QuickNode, a leading pioneer in blockchain infrastructure, has launched a groundbreaking initiative that is poised to make waves in the Web3 ecosystem – the “Back to the Bull Contest.” In an era where decentralized applications (dApps) and blockchain projects are reshaping the technological landscape, this contest represents more than a competition. It is a celebration of innovation, creativity, and trailblazing advancements. QuickNode’s contest underlines the significance of recognizing and honoring the best in the field, acting as a catalyst to propel the Web3 community into the global spotlight.


The Genesis of the Contest

In a world brimming with innovative Web3 projects, QuickNode identified an unmet need to create a vibrant platform that not only showcases but applauds the exceptional talents driving the industry. The inception of the “Back to the Bull Contest” was a carefully orchestrated decision, reflecting QuickNode’s commitment to foster a thriving community and enhance global awareness. It symbolizes a revolutionary approach to marketing, collaboration, and engagement, aiming to draw attention to the most exciting and promising projects while inspiring others to pursue excellence.

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How Does It Work?

At the heart of the contest lies an exhilarating bracket challenge format, meticulously designed to ignite passion and excitement:

  • Round of 16: This opening stage features 16 notable projects competing against each other.
  • Quarterfinals (Elite 8): In this stage, the top 8 contenders compete in tense matches.
  • Semifinals (Final 4): This stage consists of challenging contests where the remaining four teams must prove their strength.
  • Championship: The final stage of the tournament, where the ultimate winner is determined.

The voting mechanism is user-friendly, inviting participants from all walks of life to cast their votes in each round. The timeline, precise and transparent, builds anticipation as the contest progresses, promising to make this a landmark event in the Web3 calendar.

What’s in It for Participants?

The allure of the “Back to the Bull Contest” extends far beyond the impressive array of prizes, which include trophies, special mentions, exclusive swag, and rare raffle opportunities. It promises a global stage for participating projects, offering unparalleled visibility, potential investment opportunities, community engagement, and a golden opportunity to solidify their status within the Web3 space. It’s not just a competition; it’s a gateway to fame, recognition, and growth.

How to Participate & Support

The invitation to participate extends to everyone, from the curious onlooker to the dedicated blockchain enthusiast. QuickNode ensures that the process of casting votes is both enjoyable and straightforward, emphasizing that every vote is a valuable contribution to this grand celebration of innovation.

Moreover, the organizers will be sharing regularly on timelines as additional voting opens and closes throughout the campaign, thereby maintaining a clear and consistent update to all participants.

Make a difference today. Visit the voting page or the contest landing page, and be part of this remarkable journey: https://go.quicknode.com/dapps-bracket#Bracket.

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Partnership Acknowledgment

Success is a collective endeavor, and QuickNode acknowledges the instrumental role of its partners, such as Coinwire, in orchestrating this event. A heartfelt nod to all significant sponsors, contributors, and the dedicated team working behind the scenes, all of whom have turned this vision into reality.

Conclusion & Anticipation Build

The QuickNode “Back to the Bull Contest” stands as a testament to the limitless possibilities of the Web3 ecosystem. It’s a convergence of minds, talents, and aspirations, heralding a new era of technological advancement. The excitement is infectious, and the anticipation is sky-high.

Essential Links & Resources

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QuickNode’s “Back to the Bull Contest” is more than a competition; it’s a movement. Join the excitement, partake in the innovation, and stand shoulder to shoulder with the best in the Web3 space. The future is here, and it’s breathtaking.


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