made by, the minimum price of CHZ could land at $0.22, while its maximum price might reach 0.31. Meanwhile, the average price is expected to be $0.26.


In the analysis of TechNewsLeader, CHZ has great potential to reach a maximum price of $0.22, while the minimum price could go down to $0.20. On average, its value could end at $0.21.

Chiliz Price Prediction for 2023 – 2025

Chiliz Prediction 2023

Most of the predictions for Chiliz expect it to rise gradually but surely. By 2023, its minimum price may reach $0.37, while the maximum price it can get could land at $0.45. The average price for the currency would be $0.42.

Chiliz Prediction 2024

If Chiliz would maintain, if not outgrow, its current rank, market analysts foresee a maximum value of $0.58 and a minimum value of $0.49 by 2024. The expected average value for Chiliz would be $0.54.

Chiliz Prediction 2025

By 2025, Chilizen projects are expected to improve. In turn, it could contribute to soaring to a maximum CHZ price of $0.71 and a minimum of $0.61. Its average price would be $0.66.

Chiliz Price Prediction for 2026 – 2030

Chiliz Prediction 2026

Sports fandoms are expected to help obtain CHZ value to a minimum of $0.65 and a maximum price of $0.75 by 2026. The average price could be $0.70.

Chiliz Prediction 2027

The growth of Chiliz’s value will continue as the year 2027 approaches. Experts predict that it could have a minimum value of $0.74, with the possibility of its maximum price soaring to $0.84. The foreseen average price by this time would be $0.79.

Chiliz Prediction 2028

By 2028, Chiliz’s price prediction expects a minimum of $0.88 price value and a maximum of $0.98. For its average price, analysts think it could land at $0.93.

Chiliz Prediction 2029

A minimum value of $1.07 and a maximum of $1.18 are expected from Chiliz by 2029, provided the network continues to expand. Between these values is an average price of $1.12.

Chiliz Prediction 2030

By 2030, many experts have predicted that the value of Chiliz will reach a minimum of $1.33 and a maximum value soaring to $1.44. Meanwhile, its average price could be $1.39.


Does Chiliz have a future?

Market analysts perceive that although the value of Chiliz is not high as the year ends, the currency still has a bright future. One of the reasons they see is that the projects prepared by Chiliz and the privileges in this investment are great opportunities that many traders and sports fans don’t want to miss.

Can Chiliz reach $1?

As presented in our Chiliz price prediction forecast, the currency has a massive potential of reaching $1. In the prediction, this will take place in 2029. However, nobody knows for sure–it may take sooner or later, which is why you should monitor the prices.

Is Chiliz a good investment?

Platforms such as Wallet Investor concluded that Chiliz is not an ideal short-term investment based on its recent performance. However, it doesn’t mean that this cryptocurrency doesn’t make an excellent long-term investment. Keeping a keen eye on its prices will help you decide whether it’s worth investing in.

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