Best Projects on Cardano Blockchain

Discover best projects on Cardano chain at CoinWire! Our expertly curated list showcases the top potential projects that are on the Cardano blockchain.


Revuto is primarily an active subscription management dApp allowing users to pay for their subscriptions with Cardano Native tokens by using Revuto Virtual Debit Cards. Revuto will broaden its product offering by adding support for other recurring payments such as utilities, cable and cell phone bills, or gym memberships.


Cardashift is a community-run launchpad that raises funds, builds and accelerates startups that are solving social and environmental issues

Ray Network

Ray Network is an advanced ecosystem for the Cardano blockchain platform. Our goal is to create the best multifunctional DeFi ecosystem for Cardano blockchain. XRAY is a governance token that powers Ray Network ecosystem.


ADA Ninjaz is a community-driven NFT and integrated manga series on the Cardano blockchain.


Veritree leverages blockchain technology to provide planting organizations with an integrated planting management platform. The veritree system allows planting organizations to gather ground-level data, manage their projects more effectively, and deliver sponsors a world-class experience.


API3 will connect decentralized applications with the abundant data and services offered by traditional Web APIs, thereby expanding the applicability of the blockchain without sacrificing decentralization. This will be achieved by dAPIs - fully decentralized and blockchain-native APIs - which will be set up, managed, and monetized at scale by the API3 DAO.

World Mobile

World Mobile was founded with a far-reaching goal: to connect everyone, everywhere while advocating for economic freedom and dignity.


Empowa is on a mission to build a decentralised funding platform for affordable housing in Africa – a #RealFi application. Empowa is linking DeFi to real-world property assets in the youngest and fastest-growing markets in the world. A RealFi application has two legs - the crypto world and the real world.


Kube, powering is a Decentralized DeFi Tokenproviding a high utility layer to our Kube System. It can be used on our platforms and acts as a reward for loyal customers and promoters over time. The long-term target is to become the major currency in the leisure and travel industry.


Nexo is committed to successfully solving inefficiencies in the lending markets by creating innovative, convenient and sustainable solutions. By harnessing the potential behind blockchain technology, Nexo is pioneering a new digital financial system.


Coinlink is a cross-blockchain aggregation service on Cardano, Ethereum, Polygon and later on BSC. Coinlink will gradually channel more and more different Defi protocols into a one-stop solution where users can swap, lend and borrow cryptos to their liking.


Cardax is a decentralized exchange that will be powered by the Extended Automated Market Maker (EAMM) protocol.


AdaSwap is an AMM (Automated Market Maker) platform that provides decentralized and noncustodial market-making for liquidity providers, built and utilized on top of the Cardano blockchain infrastructure.


ADAZOO’s goal is to be one of the first NFT based games running on the Cardano blockchain. The game will revolve around three fundamental aspects, making the game ‘unique’ in these early days of the CNFT space.


GeroWallet is a wallet running on the Cardano blockchain that allows users to trade, stake, leverage synthetic assets, and buy crypto directly with fiat money.

Yoroi Wallet

Yoroi Wallet is a light wallet for Cardano. It is designed and engineered by Emurgo and IOHK. Moreover, Yoroi can be installed on many web browsers, iOS and Android for mobile.

Daedalus Wallet

Daedalus is an open-source wallet for ADA along with Cardano from the beginning. It is built to grow with Cardano so many holders keep their ADA in Daedalus wallet.


STASIS along with Occam.Fi started a project to issue a new type of stablecoin on the Cardano blockchain for Europe.


Liqwid is an open-source and non-custodial interest rate protocol built for Lenders and Borrowers, which was funded by Project Catalyst.


MELD is a non-custodial and banking protocol built for lending/borrowing. Now they are opening Initial Stake Pool Offering (ISPO) for ADA delegation to earn MELD tokens.

Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha is one of Cardano’s partners. Cardano, Ethereum, and Bitcoin’s data are integrated into Wolfram Alpha computational intelligent engine.


Ergo is an UTXO-based blockchain built to create secure Smart Contracts in the De-Fi space.


Charli3 is a decentralized oracle built on Cardano. With an explosive IDO, Charli3 is now an emerging oracle project responsible for gathering real-life data into blockchains via APIs.

Vent Finance

Vent Finance is an ideal fundraising platform for startups that has an easy-to-use interface regardless of users’ prior experience in the crypto space.


TrustPad is a multi-chain fundraising platform for new startups, supporting various blockchains such as Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Polkadot, and Cardano.


OccamFi is an IDO platform for projects to raise funds.


MatrixSwap is a decentralized multi-chain Perpetual Trading deployed on Cardano, Polkadot, and Polygon.


Minswap is a Vietnamese startup that brings multi-pool decentralized exchange on the Cardano platform.

Indigo Protocol

With Indigo Protocol, our mission is to bring the world's financial and equitable assets to the blockchain allowing everyone access to them, in a synthetic form, to control their own financial destiny.

Orion Protocol

Orion Protocol is a gateway terminal to attract every CEX, DEX, and swap pool into one decentralized platform


ADAX is an automated liquidity protocol that is completely decentralized and non-custodial.


SundaeSwap is a native, scalable decentralized exchange on the Cardano blockchain.