Arb Airdrop Claimers Are Able To Claim Rekt Tokens

A total of 84 billion REKT are currently accessible and waiting to be claimed by ARB airdrop claimers, Rekt Fencer has officially declared through Twitter. The remaining REKT tokens that are unclaimed after 31 days will be burnt automatically, according to the same notification.

According to reports, the market structure was bearish and the momentum was strong in the bearish camp. It’s also important to note that the Arbitrum market seems ready to record more losses. As a result of the revised proposal, Lido would instead accept its $1.2 million in ARB tokens and give them as rewards to liquidity providers in wrapped staked ether pools.

Lido to Utilize ARB Airdrop to Boost Activity on Arbitrum

Arb Airdrop Claimers Are Able To Claim Rekt Tokens

The Lido DAO community is scheduled to vote on whether or not to accept ARB airdrop, as well as whether or not to use the claimed ARB tokens as emission incentives to give incentives for deploying wrapped staked ether throughout the Arbitrum ecosystem.

It is worth noting that Arbitrum already airdropped its governance token ARB in mid-March as a prize for early users of the layer 2 scaling system, which included various decentralized autonomous organizations such as Lido that contributed to Arbitrum’s growth and health.

According to Justin David Reyes, head of decentralized finance business development and partnerships at Lido, who made the proposal last April 12, the governing community of Lido will vote on “operational and strategic topics related to claiming and making effective use of the potential ARB tokens.” 

Reyes has also suggested compensating users who supply liquidity for wrapped staked ether pools on Arbitrum with ARB tokens. The marketing lead Kasper Rasmussen, on the other hand, asserted that the incentives scheme will operate “in the same manner [liquidity pools] already earn additional LDO rewards on top of staking rewards.

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