Over on the Solana network, something gorgeous, voxelated, and technicolor is in the works. The Chainers, anarchic non-fungibles, will soon make their blockchain debut. Bringing with them a world of browser-based games that will be available to everyone for free to play, now – we offer an exclusive access.

A rich metaverse of NFT gameplay features, NFT collectorship, and play-to-earn mayhem may be found by those who are ready to go down the rabbit hole. All of this is backed by an extensive social component and an independent DAO-based development mechanism.

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Chainers NFT – The Lowdown

11,111 alien NFT avatars will travel to the planet earth from the powerful realm of the Chainers. The outcome of their courageous flew out of their world (which did not allow them to be unique and free) to theirs in order to gain freedom from the extensive rule of their kind and oppressive regime. Upon arriving, creating a new home within the Solana Blockchain’s energy-efficient folds.

The Chainers ecology will benefit greatly from each NFT in the collection. Providing initial controlled access to a Chainers application that will progressively release after the initial NFT sale. Allowing early access and participation rights to the initial coin offering as a consequence. Holders will also have the option to participate in project governance.

At its heart, the NFT will also stand in for a fully playable character in the next metaverse for the project, where gamers may take part in a variety of fascinating activities to win fantastic rewards. Chainers will create items and thus fill the world around them, but there is nothing powerful and demi-gods there.They are like carpenters and engineers rather.

A two-stage drop of Chainers NFTs will bring them to the blockchain. Whitelist subscribers will first get priority minting and a 50% discount. Whatever the early birds didn’t buy will then be distributed through a public auction. In both instances, the process would start with a blind drop and end with the designs and scarcity levels being disclosed. All drawn from a sizable pool of 15 different races, each with more than 500 amazing character traits. Through a number of tasks and activities posted on the project socials and the official website, those with sharp eyes can join the whitelist.

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  • Free-to-play: You don’t need to purchase an NFT avatar to participate in metaverse games in Chainers. Almost anybody may participate in games and win rewards by doing so. For now, the Free-to-Play feature is on release and those obtained NFT earn exclusive early access to the game. 
  • Browser game: There is no need to download any software or link your Metamask Wallet in order to play metaverse games. This is a superior method for making Chainers more approachable to everyone, particularly for those who are still learning the fundamentals of NFT metaverse.
  • Play-to-Earn: The community will get and contribute a sizable portion of the money. Players will create cool and necessary items that they can sell to other players, thereby earning money through sales on the marketplace.
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The project will be released in stages.

There will be three main stages:

  • NFT distribution – sale and distribution of NFTs between players.
  • Game MVP releases – the release of core gameplay features that will allow you to start the economy.
  • Game release – free 2 play and token release.

Further support for the game after the game release


In Chainers NFT going ahead, you can utilize two tokens. The main form of payment for in-game transactions will be ChainCoin ($CCC). CCC will serve as the main form of trade for the Chainers NFT metaverse since it has an endless supply and steady demand.

The second token, Chainers: Universe ($CHU), is a governance token that will allow players to vote in many places, such as user-generated content quality voting or backlog priorities voting

Playing games, competing, or even just owning lands and spaces can earn you tokens.

Chainers 2

Learn More

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/V64qrrr2UJ

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ChainersNFT/

Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/chainersnft


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